Are there any other writers out there who are vlogging about their writing? I'd love to meet a few other people who are vlogging about their experiences, good and bad, as they're writing.

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i do, here is my channel.

i dont only vlog about writeing i vlog about boks and other things as well.

but i hope you enjoy the channel :)

Nifty! I liked your book haul video. You seem to have gotten a fairly wide range of stuff despite saying that you went straight for the fantasy books. 

thanks :D

I'm only just starting out myself, but I found introducing myself and figuring out my goals for the channel were helpful. I'm also coming up with a list of topics that I want to talk about and just picking them randomly, depending on what I feel like talking about. That way if I ever get stuck without something to talk about, I have a list!

Also, I am doing a bunch of videos just talking about my projects. That is a lot of fun. 

But I'm sure there's more people in here who probably know more about vlogging than I do. Anyone else have any suggestions?


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