Nerdfighter Projects

Since John and Hank pioneered the whole idea of collaborative YouTube channels, lots of siblings, friends and even strangers have started up channels inspired by the Green Brothers.

If you'd like to have your project on this page, just leave a comment with a little summary about the project and of course a link to it! (Saying 'link' because only writing the name gives me more work because then I have to search for it as well and honestly it get's tiring.)

Youtube projects:

  • The Ninglings                                                                                                     - TheNinglings is a collaboration channel of 7 Nerdfighters who create awesome by interacting with each other and the community. Their vloggers come from a few different countries but are united in Awesome. Videos are uploaded nearly every day never from the same person two days in a row. 
  • TheUncultured Project
  • -Imagine leaving behind your friends,family, possessions, and a full scholarship to a
    good university - all to go halfway around the world to
    a third world country just
    to help the poor. This is exactly what Shawn did. And
    he's using YouTube to tell his story.
  • Status: Active – Videos on an irregular schedule. Check Shawn's website for regular updates/blogs.
  • Nerdfightastic
  • - Seven Nerdfighters who met onlineeither through the Ning itself or through John
    and Hank's blogtv shows during the Tour De Nerdfighting.
    They either post vlogs of blogs on their assigned day.
  • Status: Active - Updates regularly.
  • 5AwesomeGays
  • - Five guys who describe themselvesas "We are men. We are activists. We are opinionated.
    Weare special. We are individuals. We are motivated. We
    areyou. We are us. We
    are different. We are awesome. We are gay. But that's not
    allwe are."
  • Status: Active – Updated very regularly.
  • VlogTag
  • -A channel of youtubers that was inspired by the vlogbrothers. "The objective behind
    VlogTagis to carry on a friendship via YouTube for others
    to watch, be entertained by, and possibly spam."
  • Status: Active – Updated on their assigned days.
  • NerdfighterInternational
  • -Nerdfighters International is anextension of the Brotherhood 2.0 project. This project
    isabout bringing complete strangers together in way
    never thought possible. It is about making friendships and bonds that
    would otherwise not have existed before this exciting new way
    of communication.
  • Status: Active – Updated regularly.
  • VlogSmoothie
  • -"A 2009 nerdfighter collab channelinspired by vlogbrothers and fiveawesomegirls. The
    purposeof our channel is not only to get to know each
    otherbetter, but also
    to meet as many awesome people as we can."
  • Status: Active – Updated once in a while.
  • BestWishesFromNL
  • -They're seven nerdfighters who met at the Dutch Nerdfighter gathering in December 2008.
    They decided to start a collab channel, which is inspired by the vlogbrothers
    and the five awesome girls.
  • Status: Active – Updated on their assigned days.
  • Week of Eight
  • -"Week of eight is kind of a socialproject where 8 people from different places and
    of different ages talk through vlogs rotating every day.
    In other words, it is truly made of awesome!"
  • Status: Active – Updated once in a while.
  • A Great Perhaps
  • -"Chris and Allie, or Allie and Chris, either way one of us will get smacked. We are
    people,who watch youtube A LOT. We like Hank and John
    and probably watched them before you. We like Julia Nunes."
  • Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • ItTakesII
  • -A brother and sister duo who usedthe channel to connect while they are apart and
    makerandom videos about awesome things.
  • Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • ScandanaviansInYourPants
  • -"There happens to be some scandinavians in your pants!"
  • Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • fiveawesomeknitters
  • There are five of us. We are awesome.We are knitters.
  • Status: Active – Updated very regularly.
  • youremakingmenervous
  • Five teenagers who each make a videoabout a central theme per week!
  • Status: Active - Updated quite regularly.
  • cybersisters
  • Sit back and watch us get to know each other in very interesting ways!
  • Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • NerdfighterRatio
  • A nerdfighter collab channel.
  • Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • Clive's Angels
  • The Nerdfighter version of Charlie's Angels, they do missions which are similar to
    the challenges and punishments of the vlogbrothers, but weekly.
  • Status: Active- Updated irregularly.
  • The Propsie And The Hand
  • "The Prospie (Josh) and The Hand(Jeff) seek to further their nerdiness, and as such, dive
    straight into the heart of Nerdfighteria."
  • Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • Potter in Your Pants
  • "Potter in your pants. A colossal collab channel made up of twelve outrageously
