Alright, so in the comments of this group some of us were discussing this and decided to start a poll.

So far there is;
3 - blue (yay blue is winning!)
1 - red
1 - gold

But the other 30 of you still need to vote. If you haven't played any of the games, you should, its kind of morally wrong to have not played it. Go to blockbuster and spend a couple bucks, and then after you tear yourself away from the game, come back here and vote!

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That is a false statement, my friend.
People need to check out this group more (besides the few of us who have already answered).
I've only ever played yellow- I never could finish that game. But I loved it. It occupied a lot of my time in Elementary school, when I wasn't looking up tiger facts on the internet or playing Sim computer games (Sim Isle, Sim Safari, Sim Town, etc.) But I can't forget Pokemon Stadium...that game was amazing. ftw.

I'm going to say Pokemon Stadium. Does that count? Yes/no?
I would limit it to gameboy games. This includes the pokemon trading card game for the game boy, which was a kick awesome game.
Is it sad that I only played Pokemon because of my cousins?

I'm just horrible at video games. :-/
I found my (really old) GameBoy color! w00t. I'm going to go to GameStop (where I think they sell GameBoy color games...might just sell GameBoy Advanced, but I'm not 100% sure) and buy the old Pokemon games!

It was so awesome to play Galaga and Daffy Duck (which really should have been called Duck Dodgers, because that's who it was) again! ^_^
4 Blue
1 Red
2 Gold

Yay blue is still winning! I'm unbiased... kinda, sorta, not really... what's your point?
hey guess what, i add my tally to the red column

it was the first videogame i EVER played...

4 Blue (YAY)
2 Red
2 Gold
Oi, I'm split between Yellow and Gold. My awesome level 100 team is on Gold and I've played it more I think...
But Yellow is the lovely original Pokemon, before it got all weird. And Pikachu follows you around!
Final Answer: Yellow.

4 Blue (YAY)
2 Red
2 Gold
1 Yellow


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