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What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
Too many to list, most notably: Paranormal Nerdfigher, Doctor Who Nerdfigter, Writing/Fantasy Nerdfighter... the list goes on forever.
About Me:
I'm a nerd, plain and simple. I play video games, have an extensive Magic: The Gathering collection, and I get excited when someone invents a pneumatically controlled prosthetic arm with enough fine control to screw in a light bulb!
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
Anything by Melanie Rawn (Dragon Prince, Exiles...)

And though I'm a little ashamed of it, Looking for Alaska by John Green.
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
Ummm... Water?
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
I don't have a happy dance. That being said... The one person I'd like to meet is Melanie Rawn.
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?

Ahzrei's Blog

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!

I hate musicals.

I REALLY hate musicals.


Joss Whedon is my hero.

So what's a guy to do when he hears his hero is creating something he hates as an experiment that damed well deserves support? He suffers, that's what he bloody well does because there's nothing else he can do. He takes it like a man to support Joss in his endeavors because the man deserves a… Continue

Posted on July 30, 2008 at 2:32am

Feast of Souls

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It kept me awake until the sun came up three nights in a row. The world is just so damn convincing, and the characters... Friedman knows well how to take someone, dehumanize them and STILL find some way to make me love them and not want them to die. It's amazing.

This group of people who's continuing existence literally feeds on the lives of others is as deep and complex as the fragile alliances between countries. The Magisters treat each… Continue

Posted on June 17, 2008 at 6:34pm

Song in the Silence

I loved this book, honestly. It kept me awake and wanting to finish it up until the end. It was kind of sappy, with good promises of epic Dragon Vs. Demon battles. In the end, there was really only one, but there are two more books in the trilogy left to read, so I'm hopeful.

Final score for this one.... 7.5 / 10

I normally hate going in between numbers like that, but I feel like this one deserves better than a 7, but not quite the 8... Either way, a very good… Continue

Posted on May 5, 2008 at 11:35pm


No one's going to read this. I don't know why I'm writing it.

Anyway, on the subject of books... I love them. I love to read them (sometimes) I love to buy them. I love everything about books, especially the way really old books with decaying yellow pages smell.

Sadly, I seem to have a terrible habit of buying books.... and then not reading them. It doesn't stop me from buying more books, and I don't know why. I just love having them, I guess. I'll get… Continue

Posted on April 6, 2008 at 2:00am

Ahzrei and the Book Club Ep.1

So, I read 13 Little Blue Envelopes, and much to my surprise, I actually liked it. I felt kind of possessed, reading the book until I finished it and carrying myself into the next morning without any sleep. It's kind of weird seeing the sun come up and thinking "Oh god, I should get to sleep."

Aside from that, I've been trying to think of a good blurb to capture, as Hank says, the Essence of the book. I don't think this task is impossible, or even beyond my own… Continue

Posted on February 20, 2008 at 5:00pm

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At 6:35am on March 31, 2008, Tree-saw said…
YES! More Doctor Who Nerdfighters!
At 8:47pm on March 18, 2008, secret aunt sandi - dftya said…
Happy late pi day to all! (nerdfighter project!)

Here is my pi day vlog!

so pi day is over. that's okay! Nerd Pride Day is not too far away.
At 9:57pm on March 12, 2008, Laura said…
lol because that is what I do on the ning! Make friends! I see an interesting pic, scan their interests, and say, hey ho, fellow nerd of mine!
At 1:02pm on March 12, 2008, Cecilia said…
Thanks for the great blog comment!
At 9:08pm on February 27, 2008, secret aunt sandi - dftya said…

i'm slow on the valentine thing. better late than never?
At 2:53pm on February 20, 2008, HADLOSLAT said…
Hey, Blog Tag! Name three "catch phrases" or current slang terms which should be wiped from the public memory and why.
At 1:34pm on February 20, 2008, Liane said…
Thank you so much! That did mean a lot. It's always amazing to be told you've touched someone. That song means a lot to me, and I'm really glad you like it :)
At 12:40am on February 15, 2008, Spite Relentless said…
At 6:43pm on February 14, 2008, Mike said…
Here to share the nerd love, here is a Valentine for thee . . .

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