Lars Occhionero's Groups (13)

  • Scandinavian Nerdfighters

    154 members Latest Activity: Mar 27, 2014 This is a group for nerdfighters in Scandinavia! So join fellow scandinavians.

  • Nerdfighter Tutoring and Mentoring

    1279 members Latest Activity: Nov 12 If you can offer help to a fellow nerdfighter in a particular subject, let them know here. Similarly, if you need help with something, members of…

  • Musical Nerdfighters

    1194 members Latest Activity: Oct 31 Any of you musicians out there should join this group and share your musical talent. I'm a trombonist, but the picture is just downright awesome.

  • Linux Nerdfighters

    60 members Latest Activity: Jun 30 open-source FTW

  • Nerdfighter Science Department

    551 members Latest Activity: Sep 5 As the new forum categorizations conveniently, and arguably correctly, leave science unclassified, I have elected to form a group devoted to…

  • Physics Nerds

    156 members Latest Activity: Sep 11 For all nerds who LOVE PHYSICS :)

  • Astronomy Nerdfighters

    99 members Latest Activity: Aug 9 Join if you're fascinated by astronomy, the sky and other awesome spacestuff :D Long live Betelgeuse! (Y)

  • RPG Nerdfighters

    239 members Latest Activity: Nov 30, 2014 Roleplaying Games - By interlectuals for interlectuals.

  • NerdFighters in Denmark

    143 members Latest Activity: Jun 13, 2014 So I think I'll try making a group for Danish NerdFighters :)

  • Lord of the Rings

    890 members Latest Activity: Aug 14

    For all those people out there, that do also love or are fanatic about Lord of the Rings!

  • Monty Python NerdFighters

    923 members Latest Activity: Sep 10, 2014 A group for all silly sods who enjoy, and obsess on anything of or related to Monty Python

  • Doctor Who Nerdfighters

    8220 members Latest Activity: Nov 23 Just a group for those who love (and love to discuss) Doctor Who!

  • Movie Buzz

    180 members Latest Activity: Mar 27 A group dedicated to movie lovers. This is a place where we can talk about movies of new and old and where you give your honest opinion on movies.

Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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