Hewwo dhere!
Has me an idea a'brewing.

Who here would be interested in a writing/story contest?

Just trying to gage the response before going head long into said project.

Leave a reply any and all who'd like to take part, then that's something to least move on from. 

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depends on what kind it is... I've entered many on other sites, most of them hardly challenging or interesting... 

Depends on length, I'll happily put together a short story or poem but not anything much longer than that.

I agree, but if it's about short storys: COUNT ME IN! And will there be an entrance fee or not?

Depends on a couple of things.

1. Who are the judges

2. What are the restrictions (word limit, theme etc)

3. Whether there ARE restrictions (hint, there must be, and more than just genre and word limit)

4. How long it would take to report back.

For some thoughts on writing contests, read the following.

Count me in! What kind of stories would we be writing?

Yes, I'd be interested in that for sure! I would be curious about the details, but I'm definitely interested.

I'd definitely be interested. But I don't know if I would participate for sure until some more details are apparent.

I've started a discussion about this idea also on the newly re-constituted Your Pants website.

Also, we've got a Tumblr!

If you're interested in doing this, please come along and support us by following the tumblr, so we can say to any potential judges that we have a significant body of support!

I am interested in any contest regardless of theme or whatever.

I'd love to participate!

Please do! Let us know if you're following the tumblr etc! So we can keep track of everyone on here.


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