hey put your realm in here! i'm on shu'halo

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Moon Guard.

Salley and Montclair are my Alliance toons.

On Darkspear (european server) mainly found on Ayashisama

Bronzebeard - US- Zaft, Tauren Paladin, been playing since classic (I used to be a dwarf)

I'm Xkcd on Dentarg US.

Currently biding my time in a guild until I can purchase the armadillo pet. Then I'm leaving cause the guild's just plain dead. Two friends and I are ready to start our own here shortly, so look for me on Alliance-side.

I'm on boulderfist, I have literally no friends on there because it isn't highly populated! I have a couple of characters but my main is Oraix who is a female blood-elf hunter, add me if you can :) I am on level 66 atm because of school preventing me from playing and the short amount of time I have been playing! BUT I will be leveling soon, if school dosen't get in the way :) FOR THE HORDE :)

Wow no one has posted in a while, oh well. Andorhal! I have an 89 Night Elf Hunter... but I can create another character. haha.

I'm on Wyrmrest Accord and looking for friends...!! (Message me?)

Madoran. :)


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