So I saw that a lot of nerdfighters were doing NaNoWriMo and as someone who is desperately behind on her word count, I was wondering if anyone would be up to some friendly word warring. You don't even need to be a wrimo-- it's a lot of fun and helps you get your creative juices flowing.

Basically, a word war is 2 (or more) people setting a time period (I like 30 mins personally) and typing as much as they can and then sharing the results. My friend and I used to do it all the time and I promise I don't get too competitive! Sorta.

By the way, does anyone having any other tips for bumping up the word count? I could use all the help I can get!

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Yeah sure, sounds like fun!

If you want to bump your word count, forget about writing in chronological order. Any scene you have planned out, write down. It goes towards your word count if you get it written within the time period

Get on deviant art sometime, we can make our own chatroom!


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