Jodi Trautmann's Groups (15)

  • DailyBooth NFers

    18 members Latest Activity: May 5, 2012 for Nerdfighters on DailyBooth. cuz it's more fun when we follow each other!

  • Nerdfighters On Skype

    607 members Latest Activity: Aug 22 For all those Nerdfighters that spend alot of time on Skype and make it Awesome.

  • Gleeks

    1292 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2014 For all the awesome fans of Glee!

  • Hunger Games Fans

    1147 members Latest Activity: Aug 4 For everybody who loves the awesome Hunger Games trilogy.

  • Charlie Mcdonnell (charlieissocoollike)

    1546 members Latest Activity: Aug 10 This is a group for all the nerds who watch charlie mcdonnell/charlieissocoolike on youtube. the website is his website, not some crazy fan one. : D

  • Wizard Rock Nerds

    579 members Latest Activity: Jan 6 for all nerds who listen wrock, or are in wrock bands, or like wrock, or dislike wrock, or even nerds who dont even know what wrock is.

  • LOST Nerds

    234 members Latest Activity: Mar 10, 2014 For the Nerdfighters who are obsessed with LOST (or just like it i guess), this is the place where you can show your love for it... comment and share…

  • New Jersey Nerfighters

    145 members Latest Activity: Jul 25 For any New Jersey Nerfighters!!

  • verry potter musical nerds

    67 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2013 for people who loved a verry potter musical, who cant stop singing granger danger or those who have never herd of it, join any way!!

  • Members of Dumbledores Army >:]

    1359 members Latest Activity: Jul 14 Do you make random Harry Potter jokes that no one understands? Do you yell LUMOS! When you're too lazy to get up and turn on the light yourself? If…

  • Pigfarts Nerdfighters

    2079 members Latest Activity: Aug 10 For all the Nerdfighters out there who love "A Very Potter Musical"

  • Harry Potter Nerds

    8518 members Latest Activity: Aug 18 This is a place for all you Harry Potter fans to come chat about the series that changed your life! <3 Also check out :)

  • Fake-UKers

    1820 members Latest Activity: Aug 10 For all those who pretend to be British or wish they were. And for British people who like to be appreciated for their Britishness.

  • Nerdfighters Lonely Hearts

    1580 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday This is a group for lonely nerdfighters looking for some nerd love. This is a lonely hearts group. So leave a post describing yourself.Eg Hobbies,…

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