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This place was the beginning, will it also be my end?

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"were you even real?"
Nov 3, 2010
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Apr 7, 2010
Freddie D. Wise III left a comment for ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥
"hola jenny"
Aug 19, 2009
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May 17, 2009
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May 17, 2009
Freddie D. Wise III left a comment for ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥
"Happy anniversary baby. :) <3"
May 17, 2009

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About Me:
I am constantly thinking, contemplating, and debating with myself. Sometimes to the point of self annoyance... but nonetheless I enjoy being in constant thought. My favorite bands are Boston and Coldplay... although I love all kinds of music. I want to travel the world, especially Europe and South/Central America... but not by myself, I want to go with my someone special.

I played saxophone in the marching band, jazz band, and wind ensemble in high school.

I love coffee... especially when it involves drinking it at a coffee shop with live music late at night, while having a nice conversation with a close friend....

I once owned a beautiful 1983 Delorean (my dream car)... but I sold it (ask me and I'll explain why).

Also... I'm in love.
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, New Moon, Twilight, Angels & Demons, DaVinci Code, Ender's Game, The FairTax Book, FairTax: The Truth
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
A plastic clothes hanger... try it... it's different :-p
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
Jenny <3
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At 10:08pm on March 19, 2009, valerie2776 said…
Sweet! I grew up watching Back to the Future a TON, and man. That car was the most amazing, awesome thing ever, in my eyes, with its gull wing doors and everything. Too cool.
At 2:47am on January 25, 2009, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
I left you four comments...five including this one...good luck lol
At 2:46am on January 25, 2009, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
I would say so much more...and I could stay here and describe you for hours...but I think I just realized the importance of sleep. My head hurts and my glasses aren't helping. I'm just going to warn're going to need to scroll down a lot. ^^)

P. S. You know that I would stick around just to describe those perfect eyes and one-of-a-kind smile. I would probably recognize you anywhere. lol anyway...haha :D

*tackles Freddie and gives him a huge hug* (; is later...muahahahahaha!!!! c(=< :O)

" And I can't make it on my own (And I can't make it on my own)
Because my heart is in Ohio..."

"...Because you kill me, you know you do, you kill me well,
You like it too and I can tell..."

"...No more, no more, it cannot wait...I'm yours"

"When I see you smile I can face the world...I can do anything
When I see you smile, I see a ray of light...
When I see you smile, baby, when I see you smile at me..."

"If you're lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time
If you fall, I will catch you. I will be waiting, time after time..."

At 2:26am on January 25, 2009, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
You are the greatest friend I have had...EVER. I know it sounds like a complete and total cliché but it's the truth. I trust you with my life, literally. I know you would do anything to protect me, to keep me from hurting, to keep me happy...and I would do the same. When I'm upset, I instantly call you because with you everything's okay, and when I'm happy or excited I automatically call you to share the news because you're always there to listen (I sometimes call you before my own already know this).

It's incredible how much you support me, my dreams, my needs, my wants...amazing how I'm not a burden. I mean, I guess I could comprehend because I feel the same for you. I love hearing you and how happy you get when you come to terms with something or make a decision that makes you feel accomplished. It's never a burden to talk to you. I support you in everything and no matter what you do, I'll always be proud of you. Sometimes, I feel I should impress you so you can continue believing I'm this great person because I love the things you say to me.

With you, I can face anything...including my father. If I lost you, I would lose me. I freak out when you don't respond. Also, I worry every single day, every single hour, minute, and second that I might lose you to some gorgeous model who comes in and makes you feel better than how I make you feel...and that you sweep her off her feet. I can't help but to feel this...such a way that it hurts and tightens the grip I have on your hand. I'm going to be utterly sincere: I became immediately afraid the moment you had told me Mari told me the reason and even then I was still doubtful. I can't afford to feel like I did that time. I actually felt lifeless. It bothers the shit out of me when we don't talk. I'm not going to let go of you, bud. Sorry. Deal with it.

I love the way you look at me. I could swim in your eyes forever. They're this perfect blue. A mixture of the shore waters you would experience on the beaches of Can Cun and the sky on a cloudless, bright, crisp, breezy day. I see comfort in them. I see love. I see forever (crap! I sound like a movie...). My way home is through you...

I love the way you speak and how your tone changes instantly when I say something extra special or significant. Your face lightens up when I say certain give me these looks like if I were saying The Law of Moses or something to that effect, as if my words were everything.

Your smile (yes I'm going to be a total and complete girl here) makes my heart melt and my knees get weak and my body shake with chills. It has this quality that makes it special. It isn't so wide that it appears as though as if you had the teeth of a pirana, but it isn't a half-ass smile that appears like a small straight line where you can't tell if your smiling, holding laughter, or you gotta use the potty terribly.

I admire how much you know about things. You know these random facts and you're always looking things up. You have such patience (something I will probably never have...I'm working on it... lol). You make changing for the better look so simple, like you're not lifting a finger. Everything seems so balanced and sweet. I admire the honesty you carry around.

There's one thing about us that differs...what's going on is nothing like the song "You Could Be Happy" by Snow Patrol. You could be happy and TRUST ME I will know. How? Because I'll be right there by your side, holding your hand, waking up next to you every morning and taking care of you for the rest of eternity.

We have so many plans and we will go through with them. Nothing is stopping...especially not time. (:

Thou has not envisage love if not mine. Never an infatuation...shall not nor could not be reproduced, an adulation resembling ours. Us, the original product, would be an impassible feat to accomplish.
At 1:44am on January 25, 2009, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
Okay, here it goes. I'm going to say might be kind of long...
At 1:44am on January 25, 2009, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
Hey Freddie. To be perfectly honest, I'm so exhausted I have no clue what to say. I wish I did.I hope you see this before you go to work so you can think of me.
At 12:17pm on December 24, 2008, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
okay im signing off now lmao
At 12:17pm on December 24, 2008, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…
At 12:17pm on December 24, 2008, ☮Jenn!!♪♫ <3 :)♥ said…

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