Add one sentence to the story, keep it going!


No going twice in a row, no using chatspeak, no run on sentences (that's cheating).

also, please obey the rules of conventional grammar.



I'll start.


Diane stood on her apartment balcony, looking down at the car crash two floors below while her roommate Lacy paced about inside, muttering about the lack of dial tone as she tried to call 911.

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Turning her head to the street she felt an adrenaline rush when she realized everything was on fire.

"I told you that was a bad place for the lamp." Diane said standing in the door way, unphased by the explosion that just rocked the lamp onto the floor.

(Should I remove the above post?)

Torn between placing her attention on Diane or the fire that raged, seemingly unbeknownst to Diane she fell to her knees and clutched her head in her hands, pulling and the strands of her perfectly coiffed hair.


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