I've been writing a trilogy of teen fantasy books for about a year now and I'm a third of the way through the second one when I realised that I have no title. Okay, so I kind of realised this before but it's become slightly more urgent because all of the stories I'm working on are called 'Story' on my computer and it's getting confusing. The story was originally called Abandoned when it was a short story (I adapted it because the characters were too awesome to leave alone) but I refocused it away from the plot line that made me call it that in the first place so now I'm stuck. Here's a quick overview of the plot (kind of a blurb) and hopefully you guys will have some ideas:

Jane Evans is pretty normal for a sixteen-year-old. You know, if you ignore the fact that her school attendance is shocking due to some weird illness that she refuses to go to the doctors about and she's lived alone for the past year, since her mother lost it. On the whole though, her life is pretty normal. Until her Aunt has a friend of the family come to stay with her on her seventeenth birthday. An eighteen year old friend who makes her heart stop still every time he walks in the room. And then the weird stuff starts happening. Between a visit from a ghost claiming to be her real mother and a demonic encounter, Jane is left wondering who she really is and if the world is really as straight forward as she'd always believed.

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"The Inner World" comes to mind. Is that too melodramatic?

I don't know... I like the world bit. Maybe a title about how truly weird the world actually is?

Yes, but then you have to avoid making it sound like a sideshow. I'm racking my brain right now for a suitable Doctor Who reference...

The annoying thing is I liked the title 'Abandoned' but I haven't concentrated as strongly on the whole adopted theme so it no longer makes sense...

Secret Worlds? Neil Gaiman said something to that effect.

Or perhaps it's the world that's been abandoned? "Places Left Behind" perhaps.

I like that! She does leave everything behind in the end and that theme continues in the sequels.

If it's a trilogy, you could keep that theme in the titles, like.

"Places Left Behind" "Places Of Exile" "Places To Return"

Just an Idea. I had a similar problem with my intended series of books.

or "Places Left Behind" "Places to Stay" "Places to Return To"

What's the feel? Because this could be completely different depending on how humorous/depressing/thoughtful/dark/light the series is. 

"places left behind" ...Definatly.

Some titles that I thought of:

"Life Is About Staying Home"

"The Ghost In My Closet" (Like skeletons, but ghosts?)

"A Sick Perspective" (Because you're saying she looks at the world differently in the end and has a weird illness.)

"Temporary State"

"The Real Situation"


...........Hope these help you, if you're still looking for titles for it. It's really weird though, when I want to come up with titles for my own stories, I have trouble, but I just thought of five off the top of my head for yours. Hmmmm.....



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