Samantha Murray's Groups (19)

  • My Life Is Average Nerds

    196 members Latest Activity: Dec 20, 2012 This group is for those fans of the addicting website "My Life Is Average"

  • Ravenclaw

    1107 members Latest Activity: Mar 23 Nerdfighters who belong to the Hogwarts house Ravenclaw. ^_^

  • I sniff books

    1991 members Latest Activity: Mar 21 It's a lovely, woody, pulpy, glue-y smell.

  • Nerdfighters Who Like Greek Mythology

    384 members Latest Activity: Jan 9 Nerdfighters who can name all the gods and goddesses and suspect themselves to be a halfblood. Also if Medusa or the Minotaur haunt your dreams, this…

  • Nerdfighters Under 16

    499 members Latest Activity: Feb 10 For Nerdfighters who aren't 16 or older yet.

  • Members of Dumbledores Army >:]

    1355 members Latest Activity: Mar 4 Do you make random Harry Potter jokes that no one understands? Do you yell LUMOS! When you're too lazy to get up and turn on the light yourself? If…

  • Gleeks

    1295 members Latest Activity: Mar 23 For all the awesome fans of Glee!

  • GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

    3629 members Latest Activity: 10 hours ago For anyone who is,or supports, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, or questioning. Anyone and everyone is welcome!!

  • Anti-Twilight Nerds

    686 members Latest Activity: Apr 10 For all those nerds who also loathe twilight. Hey, if they have a group, why can't we? This is your place to rant (logically) and unite with fellow…

  • BookHuggers

    385 members Latest Activity: Nov 26, 2013 For those of us who hug books.

  • Canadian Eh?

    634 members Latest Activity: 17 hours ago We are Canadian and therefore awesomer than you, in a completely non biased way.

  • nfmovie

    156 members Latest Activity: Nov 20, 2012 The group home page for the nerdfighter movie! Discuss your ideas here and keep up to date with news.

  • Harry Potter Nerds

    8443 members Latest Activity: on Sunday This is a place for all you Harry Potter fans to come chat about the series that changed your life! <3 Also check out :)

  • Nocturnal Nerdfighters

    966 members Latest Activity: on Monday This group is for those nerdfighters that, more often than not, stay up past midnight and even into the early hours of morning before finally going…

  • Nerdfighter Girlz

    1258 members Latest Activity: Feb 23 All girl we can spread the Awesome in female form.

  • Writer Nerdfighters!

    3650 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago Let's gather the best-selling writers of the future here. :)

  • Oddly Random Nerdfighters

    787 members Latest Activity: Feb 25 Do you find that at times you tend to do/say something completely irrelevant to what's going on? Do you find joy in random facts? Have you ever…

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