Kirsten's Groups (19)

  • Nerdfighter Tutoring and Mentoring

    1279 members Latest Activity: Nov 12 If you can offer help to a fellow nerdfighter in a particular subject, let them know here. Similarly, if you need help with something, members of…

  • Rural Nerdfighters!

    22 members Latest Activity: Nov 16, 2011 There must be a lot of us smallish town Nerdfighters out there! Its a little lonely being the only Nerdfighter in your town, hence the group :)

  • Teafighters

    1792 members Latest Activity: Oct 8 For those who understand that tea is the answer to all of life's questions. For those who use tea leaves. For those who use teabags. For those who…

  • Indie Rock NerdFighters

    375 members Latest Activity: Oct 10, 2014 For those who love indie rock music!

  • Punk Music Junkies

    101 members Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2014 For those of us who are addicted to the music of the Punk movement.

  • Crocheting and Knitting Nerdfighters

    302 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2014 A place for Nerdfighters who love to crochet, knit, or both! Share patterns, ask questions, discuss favorite yarn brands, and share "tricks of the…

  • Math Nerdfighters

    196 members Latest Activity: Oct 14 If you like hard math problems,this is the group for you

  • 20Plus

    579 members Latest Activity: Apr 20 This group is for nerdfighters who are in their twenties or older.

    Nothing against teenagers, but us old folks need a place for us old…

  • Movie Buzz

    180 members Latest Activity: Mar 27 A group dedicated to movie lovers. This is a place where we can talk about movies of new and old and where you give your honest opinion on movies.

  • Montana Nerdfighters

    33 members Latest Activity: May 18, 2014 How is it possible that those of us who get sick and tired of having to add "-Hannah" to our Google searches anytime we want to find something in our…

  • Nerdfighters for Nathan Fillion

    88 members Latest Activity: Sep 30, 2013

  • Pastafarians

    92 members Latest Activity: Aug 18 For those who see the hypocrisy and cultiness in many organized religions. This is a parody religion which we will talk about his noodly appendage,…

  • Nerdfighter Science Department

    551 members Latest Activity: Sep 5 As the new forum categorizations conveniently, and arguably correctly, leave science unclassified, I have elected to form a group devoted to…

  • Nerdfighters for Liberty

    34 members Latest Activity: Aug 9 A group for anarchist, libertarian, voluntaryist, agorist Nerdfighters. Basically, any anti-statist/anti-collectivist is welcome.

  • Grammar Nerdfighters

    930 members Latest Activity: Jul 14 Nerdfighters who love grammar, and shall defend it to the death! Also, "Grammar Nazis" (as people may call us). If you feel the need to correct the…

Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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