Hi. I'm a very unmotivated sort of writer and I was hoping maybe that I could find someone that would want to experiment a bit and have a collaboration of sorts. And by this I mean another person who likes the same type of writing and would want to create a story together.

It would be like an exercise designed to strengthen our ability to tell stories and create characters, for a character would have to be pretty well fleshed out if two separate writers were going to try and write from one point of view. Or we could each have our own character and craft a plot for them to meet. 

This could be construed as pointless, but I feel having unbiased critiques is invaluable to a writing experience. 

If you want to know about me personally, I've mostly filled out the nerdfighters profile, though I was a bit agitated while writing it. Basically, I'm 16, I have too much free time, and I like writing.

My favorite kind of story to write is a more realistic fantasy. I love creating worlds slightly more than I like writing about them. But I'm not picky. I'd write in any genre.

I think it would be fun. If you're interested, let me know and I'll work out all the kinks. 

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I'd be happy to donate my character to your collaboration. I've had him fleshed out for a while, and he's fairly adaptable to most situations you can throw at him.

Thanks for the offer! It would be cool to use a pre-made character, but I for one need to practice developing my own. 

(I did read up, though, and it's a nice character you've got there.)

I'd like to write with you.  I took a glance at your profile: you sound pretty much like me, apart from my liking Marvel better than DC, never having gotten all the way through Wuthering Heights, and being a few months younger :)

I need someone with whom to write so that I actually do it.  It's more fun when someone else throws you the plot twists, and you can throw them right back.

I'd be really interested in a collaboration project too :)

If you are still interested in collaborating I would be totally down to collaborate.

Hi there,

So I'm blessed with the power to procrastinate interminably one one hand and the power to spew relatively nice ideas here and there - ideas that rarely make it on any form of media. So what I'm saying is that I'm up for a bit of collaboration simply because it would push me to write something. The external criticism is always nice and welcome.

If you find any weird language or idiosyncrasies it's because English isn't my first language.  Worry not, I make due anyway.

So yeah, I'm 23. I'm on a bit of a Sci-Fi craze as of late, but my long standing interest is post-apocalyptic fiction and related stuff. I'll tell you more if this thing takes off the ground.

So yeah, looking forward to hearing from you.



Oh, and this one goes out to anyone reading this thread, I'm generally open for anything that's more or less related to this sort of stuff. Just reply if you have any interesting ideas.

I'm kind of in a similar situation. My story idea (in my Ning blog page) requires a whole flippin lot of characters, all of them from a diverse set of socio-cultural backgrounds, and frankly, I can't write them all :/ So, if anyone's interested in 1920s to 1960s era setting, military-historical stuff, just give me a PM, pretty please? :)

Also, I'm not very good at naming people, and acronyms/initialisms (thanks, Brothers Green).

Omigod, can I offer naming services?  It's my favorite part of writing.

(Ethel, don't laugh.  I might set up a business!)

Well then Eleanor, welcome :)

To start with though, what's a good name for a female Siberian-Mongolian tank commander, a Gurkha/Sikh Commonwealth soldier, and a crazy Scot commando? :D

Well, it depends.  Are they actually set in their cultures--like they'd have really traditional names--or are they living in a melting-pot, or are they trying to be Western, or...?

Set in the 30s-40s, yes, from their own respective cultures, though with the first one, it's more the Party culture than the native one.

So I would love to collaborate with someone. I have become super interested in creating entirely new worlds and building the characters that live in them. But I kind of want to write about the people who get left behind in the world that currently exists.

So if you are interested, let me know!


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