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Terri Logan left a comment for Farradin
"hey !!!   just wondering if you could help me win a competition so i can stage vidcon uk! all i need to win is votes, and lots of them   please watch this video, vote on the website link and SPREAD THE…"
Nov 28, 2011
Farradin and Eleanor Burgess are now friends
Sep 3, 2011
Farradin posted a status
"Just found out Brian Jacques is dead :("
Aug 19, 2011
Farradin joined Ado's group

Redwall Nerdfighters

For fans of Brian Jacques book series that is awesome
Aug 19, 2011
Farradin posted a status
"Thinks it's going to be the greatest CL of all time! In a reference to an eighties detective show it's going to be moider!"
Aug 10, 2011
Farradin commented on Bri Burke :D's group Fake-UKers
"Everyone's outlook is valid, this is England. Just trying to provide some context.   You're right, you aren't in the middle of things but there's not enough people who admit that, which is annoying, and as a law abiding, God…"
Aug 10, 2011
Farradin posted a status
"Hopes no NF's have been affected by these riots!"
Aug 10, 2011
Farradin commented on Bri Burke :D's group Fake-UKers
"Btw it's being reported that the young man who was shot didn't discharge his gun at all. The bullet that hit one police officer was shot by the other and hit him after passing through the young gentleman.    That being said he…"
Aug 10, 2011
Farradin commented on Bri Burke :D's group Fake-UKers
"I've said it before on this page but this is a the rotten core of British society that they hardly ever acknowledge on UK TV. I'm from Tottenham and it's true that these are just criminal opportunists. That being said they don't…"
Aug 10, 2011
Bethany Duthie and Farradin are now friends
Aug 8, 2011
Farradin posted a status
"Is now a Skypefighter also, aye and a twitter fighter too. Wish I could be a Tottenham looter fighter too :("
Aug 7, 2011
Farradin replied to Michelle's discussion Favorite Sports? in the group Sports Nerds
"Association football is the name soccer is just a nickname the other kind is called Grid Iron; and saying the Dutch are pretty good at football is an understatement.   Unfortunately though you always seem to be the bridesmaid; if it helps I was…"
Aug 2, 2011
Farradin updated their profile
Aug 1, 2011
Farradin left a comment for Jenn Coleman
"Yes I'm a Ravenclaw. You're the first I've seen on here. I also asked the sorting hat (facebook) to put me in there.    What constitutes as clever, I think differently from others? For me providing Interesting conversation…"
Aug 1, 2011
Farradin replied to Michelle's discussion Favorite Sports? in the group Sports Nerds
"I like all sport but I've only ever seen one where it seems magic is performed. I love Association football. It is by far the one great sport and has everything!   By contrast the Superbowl is an exercise in…"
Aug 1, 2011
Farradin commented on Michelle's group Sports Nerds
"There is only one sport in 98% of countries. I love the world game and support one of the 5 most successful European team, Liverpool.     YNWA "
Aug 1, 2011

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What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
Comic Geek (Good tempered)
About Me:
Unique is usually a word used to describe me. Not old but no longer down with those crazy kids. George Orwell wrote about the year I was born.

Love Comics and Football (Association). Oh yeah and my family.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
Books: Watership Down, Foundation, LOTR and Watchmen.

Films: Terminator 2, Batman Begins, LOTR, Vertigo, Akira, Aliens.

Music: Indie.
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
My glasses, I like seeing things.
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
April, 2011
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At 9:01pm on November 28, 2011, Terri Logan said…

hey !!!


just wondering if you could help me win a competition so i can stage vidcon uk!

all i need to win is votes, and lots of them


please watch this video, vote on the website link and SPREAD THE WORD!!!


MANY MANY THANKS ( don't forgot you can vote 5 times)


dtfba !! tezza :)

At 3:32am on August 1, 2011, Martina Sundqvist said…

I do love all of them, but yes. The first one is definitely the best one for sure!

I do love the third one as well, but I suppose it's a matter of taste.


