Ok, I can't seem to get started on my book, mostly by fear of suck, and I barely have any ideas, can somebody help me with the procrastination problem? I can deal with the ideas alone...

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I'd love to!


You should work on your book! that is the best way i can think of to get started... just jump right in and write till you're so tired it doesn't make sense anymore and then edit like crazy a few months later. I would suggest the August one purely because july is almost over. or Nanowrimo is in november.

Ah, I see you've also met my nemesis. Procrastination is an evil, evil thing.

I'd say just sit down somewhere quiet and start writing. Either that or write down some details about your book. And if it's more of an inspiration problem, try and find a good book (preferably one you haven't read). I usually get inspired to write with a good book.



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