Hi, everybody who is awesome!My friends and I started a band called Radishes, Riches, and Redheads. We have a few songs, though we haven't recorded any. Some are wizard rock, some are just silly songs we wrote. I'm writing one right now about a nerdfighters and wrock....but that's not important. I just was wondering if you guys have any ideas for songs. If I use your idea, I will definitely send you it when it's finished. Thank you for being awesome!

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Well I haven't heard any songs about Bill & Fleur, that might be cool.
Or Xeno Lovegood/The Quibbler xD Could be fun, singing about the weird headlines & stories, and other weird stuff the Lovegoods believe. Same goes for the Weasley twins and the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, with all of their inventions and what not.
Ooh, I like the Xeno Lovegood thing (I love Luna and some of our songs are written from her point of view). We're called Radishes, Riches, and Redheads. Radishes for LUna (my favorite) riches for Malfoy (my friend's favorite) Redheads for Ginny (my OTHER other friend's favorite). So it could be like Luna talking about her dad and the Quibbler...I'll have to make sure I can pronounce Xenophilius first. :)
Sweet, I'd love to hear your band! I want to start my own, I am just not very good at writing music haha
You could do a funny song about Gambon Dumbledore's abusive antics.
Just an idea....

Good Luck!

Do you have a youtube channel or somewhere other than myspace to post songs and info?
No, we don't have a youtube or anything. :(
Unfortunately, none of us knows how to record songs or anything, even for youtube. I mean, if we did it all without editing we probably could, but... :)
If we ever record a song somewhere, I'll post it on here, though.
Mostly we just do parodies. :)
Parodies are easy because you don't need to write the music, just the lyrics.
I would love to hear your band sometime Carly! :D
Are you still doing this?
I still need a Grindelwald/Dumbledore love song. I. NEED. IT.

Goodness, I feel rather silly now! I didn't realize this discussion was still up!

Radishes, Riches, and Redheads has, to put it kindly...completely failed. We wrote a few songs, many of them parodies, but soon realized we had no idea what to do with them, or how to record them. Really we had no idea why we thought we could pull it off in the first place! Sorry you guys didn't get to see your song ideas. If we ever attempt this a second time, I'll send out a message or something.

Anyway, thank you all for your input!


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