    awesome, potterhead nerdfighters from across the far reaches of
    the galaxy. We met on the Nerdfighter ning."
  • Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Class 5 Vloggers
  • A collab channel with 5 nerdfighters getting to know each other.
  • Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • We Are The Weapon
  • "Do you guys all know what the harrypotter alliance is? Nerdfighters and the hpa worked
    together on helping haiti heal. Me and 6 other girls started
    a collab channel inspired by vlogbrothers to help promote and unite the hpa."
  • Status: Active – Updated regularly.
  • Missive Cause I Miss You
  • Two sisters started a video projectbecause they are apart at different colleges. This is
    their story.
  • Status: Active – Updated regularly.
  • Nerds To The Power Of 5
  • "A Collaboration project with 5 different people who have never met before. There will be
    challenges, themes, questions, and lots of other things to look forward to."
  • Status: Active – Updated very regularly.
  • The Channel That Must Not Be Named
  • "We are high schoolers, readers,nerdfighters, Harry Potter lovers, Youtube addicts,
    andmuch, much more."
  • Status: Active – Updated irregularly.
  • The Fellowship of the Ning
  • "We are a group of seven nerdfighters from around the globe. We hope to get to know
    each other through this vlog, and learn about different cultures in the process."
  • Status: Active - Updated daily.
  • Bookfighters
  • "The Bookfighters consist of a group of five nerdfighters who have agreed to read one book a weekfor a year and post their reviews and thoughts on this channel."
  • Status: Active - Updated very regularly.
  • Resolution Awesome
  • "We've made it our NewYear's Resolution to be Awesome, and increase Awesome in the
    world. "We're Nerdfighters and the world is in luck, 'cause
    weincrease the awesome and decrease the suck!""
  • Status: Active - Updated regularly.
  • An Unstoppable Force!
    "This is a collaborative channel consisting of five total strangers (with Jenna and Nikki to the exception) getting to know one another."
    Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  • Nerdfighters Versus The World
  • "Eight people on this one glorious channel are ready to bring you awesome as we fight to decrease world suck waiting. Starfleet, Hogwarts, and Galifrey await us."
  • Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  •  WOA (weekends of awesome)
    "Every third weekend of the month is song weekend, hear us sing...or at least try ;) --Except for Hayley, makes her own rules. Smile, laugh."
    Status: Active - Updated regularly.
  •  BeadsBeesBeads
    "Inspired by the fiveawesomegirls, this is a project about 3 girls documenting our new adventures apart!"
    Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  •  Generation of Awesome
    "This channel expresses OUR generation's views on issues going on in our world, and OUR opinions on the matters. We will also discuss some lighter topics along the way. "
    Status: Active - Updated regularly.
  •  Awkward Author Attempt
    "Two college students on a mission: Survive school. And maybe write novels? We'll update you on that."
    Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  •  Some Random Nerds
    "Us four nerds are staying in touch while two of us are at college! And being humorous, while we're at it."
    Status: Active - Updated regularly.
  •  How I met your roommate
    "We're five awesome people who went to college together and are dedicated to staying friends and decreasing world suck by being totally awesome."
    Status: Active - Updated irregularly.
  •  Vlogivore
    "Five people across the hemispheres becoming friends through the prehistoric means of Intering-the-webz."
    Status: Active - Updated regularly.
  •  Vlogpals
    "2 Girls, One in Canada, on in the UK. Originally penpals, now Vlogpals."
    Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  •  Five Awesome Greeks
    "7 greek girls (4 greek and 2 half-greek girls) video blogging with each other."
    Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  •  Powerful chocolate lovers
    "We are nerdfighters, drawn together by fate for a common purpose: TO VLOG."
    Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  • Made Purely of Awesome
    "We are a group of 5 Nerdfighter girls from the US, complete strangers, hoping to get to know each other. We vlog 5AG style"
    Status: Active - Updated very regularly.
  • Attractive Tales
    "It's basically a rip-off of the brotherhood 2.0 idea, except we're not related and we live only farish from each other. We do random things, I write, Hannah sings, and we use it as a way of keeping in touch with each other."
    Status: Active – Updated fairly regularly.
  • RCBeiler
    "I'm just that guy. I'm a Geek. I live, I see, I game, I write, I love. Just not always in that order."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Steve's Inbox
