I have always found that the hardest part of writing is coming up with names. So does anyone have any tips or tricks to coming up with names? 




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I know, boy names are a lot harder.
Online baby name dictionaries are great, especially if you want meaning behind the names. actually has a good little page on it:


I often just go by what sounds right.  Nicknames are important too.  If my fantasy character has a properly lofty name, I want his/her friends to have a good nickname for him/her.

i have known a lot of people so when i write i pick a person i wont see agan and bass the name off that person. but this doset work well when writing a odd ganra of book like steam punk . so if i knew a guy name danny and my Character reminds me of him ill call my guy Daniel. but thats just how i do it
I use Google sometimes too. But I also grab my high school yearbooks for inspiration. I take a couple of names mash 'em up or splice 'em together and throw them in a document so that I can pluck one from the list when I need it.

Invest in a Baby names book. There are some really good ones out there that are super cheap. Then ask a friend or family member or stranger for a number and go to that page! It works like a charm!!

I have a big book of baby names, and if I'm really stuck, I flip open the book at random, close my eyes, and stick my finger on one.I also tend to lean towards Irish names, so I have a book of those too. I like having them on hand for character naming, because the internet searches can get a bit tiring when you just want to look at all of them to see which one sounds right.


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