Add one sentence to the story, keep it going!


No going twice in a row, no using chatspeak, no run on sentences (that's cheating).

also, please obey the rules of conventional grammar.



I'll start.


Diane stood on her apartment balcony, looking down at the car crash two floors below while her roommate Lacy paced about inside, muttering about the lack of dial tone as she tried to call 911.

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She hated it when car accidents happened outside of their apartment, but that sort of thing happened when you lived in one of the biggest cities in the state.
"Lacy, this looks like a simple fenderbender, nothing to get worked up about." Diane said still watching the scene below.

No, there's something wrong, Lacy thought as she frantically fiddled with the malfunctioning phone, I can feel it.

"What's up with you? I haven't seen you this upset since you thought your Nan was dead because your brother misspoke." Diane Walked back into the apartment closing the Balcony door.
"I... It's nothing,"  Lacy said hurriedly, trying to cover up her nagging feeling that there was more to the crash than it appeared.

Finally, the phone started to... No answer.

"What's going on with this thing?" Lacy, frustrated tossed the land line down. "where did I put my cell?"

Lacy scrambled franticly around the room ¨maybe its under the bed¨.

Little did Lacey know that Diane was actually holding it in her pocket; this crash was definately more that in seemed, but she had to do all she could to prevent it from becoming publicized in any way.

She lay under the bed trying to get her hand in that little corner when suddenly BOOM!

Lacy jumped, her face hitting the underside of the bed. "Ouch! What as that?"

Lacy quickly scurried out from under it to find the ornate lamp she'd bought from Topeka in peices. 


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