So yeah, that's what I write. High Fantasy and I was wondering if there's anyone else out here who writes high (or epic) fantasy? Come on, talk to me. I promise I don't bite! (Only if you touch my Potter books or my pens)


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So, elves and dragons and stuff? Nice. I've dabbled in fantasy myself, but, even though I adore reading fantasy, I find it difficult not to be cliché.

I am not sure what you mean by High Fantasy but I just started trying to write my own original fantasy story.

What exactly is High Fantasy? 

High Fantasy (or Epic Fantasy) is a sub-genre of fantasy. It is based on making huge worlds like Middle-Earth in "The Lord of the Rings."

The other side of this is Sword and Sorcery (another sub-genre) which deals with characters on an individual basis. These don't happen often and I can't think of an example.

Then there is low fantasy. This is based on the earth as you know it like "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel".

ah alright i get it... thanks!

I've have been writing out a high fantasy story but I might tone it down a little bit since I'm not very good at writing high fantasy
I love reading High Fantasy but when I write myself I always write a fantasy/ sci-fi mix because I find it easier.

That is generally referred to as science fantasy. (As opposed to forms of historical fantasy) Have you ever read the works of Edgar Rice Burrows?

I suppose I could be called fantasy-adjacent.  Currently, I'm working on a film noir/Norse mythology mash-up, so yeah, I got elves and dwarves... along with gin joints and tommy guns.  Not exactly Tolkien, but it's fun.

That's a book I'd read over and over again!

Here's hopin' you get the chance soon, Sparta!

I write high fantasy. I find it to be the most enjoyable genre to read and write for the creative liberties it offers. Anything specific you're writing?


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