Any other nerdfighters writing books? What's it called, where are you in the writing process, and when do you plan to be done?

I'll go first: my book is titled Realms Quintessential: The Book of Earth, I am currently editing the book (on its 4th chapter), and I plan to have it out by August.



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My book is titled Safe Haven, I'm still in the process of writing it (25th Chapter), and I hope to be finished with it by next December by the latest. 

First off the name of your book is epic, and second I just started my book.

Thank you! It's actually the second novel in the series. The first was The Book of Fire.

More info and a sample read of the first book is available at

Awesomeness! I'll check it out.

No name yet, still writing the first draft, I have no idea when I'll be done...

I can't, for the life of me, think of a good title for my book. I only have three chapters written out as of yet, though I have the first fifteen planned out. 

I know the characters, the plot, the conflicts, and the resolution. But I can't. Think. Of. A. Freaking. Title.

Picking a good title is a difficult thing to do. My book was originally called Jimmy's Guide to Realms (back when I first came up with my main party). I finally came up with Realms Quintessential from Aristotle's five elements (replacing Aether with Quintessence) which I learned about in High School (I'm a college senior now).

I'm working on two books at the minute (neither has a title yet). The first is the second part set in England in about 2016/17. The second is set on Earth, hundreds of years in the future. Non-fiction, near-past. Completed :) Set in the present day, currently at 20k words


The Seven: Gathering of the Chosen and I'm in the (multiple) rewriting stage. Hopefully as soon as possible.

No official title as of yet. though I know cycle will be part of the title somehow. lolz. Writing stage plan to be done with first draft by the end of summer.

I call my book Uprise, and I'm at about Chapter Eleven.  I plan to be finished at about mid-December.


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