    "We are a group of intrepid young pirates; thrown together by fate, torn apart by destiny, we are continuing on our journey through life separately."
    Status: Active – Updated regularly.
  • 3 Halves Of One Idiot
    "A mix of Brotherhood 2.0 and FiveAwesomeGirls, three friends who've known each other for a long time are using vlogs to communicate as they start college."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Five Foreign Friends
    "Five friends from around the world come together in an attempt to get to know each other better with weekly themes and challenges."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Writers On The Wall
    "I guess, seeing as we are a channel of writers, you would expect a witty, eloquent and maybe even spectacular description for it. Shame, that sort of pressure really isn't good for a person. I'll guess I'll leave with this thought; anything could happen..."
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • The Screaming Reviewer
    " A channel by one girl, uneditted, working to bring the world together through Nerdfighteria."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • The Tea Project
    " There was a New Year's resolution made between friends to make one vlog each every week. There was only one rule: tea must be drunk in every video. One of them has moved on, but the other remains to complete her task. "
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • The 6 Great Perhaps
    " We are six girls from all around the globe, collaborating to not only get to know each other, but to make challenges for ourselves everyday, and to always seek our own Great Perhaps. "
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Daily Dose of Nerd
    " We are a group of girls that met on the ning. We wanted to make a collab channel. You can't get anymore blunt then that. "
    Status: Active - Updated daily.
  • Seven Awesome Brits
    "Seven Awesome Brits is a Collab channel made up of British Nerds."
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Fellowship Of The Ning
    " We are a group of 6 nerdfighters from around the globe."
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Jellicles Vlog
    " We are a group of Cats fans getting to know each other better with the help of YouTube."
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Sharing All The World
    " We are five teenage nerdfighters, one from the US, one from the UK, one from Holland, and two from Denmark, who are posting every weekday in an attempt to learn about new cultures and have fun doing so!"
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • the boredom vlogs
    " Back in November a few of us started a channel, we are still finding our feet and looking for structure."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Double Muggles
    " My neighbor Tess and I have been best friends for literally our entire lives. Well, her entire life at least (she's two years younger than me). However, a bunch of factors have recently lead to troubles in our friendship. In an effort to stay connected when so much more than a house now sits between us, we started DoubleMuggles."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • DFTBAx5
    " Hello, We are 5 Nerdfighters who vlog (week)daily. "
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • wizardsunion
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Composed of Awesome
    "5 nerdfighters trying to spread awesomness and have fun."
    Status: Active - Updated daily.
  • Midwest geek girls
    " Two girls vlogging. Two very geeky nerdfighter girls."
    Status: Active - Updated daily.
  • Sonic Nerds
    " Five teenage girls (previously strangers and currently just strange) who are obsessed with Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and all those other wonderful things that Nerdfighters love. Updated weekdays and centered around a weekly theme or "mystery inclusion" that veiwers must guess. "
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • Hunger Games Inspired Music
    " I loved The Hunger Games so much I decided to make an unofficial score for all three books. My first score came out in September 2010, followed by Catching Fire in Feb 2011, and Mockingjay is scheduled for August 2011. All of the scores are unofficial and are not associated with the movies or books in any way. "
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Skits For Kicks
    " A collaboration of actors coming together every week to create unique skits."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • Pockets Of Your Pants
    " Just a few nerdfighters on the way into the big, bad world of vlogging!"
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.
  • The Absolute Value Of 3
    " Each making a video a week in hopes of learning more about each other, finding something new about themselves and to add a little more to each week. Week one is now complete with many a more on there way."
    Status: Active - Updated on their assigned days.


