So I have a whole summer free, which I am dedicating to reading, writing etc, and I'm probably not the only one. So if anyone is up for being 'writing buddies' like sending eachother stuff to look over and just spur each other on let me know :) My expertise in in young adult (14-20ish age range) but I will read literally everything and anything I am sent.

Also I'm editing short stories this summer so please feel free to send any my way!

Also #2 , please use this thread if anyone wants to set up writing buddies, let's bring all the writers of nerdfighteria together!!!

personal email proceeds thusly:


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Well that's an awesome idea :) I just hope communication is more frequent, since it's not that motivating if there's a lack of activity...

once a week as an absolute minimum. I do have certain commitments and depending on how much I'm sent it may take me a while to read it through. (I believe in putting as much energy and attention into reading something as the author did writing it.) It will probably be more than once a week, but once a week will be the minimum.

once a week is good. I've dealt with longer intervals, wouldn't want a repeat...

btw, what genre are you interested in?

I'll have a look at anything, but I specialise in young adult, but think more Catcher in the Rye and John Green-esque than any "dark romance". I'm mainly interested in that, but I can revise fantasy, dystopian, drama, historical and modern contemporary. Essentially anything 16+

I never understood the appeal of dark romance -_-

As for me, I deal with alt history, socio-cultural differences, military and tech stuff. Writing down a working relationship between characters though, is a hurdle to me...

almost forgot:

Feel free to send stuff :D : That's my email, feel free to send me stuff, and i'll read it and edit if you want. Or you can share it with me on Google Docs if you have it. That's what I use for everything. I don't have anything else to do this summer much like you so. Send me stuff if you want.

I have a Summer completely free too, ready to be filled with writing and reading other people's work :D I'd love to get some constructive criticism on my stories as well. So, to whoever who longs to have a writing-related discussion, feel free to send your stuff here:


I am totally down to do this. I mostly write YA but I am open to read anything. I have the summer free as well so you can email me at

This is a pretty cool idea! It'd be fun to read and/or edit stories and it'd be nice to get feedback on my own work too. Like everyone else, my summer is rather empty.  My main email is and I also have a gmail- :) Oh and I'm on Google Docs if anyone else is. 


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