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Light Hawk commented on Lacy Michele ☼'s group North Carolina Nerdfighters
"We need to bring some life to this community!  I would love to meet and hang out with fellow Nerdfighters in and about NC."
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North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Profile IconRebecca Senior and Grace Catherine joined Lacy Michele ☼'s group

North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Apr 3
Lisa Peacock joined Lacy Michele ☼'s group

North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Mar 11
Constance Edmonds commented on Lacy Michele ☼'s group North Carolina Nerdfighters
"hey i go to unc but i'm originally from greenville!"
Feb 21
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North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Feb 21
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North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Dec 9, 2013
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North Carolina Nerdfighters

Nf's that live and thrive in NC and would maybe like to meet up one day
Nov 6, 2013

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What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
talkative, a lover of sporks :)
About Me:
(I like to talk/write/type hence why I wrote so much. read if you like!)

Hey there sunshine :) Its Lacy. Lay say. or Laci whatever you wish darling! I sound like that all the time so don't get freaked out when i call you "dear" or "sweetie". I'm silly. :) I'm young at heart. I live by Hakuna Matata you should too! Very open minded. and not judgemental..Hates labels... have a wild imagination.I love weather, rain, thunderstorms, sun.. anything I would live outside! :P Likes to smile, laugh, live, be adventurous, and dream. Wants someone to hug. :D I like hugs, talking to random people, drinking coffee, and being awkward and weird! I don;t like hypocrites.. or drama! Drama free zone! :D

Loves to make people laugh and loves to help people. A easy going gal. DFTBA! I like to be outside with nature. I like peace. and then again i like the wild side.. I'm complex.. but then again.. I'm not?I love art. I love photography. i love colors! hehe.I ramble. this about me is probably abunch of repetition! yay! :D I like to play instruments. guitar. harmonica.. etc.. etc.. I'm pretty good at the guitar & singing although I don't practice enough. Avid procrastinator & professional high fiver! :P

I like to read almost anything.I like different people. I dislike normality. I want a messy life. not a perfect one.I have no idea what my future holds.. but that's the fun in it.. i live everyday like it was my last.. I have dreams not goals.. and I can be shy at moments...on occasion... not really.. ok... sometimes..? *slaps face*... :P I'm single. and happy

Im fine with the way I am.. and I'm not a size 0 *gasp*.I might be annoying to you...depends on what mood I'm in. I'm pretty creative.I love love video games! even though i suck at them I love them! :) I prefer the wii tho... what game system controller can u put on your head and people not think your weird. U CANT! cept the wii...lolI love a wide array of anime and Tv shows. But I don't watch tv that much. I like all kinds of music and listen to everything once. I love all types of movies.. cept.. some.. I'm very compatible person. Ill give u a penny if you give me a shiny quarter! DEAL? deal! If ya wanna know more. just talk. :)

I wish.. or dream.. alot.. about everything, everyone, and my future, I have plans. Youll either catch me looking at the stars, or catching a sunset, with either a book or my camera in my hand. :) transcendentalism heck yeah :) I have faith, hope and love in me, and it shines thru everyday. Ill talk you to death if you chat with me hehe :P

current obsessions? : Painting.(glass bottles) Monday night primetime GLEE! Reading. Acting. Drama club. Driving!! :D skype chats :3 spending time with my bestie! Being a SENIOR! Reminiscing. Family time. Where the wild things are. Twittering. (LayySayy the name) Photography club. Funneh Youtube videos (like the dubbed billy Mays!) Bad grammar. Rainy days. Starring at the moon. I LOVE AUTUMN! Sightseeing. OH! wooly worms! (supposedly were going to have a bad winter) Apple Juice. Halloween Candy. More Candy. MORE candy & hyper activity!!!!!!!
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
John Green's Books breaking dawn To kill a mockingbird. The great gatsby ehh.. Hp.James patterson..Nickolas sparks... Unfortunate events lol. history books? well i do like history... so many books! comics-- xmen.. spiderman..anything marvel.. and DC don't hate! I just cant choose! I AM the joker atleast in my groupies at school :) I also enjoy reading Ralph Waldo Emerson's works :)
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
Napkins.. wii motes.. kittehs! star wars figurines! other peoples sporks!
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
So many people! Pat Kelly! Ellen! a Tree! Toliet paper! & ofcourse my fellow Nf's mateys :D
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
Make up your own DFTBA initialism!
dont feed the black anteater?

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Let go...

Its 3 am. Im not going to sleep. well that's a lie. I'll probably go to sleep after I write this. I just wanted to write a blog because I have nothing else to do. sigh. :P hmmm..

