What would be the best weapon against slow zombies? And what would be the best against fast zombies? Would you go melee, guns or explosives? And what if there are no weapon's in reach?

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Hmm, no weapons? What if they're the L4D or 28 days later zombies. They'll outrun you, than you have no defence except for your fists..
What melee weapon would you use? katana's, chainsaw, knife?
Lucky you, living near a military base.
good luck trying to get access to the weapons and ammo on a military base; they keep that locked down TIGHT. locked building...locked room...locked weapons cage...locked weapons rack. that's 4 sets of locks that you'll have to get through and that's only if there's no one standing guard for wannabe looters...there WILL be a guard.
When zombies attack the first thing they will do is open all of the weapon storages, you need weapons to kill a zombie and there is the possibility the guard will open it (not always) if he sees we're survivors (immunes).
Not always...Make that never.
katanas two reasons:
1) effective
2) awesome
knife would be good back up or to throw (as a dramatic kill of one zombie)
My dick.

If you don't have that on hand then melee-wise you're gonna want either a katana or other light sword, a sturdy machete, and/or a wooden baseball bat. Other stuff works, but those are probably the best.

As far as firearms go, I think your best bet is a .22 rifle. No recoil, accurate, and you can carry a ton of ammo. For a sidearm, go with a .22 pistol so you can use the same type of ammo.
smart idea for firearms with the same ammo never thought of that.
for mele...WW1 trench knife, or maybe a sharpened e-tool
close range... .50 cal Desert Eagle/tactical shotgun
midrange-... 7.62mm hunting rifle/AK47 with red-dot scope

the problem with using .22s is that there isn't enough power behind the ammo; you would have to be engaging from VERY close range. Maybe using an MP5 and a 9mm pistol, if you want to be able to use the same rounds in both, but .22 is just too weak.
.22s are responsible for more civilian gunshot deaths than any other round. It has more than enough power to get through a human skull at medium range.

close range... .50 cal Desert Eagle/tactical shotgun

You're trying to displace enough of the brain to kill the zombie, not blast its head into oblivion. Shotguns and 50 cal are both overkill, and you can only carry a fraction of the amount of ammo you could carry if you were using a 9mm or .22.
In the words of DS Jones... "There's no such thing as too dead."


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