Completed You-Tube Projects:

  • FiveAwesomeGirls - A channel of five awesome girls who met online and started a channel to get to know each other. They say that their channel is basically "Brotherhood 2.0" with the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and threw in a little Harry Potter and good genes, then you'd have the Five Awesome Girls. This project has since come to an end. The videos are still available on their channel however.
  • FiveAwesomeGuys - A channel of five guys who made vlogs back and forth throughout 2008. This project has since come to an end. The videos are still available on their channel however.

Misc. Projects:

  • NerdTweeters
  • -A twitter project during which a nerd tweets during their assigned day.
  • Status: Active- Last tweet April 12 2011.
  • Stuffon Heads
  • A tumblr where nerdfighters put stuff on there heads!
  • Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  • An Abundance of Bloggers
  • An abundance of seven girls that takes turn to write a blog post each day.
  • Status: Active - Updated very regularly.
  • BlogN3rds
  • "We're both going to different highschools and we were inspired by Vlogbrothers to keep in
    touch with the internet. We decided to keep in touch by blogging about ideas,
    our days, stuff that's happened or is happening to us, and fun,
    random stuff that we've found on the internet
    (youtube,tumblr, etc.)"
  • Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  • Confessions of a Clueless Blogger
  • "It's about anything really, from pretending to be a dinosrawr to a very Potter Muscial quotes
    and just the goings on in my life and the world that i want to express."
  • Status: Active - Updated on occasion.
  • Nerdily Ever After
  • "Two of us are from the USA, two of us from Canada and one is from Germany. We're blogging to get to know each other and become friends."
  • Status: Active - Updated very regularly.
  • A League of Extraordinary Nerds
    " 5 Nerdfighters Blogging every day except for weekends. This week is Education Week. Check it out, it's awesome."
    Status: Active – Updated on occasion.
  • The Hold Me Closer Project
     "A little while ago, a guy named Tom Sherborne came up with a great idea - to make Tiny Cooper's musical, Hold Me Closer, a reality." Progress can be followed here.
    Status: Closed


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Comment by Nate Karahalis on September 30, 2013 at 8:11am

Neecat and Mouse- a youtube exploration in awesomeness


Description: Hi. I'm Nate "Neecat". Over the past couple years some pretty nasty things have been floating around about the so-called generation Y. If you are a millennial feeling overworked, under appreciated, need a laugh. We can't promise anything like that but if you watch we're doing just what we do best to brighten your day. Show you that there are more of us out there. All vloggers are underemployed early to late 20s and overeducated. If our awkward insanity brightens your day than our goal is accomplished. We hope to feature anime, sports, and local emerging musical artists in the Boston and Los Angeles areas.

Thanks for listening and DFTBA!

Comment by Jennifer M. Hartsock on September 25, 2013 at 2:58am

THE YA PUBLICATION PROJECT: One young adult’s road map to publication and beyond.

In this ongoing video series, aspiring author and marketing consultant Jennifer M. Hartsock documents her footprints in the world of literature. Topics to be discussed include bouncing around edits, the submission process, dealing with rejections, participating in local writers’ groups and internships, acceptance and publication, and marketing and publicity.

Her Mission: Inspire young adults to create and pursue writing, literature, and publishing.

Comment by Polly Kan on July 14, 2013 at 7:25pm
“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” 
― Plutarch

My name is Polly Kan and I am creating a group to decrease world suck. I found you at the nerdfighter database. 
We have such a large community filled with brilliant and creative people. If we could connect those who want to learn with good mentors
I am personally asking you to help spread the awesome by joining our facebook group and helping out. Teach anything you can whether its oboe playing or cpr. All communications from skype to snail mail is okay. Lets decrease worldsuck through knowledge.

Comment by MissAjayG on July 14, 2013 at 2:50am
Im looking for people to VEDA (Vlog EveryDay in August) with me. It's a great way to challenge your self as a Vlogger and meet new people.

There's no set criteria, it will involve 3-6 people and if you like to vlog, you fit the bill!

If anyone's interested or knows someone who is, then message me on here, send me a tweet @Anjiewithajay or contact youtube channel AnjieawithaJay.
Comment by Philipp Dettmer on July 12, 2013 at 4:29am

Hey fellow nerdfighters :)

I make crash course linke videos in english and german.The first video features Evolution, the second (that will be published in a few days) the solar system.

