I'm certainly no stranger to trying to wrangle characters, a setting etc. But only now does it dawn on me how difficult it is at times to make a story that is both interesting and can realistically provide motivation and drama for the characters.
Obviously we all have our own techniques or ways of doing this; it could be as easy as just letting something pop into your head and elaborating from there. So, on that note, I invite you all to post about plot - how you like to plan it, your favourite plot points you've ever written or even just plot twists or themes you've liked in other work!

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not a chance i fought to get into that Shakespeare class... I am taking a Creative Writing class but everyone says that its a joke...

Why do they say it's a joke?

because you don't really do anything, its the class that seniors take just so that they the easy grade. And the teacher is a total push over.

Wow. thats not cool at all.

yeah no not really....


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