Ok I can't find anyone else who likes writing true science fiction. So if you write Scifi let's talk

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Please define "true science fiction." I'm interested to know whether you think there really is a line between science fiction and fantasy; I don't, so your question seems...shall we say...narrow.

Heres an example: Star Wars isn't science fiction because it doesn't deal with science. It has aliens it's set in a universe where space travel is convenient but it's not science fiction. Dune is (not the movie the book) because it goes into the science of arrakis and it talks about political science. Don't get me wrong I love star wars but it's space fantasy not science fiction.

So, you only like hard science fiction.

Then we shall agree to disagree.

It's not that I don't like space fiction, it's just that's another genre.
I kinda write both at once. The book I'm writing at the minute has both heavy sci-fi and fantasy elements. (Basically magical creatures being chased by genetically engineered super-soldiers.)

Yeah, I'm working on a kind of cyberpunk short story/ hopefully novel. Taking a lot of inspiration from my hero, Philip K. Dick.

Love his stuff! One of my favourite authors of all time.

Currently reading The Man in the High Castle. Dick was a genius. 

I think I've read about twenty of his books and there are still tons to read.

Yeah! He's really great! I'm always thrilled when i come across a book of his in a shop.

I know! When I see a new one in the library it's brilliant!
I'm writing a collection of books that deal with science espionage. I'm starting with a book about mind control.


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