I'm certainly no stranger to trying to wrangle characters, a setting etc. But only now does it dawn on me how difficult it is at times to make a story that is both interesting and can realistically provide motivation and drama for the characters.
Obviously we all have our own techniques or ways of doing this; it could be as easy as just letting something pop into your head and elaborating from there. So, on that note, I invite you all to post about plot - how you like to plan it, your favourite plot points you've ever written or even just plot twists or themes you've liked in other work!

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See when i have other people read my stories they say the plot is amazing, but the writing horrible... so apparently I could be like James Patterson who apparently has other writers write his stories... 

he does, really? i dont him anymore.

according to various sources yes, he has people write out his plots for him... and then after they write a certain number of them they get to "co-write" a book with him...

you just need a couple amazing creative writing teachers. thats all

my school doesn't have any of those... not that i've experienced anyway....

well what grade are you in? 

12th, high school senior

okay so you've probably had every english teacher in the school. college might be better. 

i've had close to every english teacher in the school, we have like... 9... i've had 6 of those 9 by the end of the year i'll have had 7 of the 9

well this last one may be amazing and good for you. Always have hope =)

yeah but its a Shakespeare course... not much creative writing there...

Awe.  well see if you can switch classes. unless its a required class.


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