Do you like the book or the musical better and do you think it was adapted well?

I think they changed a lot of the book to make the musical but I'm not sure because I haven't seen it but from reading the synopsis it seems that they didn't kill the characters that actually died.

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That's a tough decision considering both were very different. I think that the book is lot more serious and formal, where as the musical is fun and bubbly. I think I prefer the musical because I have an obsession with musicals, legally blonde coming tolondon, and I am so there.
It changes it for me.
Every time I re-read the book I prefer it, then I see the show again and I prefer it.
It just bounces back and forth for me.
i prefer the book, although i do love the musical a lot. ive seen it a couple of times and am gonna see it again next year

someting ive noticed about this topic is that most people tend to prefer which ever version they experienced first. my friend Mandi, who saw the show with me, likes it better than the book, which she read after we saw the show. and shes not the only one i know who felt that way.
The book was way better in my opinion, simply because it's so realistic even with all the fantasy aspects of it. The book is kind of raw, telling Elphaba's tale, while the musical is bubbly-- in my opinion, too much for the story. I still love the musical though (especially "No Good Deed" and "Defying Gravity"), mostly because of Idina, but I like the book loads more.
I do adore the show, espescially as I saw Idina Menzel play Elphaba in London the first time I saw it.

But, the book is incredible! I love the depth of the story and how many subtle links there are to the original, "The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz" and I enjoyed "Son of a Witch" even more.
I haven't read Son of a Witch yet. Was it good?
I would actually have to say that the musical was my favorite compared to the book. The reason for that is because I am more of a fan of happy endings then I am of depressing ones. I actually read the book first but I still prefer the musical because it is happier. I still really love the book though.
The book is definitely worth reading. It's awesome, as most books are wont to do.
I read the book before I saw the musical, but I have to say they are really different... I love the musical for the songs and the energy in the performance I saw... I felt amazing after I saw it.
The book had riveting subplots and a lot more character developpement...

I love them both.
DEFINITELY THE MUSICAL! I always say that a book beats a movie and a musical beats everything (as book crazy as I am). In this case, I'd definitely say the musical is better than the book though. The musical shows the friendship between Galinda/Glinda and Elphaba much better than the book (in which they are barely ever friends at all). I also like some of the plot twists in the musical, like Madam Morrible causing the storm that killed Nessa, Fiyero becoming the scarecrow, and Nessa accidentally turning Boq into the tin man.


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