Really? I don't know about that. Though we do have some very weird grammar rules. Rules that's not really rules because its more a matter of what "sounds" right. :P

At 11:10am on July 26, 2011, chedna!!! said…

i thought ginny looked like the Australian prime minister!! :) i loved pretty much all of it, but i was a bit disappointed that they didnt feature nevilles grandma or the bit with kreature at the end (but i can forgive that one as they didnt show the friendship that harry builds with him in part 1) 


what about you??? :)

At 6:32am on July 25, 2011, Kobble said…

Yeah, it's at least one of my favourite series of all time. And I was one of the first, and have probably been rather insufferable due to that in the past, but I'm working on it xD My older brother (bless him xD) read the first one to me when I was 6, because I didn't like reading, but then he refused to read me the second one, so I had to do it myself :P And loved it. So... I blame him for my book obsession :D He created a monster :P

And the fourth book is possibly my favourite. When you're reading it at 7 or 8 it scares the crap out of you O_O Murders, graveyards, giant snakes... yeah.

I've read a fair few fantasy series, as it's just an awesome genre. Dragons? Magic? Elves? Yes please!

My favourite (other, perhaps, than HP. I can never decide, really) is the Discworld, because it's hilarious. More of a parody than anything, though. I also love the Abhorsen series (Garth Nix), Magician (Raymond E. Feist) the Lord of the Rings, Eragon (sort of. It was less interesting when I reread it recently. Kind of... cliché). And I love Neil Gaiman books, particularly American Goda (and Sandman, if that counts).

Do you read a lot of fantasy? And are you interested in any other genres?

At 12:10pm on July 24, 2011, chedna!!! said…
it was amazing!!! i cried soo much!!!!
At 2:05pm on July 22, 2011, Kobble said…

Me and my friend are both pretty negative, so it works out well xD

I suppose I love HP because I've always loved HP (read the first one when I was 6, it was only out a year, and not famous, really), but I suppose... I love the traditional good vs. evil, I love the humanity of the characters (their good qualities and their faults). I love the idea of magic, but I love how it didn't fix everything OR ruin everything. People are just people. There are petty criminals, truly evil people, racists... and also brave, good people. I think it just taught me a lot about the human race when I was growing up, in a humorous and amazing way (as a 'muggle', it really shows you about the so-called 'superiority' of a race - they don't know how anything works, and are useless without their magic :P).

What about you?

At 5:18am on July 21, 2011, Kobble said…

Yeah, so that sounds horrendous xD

I haven't seen the last HP film yet, as I'm currently on holiday (and cannot speak Italian :P) but I'm probably going to see it this Saturday or Sunday. I've heard conflicting accounts. Some said it was awesome, but a friend told me that "We will have much to mock", so... xD I've never been a huge fan of the movies. I enjoy them, but mostly because I mock and joke throughout them. However, I worship the books :D

At 4:46pm on July 20, 2011, Kobble said…

I haven't read Lucifer, but I need to! It sounds awesome, because he was always just awesome in Sandman... In an evil, twisted way :P

I haven't seen the Avatar: The Last Airbender film, because I heard it was awful, I adore the show (oh so much...) and I don't want it spoiled for me. The film just looks pretty bad, and I hear they even got names wrong or something :S I mean, what the hell? What about you? What did you think?

At 3:48pm on July 19, 2011, Vicki Robinson said…
According to the facebook page for it over 1000 people have RSVP'd yes so there will definitely be loads of cool people there, not actually sure what will be going on though, I know the gathering starts on Friday and ends on Sunday and I'm sure they will have thins planned.
At 2:38pm on July 15, 2011, Kobble said…
Hmm... I don't think the new Disney can really compare to the older stuff. I adore The Lion King (though my absolute favourite is Beauty and the Beast). On the other hand, I think both The Princess and the Frog and Tangled were definitely worth watching, but they'll never be as special to me. But that might be because I didn't grow up with them xD
As for comics, my only real experience is with Watchmen (which I thought was amazing - I've been meaning to read V for Vendetta) and Sandman (though I've only read up to Fables and Reflections so far). Sandman was terrifyingly awesome :D My view of comics is basically that, if written well, they're a blend of literature (which I love) and art (which I also love). So... yeah, awesome. I've also read Akira, the manga, but that was a long time ago :P

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