Croeso my fellow Welsh nerdfighters :P.

Just wondering how many of the UK nerdfighters are from Wales and where abouts like?

Write back see if we can arrange a gathering or something. I'll start the ball rolling. I'm from Bridgend originally but currnetly live in Swansea for university.

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That is an amazing Story XD. Which side of the debate are you on though?

And I dunno, this topics been around for ages and appears too just be me and you XD, But I was thinking Cardiff some time after new year as it's kinda the welsh transport hub etc, and it's were the best welsh geeky stuff is done *cough* dr who *cough*
hahahaah wow, thats pretty epic.

ahhh that kinda sucks. I'm only in Swansea so I can literally just hope on a train. I suppose we could always do it over easter. more time for organisation and stuff! and yeah I'm pretty sure there is a torchwood tour, I know theres a list of all the night clubs that were used in the first 2 series... :D thats an epic night out! "torchwood clubbing" But I'm pretty sure you can do a tour of cardiff. if not theres always the dr who exhibition :D
I'm a Welsh Nerdfighter! From Newport originally (which is not very Welshy...) but I lived in Swansea too, for 3 years for my degree. There are now 3-ish Welsh Nerdfighters!
YAY thats 2-ish more than I thought XD!
Im from Merthyr Tydfil (well Treharris to be exact) and I only know one other nerdfighter (my best friend and cousin), I think its gutting coz John is going to London and Edinburgh but not Cardiff :( he doesn't know that Welsh nerdfighters are the awesomest nerdfighters outside of USA
Urrgghh I thought somebody would be from near me :(
I'm a welsh nerdfighter from North Wales ;)
I'm living in Wrexham at the moment, AND I found a nerdfighter note in Waterstones in a Looking For Alaska book from someone called Alex, that's two more Nerdfighters in Wales!
I am so jealous that you found a Nerdfighter note; when there seems to be so few of us, what are the odds?! That's awesome! I guess my chances of finding a note are drastically reduced because I've only ever ordered my John Green books online...

I Live in Flintshire

Hello everyone! I'm from Aberystwyth :)
CYMRU AM BYTH! wales is amasing and doctor who is made there!!

Well this is a lot more nerdfighters than I expected! so how is everyone Lets getting Chatting come on guys!



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