The educational shows of the vlogbrothers really inspired me, and after a year or so, watching I decided I want to do it myself. Especially since there are not a lot channals in my native language that offer knowledge in an entertaining way.

Free Knowledge for everyone :)

Comment by Cassidy Carraway on July 11, 2013 at 1:34pm

My three friends and I have created a vlog about pretty much anything, but we try to link our content to fandoms.  Our channel is called Fandom Four on Youtube, and the vlogbrothers were (and are) a HUGE inspiration to us.

here is the link:

we also have a Facebook page dedicated to fantoms called "Dear God. What is like not having fandoms?  It must be so boring"

here is the link:

Comment by Jenna on June 16, 2013 at 9:25pm
Comment by Ben Davila on June 4, 2013 at 12:18pm

The Song Club

Is a blog where I post a weekly challenge to write a song on a topic chosen at random. The Song Club challenge  is open to anyone who would like to participate no mater their level of skill or experience. My goal is to give songwriters a safe and motivating online space to make music.

Comment by Veronika on June 2, 2013 at 10:45am

A project to get a book written and chosen by nerdfighters published. 

Here's the link!

Comment by Charlotte Victoria on May 20, 2013 at 8:35pm

I posted a proposal for a literary magazine in the Writing forum. It's also in Our Pants. I would find it really exciting if we had a literary magazine. It would be delightful if anyone wanted to read the open letter at either location, and maybe we can make something wonderful happen?

Comment by Sarah Haluska on May 17, 2013 at 10:12pm


One opinionated girl, one opinionated vlog.

Updates when the inspiration strikes. (Fairly often.)

Comment by Britta Frazier on May 9, 2013 at 10:59am

Postgraduate Women's Studies

Two recently graduated animation majors, out to document their first year in the real world!

Because learning and awesome continue outside of school :)

~updates daily~

Comment by Ellen on March 13, 2013 at 10:02am
On March 23 I'm going to be doing something I'm calling the Increase the Love Project. I'm going to watch and comment positively on videos made by women on YouTube, and I'm organizing other people to do it with me. Together we can be a surge of support and cheer to female content creators, who are often targets of hateful messages, insults, and sometimes even threats. The tumblr can be found here:
Comment by Sonia Payer on February 1, 2013 at 11:06am

Also: I have a little book of two short stories up on Amazon: check it out if you would like. Or just talk to me about it.

Comment by Sonia Payer on February 1, 2013 at 11:03am

Hey, I basically just make videos on Youtube reviewing certain sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows, but I occasionally talk about more serious issues too. Check me out if you want.

Comment by Michelle Wood on January 18, 2013 at 4:25pm

The Games Maestro

A Musical Web Series about D&D, escapism and glory. A comedy, a drama, absurd and insightful.

Comment by Kiri-miko on January 17, 2013 at 7:48am
PenReaper Arts

-For the love of all art! PenReaper Arts is a vlog that share with you all the fun, travel, knitting, and art that the host Josephine experience in life through several short ongoing video series.
Comment by Stephanie Winter on January 8, 2013 at 1:47pm

Nerdfighteria Documentary

A documentary about the birth of Nerdfighteria - what it is, how it was created and all the amazing and awesome things we have accomplished as a community! This is a final film project for my university degree at the Queensland University of Technology and I think it will be a brilliant way of introducing Nerdfighteria to larger and broader audiences to this awesome community. If you'd like to help or participate in away (mainly through the form of videos) please email me at: - DFTBA!

Comment by Alyssa Morton on December 21, 2012 at 9:16am is a Blog run by a Nerdfighter wishing to do something every week to better herself, or to try something different. It has evolved past that into a place where she now talks about anything from the kids she works with, to international events, to the midseason finale of The Walking Dead.

Comment by Tiffany Ondracek on November 12, 2012 at 10:28pm

Don't Worry about the Government

Don't Worry about the Government is a collaborative vodcast where 2-3 friends get together to discuss politics and current events. 

Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

*Can you think of any more? Pass along any suggestions to an Admin who will then add it to this list should it fit!

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