You know you can learn so much from a stranger. Not so much learn, but examine, if that makes sense. Ive always wondered what is going through someone else mind. What are they thinking? Its so hard to understand people. Like for me for example. When someone sees me I'm always smiling, I'm a happy person, but… Continue

Posted on August 8, 2009 at 1:19am — 1 Comment

Peaceful ramblings of the night..

Ive been rather peaceful lately. I see myself spending more and more time outside, just wandering to who knoes where. Im learning more things about myself. which is scary when one will be turning 18 in almost a month. But i figured how I love change. I used to think I hate it. but its a part of life. I love every single bit of it. I like who I am now. I obviously dont know what Im going to do in the future, one thing I do know is, it will be having to do with art. Art brings out another part of… Continue

Posted on May 21, 2009 at 9:33pm — 2 Comments


I stayed home from school! :P actually I just woke up late.. But anyways.. I currently wanna go to the warped tour! >.br/> New Found Glory why must you tease me so? And so many other bands! why oh my why! lol

so long for now Nf's

Posted on May 4, 2009 at 12:48pm

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At 10:30pm on February 6, 2010, Bite [bɪt] said…
Snow? Where are you from? It hasn't snowed in Jersey at all. It was supposed to snow today (yesterday) about a foot...Guess how much it actually snowed. Zero inches.
At 3:53pm on February 6, 2010, Bite [bɪt] said…
Nada much.... School. You?
At 5:40pm on January 31, 2010, Bite [bɪt] gave Lacy Michele ☼ a gift
Have a Ribbon.
At 6:02am on December 3, 2009, Bad Wolf said…
Helloo there person! thanks for adding me! n_n you seemed quite interesting, but your a nerdfighter, so I know your awesome, yeah now Im rambling ANYWAYS! hi hi hi hi! and how is your day going so far? :D

heeey :D thats okay, thanks for accepting me :D And hahaha tis why i added you, cause your blatently awesome :D and hahaha rambling is awesome. it's far more interesting than small talk :) My days going well like. been productive. just got one more lecture too then i'm free till monday :D
At 4:36pm on December 2, 2009, Jeff D. said…
AIM: craaazytaco
Twitter: craaazytaco
Skype: craaazytaco

See the pattern? xD Erm I don't have MSN but I could get it... add to the chat mania that is my computer.
At 6:33pm on December 1, 2009, Team Unicorn said…
Lol I've been doing this and that. Drawing and writing. Being silly in general XD CHOCOLATE SANTA O: Sounds om nom nom good. XD
At 10:35pm on November 29, 2009, Team Unicorn said…
At 2:18am on November 27, 2009, Jeff D. said…
My sister works in the fashion industry up there. She's not a big name, she works for Beth Bowley ( if you want to look at their stuff). She works her ass off though, and loves working in NYC.

Also: Black Friday is the exact OPPOSITE of what I enjoy. Lots of angry, irritated, jerkfaces running around to save a couple pennies on mass consumption.

I like buying stuff, but I don't like fighting for it being cheaper for one day. It's a bit absurd to me. The reason I said it had been seven-ish years since I've had a quiet Thanksgiving? I spent the last five (not including this one obviously) between my divorced parents and my (now ex) girlfriend which was basically THREE thanksgiving meals. It was intense to say the least. This year I only had ONE, as my Dad did his with the woman he's seeing and all their friends. Lot less stress, lot more to be thankful for.

Hahaha I dunno why I suggested hunting turkeys. xD I don't think you're a hick... I just like alliteration. Okay I realized hunting turkeys isn't alliteration so I'm not sure why I said it at all. I haven't been hunting but I think I'd like to one day. We're all just cave people in shirts and pants, basically.

PS: These wall posts are quickly becoming PAPERS to write. Do you use AIM or something? xD might be easier to talk there than repeatedly posting back and forth on le ning walls.
At 11:03am on November 23, 2009, Jeff D. said…
She doesn't have an extra ticket for me to go see Gaga with her (and I'm here, she's in NYC). Congrats on the (grannie) car! Anything is > nothing.

My thanksgiving is going to be EXTREMELY QUIET. Thank goodness! First time being single for thanksgiving in probably seven years, so all I have to deal with is my own family. I'll spend it alone with my mom (which sounds sad, but it's probably going to be the best thanksgiving EVER) and then the weekend after I'm going down to Charlotte with my dad to visit my uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandma. That'll be pretty fun too.

What are you doing for turkeyday? Hunting turkeys?! ;D

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