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How many Letters does the Answer to this Question have?
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Started this discussion. Last reply by John Green Sep 13, 2012.

Boy Fans of Twilight?
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Is Doctor Who getting any better?
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Molly replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Trolls 2 There is a whole documentary about the cult following it has, and it's said to be a terrible movie. There is no Trolls 1, and there aren't any trolls in the movie!"
Dec 7, 2013
Harper replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
""Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" if you ever find this movie know in your heart of hearts that it is actually worse than it sounds, and you will greive over the hour and a half of life you lost. Like drugs, Just Say…"
Nov 26, 2013
Geeky replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Can't say what movie is, but The Room is another movie that seems to have a cult following because it is so bad."
Oct 17, 2013
Eystein, replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Apparently there is a British film (the name escapes me) that is so bad that people actually line up for an annual screening at the cinema. People actually pay so that they can get to see every last terrible bit of it in detail. Surely it must be…"
Oct 17, 2013
Geeky replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Sometimes, spoofs and would-be parodies go horribly wrong. I'm think of "Meet the Spartans" or "Vampires Suck." But you know, there is also a certain, "oh it's so bad, it's awesome" aesthetic. I actually…"
Oct 14, 2013
Teotihuacan replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"The Midnight Meat Train. You want bad? That one is a huge piece of Warner Chilcott."
Oct 1, 2013
Gavin O'Callaghan replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Shoot 'em up,bloody shocking movie."
Sep 7, 2013
Michele McKinney replied to KenKen's discussion What is the Worst Movie of All TIME?
"Here is one that is so horrible, it was epic.  It is called B-girl, which is basically a Step-Up rip-off, which was a horrible movie to begin with.  Its cast was poorly chosen, the story line was horrible and overused, and worse of all the…"
Sep 6, 2013

Profile Information

What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
The Kind of Nerdfighter who laughs everytime she sees "Charlie the Unicorn"...
About Me:
Somthing that may come as a shock to most of you is... I don't actually like the colour Orange..

Weird ah?

I send most of my life either;
1. Learning, yes at school
2.Sleeping, in bed
3.Eating, the new blue smarties, just been released in time for Easter!
4.Watching, scrubs, Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Skins,
5. And anything thing else ending in an "ing" tbh


haha, that stopped you!

I live in london, have a great group of friend and have a subscription to dolphins monthly (a.k.a. the sea aminal section of the WWF update booklet)

Enjoy whatever I said and try makeing you own account...

I am Soo Effin Bored
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
I am the biggest boy for a girl, (which doesn't mean i look, sound or act like one) which really mean i like any book with comes in a series or has the word "Mission" in the title.

Yep, that does in clude

Alex rider Books


i almost forgot about them! great books, and the Dark Sun for world Book Day was very good also!
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
A Good Happy Dancer
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?

This is a great PROJECT!

Yep, this truly is a great project, and i just wish that people will go onto it1

Alrighy then, the link is

It is an experiment to see what people around the world, or just Youube, enjoy listening to!

The link explain everything, and ya... thats about it


and get EVERYONE you know who has a youtube account to comment and make this Video BIG

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At 3:47pm on October 15, 2008, Caroline said…

If your interested in going to a NerdFighter meet up click on that!
At 7:14am on September 7, 2008, Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] said…
Yay! Another London nerdfighter! How goes things in your world of late?
At 2:45pm on September 2, 2008, broelle said…
oh thats not sad! to each her own. I just happen to be an extreme, possibly unhealthily bookish person. Its silly.

uhm.... as far as series' go, I don't read too many because I hate being in a vice, waiting for the next book to come out. Though I am a fan of the Twilight saga (cliche, I know), I also enjoyed the Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras books by Scott Westerfield.... uhm... If I think of more series books I'll let you know, but I can't right now. I think I read more individual books, you know?
Like Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, looooved that book.
At 7:04am on September 2, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Yes, I love QI. Besides the fact that it has Stephen Fry in it (which automatically qualifies it as awesome), the show itself is exceptional.

And yes, The Hitchhiker's Guide is amazing. :]
At 10:18pm on September 1, 2008, Kristine said…
haha. i just love that theres history there... there nothing here... somethings 50 years old here and 'OMG thats ancient!'
plus i'm in dyer need of a big change, been living in the same place for 20 years. also my best friend lives in england =D
At 5:09pm on September 1, 2008, broelle said…
I am very sad to hear about your hat loss. How did that happen?!
At 3:05pm on September 1, 2008, MIKE said…
how goes it on that side of the world?
At 1:15pm on September 1, 2008, broelle said…
I've decided it would be wise for us to be friends.
At 9:19am on September 1, 2008, Clare said…
hahah im from north west london if that helps? :P
yeh the book is based in the UK and its gay being filmed in the US :/
have you looked up the actors playing darren and mr crepsley and stuff?
i hope they do the book justice at least!
the big fat balding ginger comedian is mr crepsley... hes awful looking! im not sure if its me but even if he was meant to be old and scarred.. in my mind he was still hot!
im a big harry potter fan, what about you?
At 8:44am on August 31, 2008, Clare said…
hey :)
yeh darren shan books are amazing!

your from london too? whereabouts if you dont mind me asking :P
its good to know there are more london nerdfighters

im so bored!
i still have no idea what im supposed to do..
make videos and all that i know, but anything else? :D

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