Just wondering where all of you Nerdfighters are from in Virginia cause I am nosy and curious. I am from Virginia Beach just to start things off.

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Roanoke for me ^^
I'm near you, in Yorktown. 'Tis boring here as well.
Chincoteague. It's a little place;; an island to be exact;; in the middle of nowhere :)
I live in the Chesterfield area.
Charlottesville area
I'm in Reston :D

Me too! (well technically Herndon...)

NoVA but I'm going to school in Salem (question: why is Roanoke College in Salem? And why do I have Symantec on the computer I ordered through the school when the dude who invented McAfee is an alum?)
I live in Manassas.
i'm sorry...



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