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Does anyone see a pattern?
17 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Edmund Andros Jul 10, 2009.

Whats The Nerdiest And Or Geekiest Thing You Own?
782 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Noor Sherazi Oct 16, 2012.

Cheese Is To Macaroni As NerdFighter Is To...?
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Ravenclaw Mar 26, 2009.

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Noor Sherazi replied to Mollie's discussion Whats The Nerdiest And Or Geekiest Thing You Own?
"Top Trumps but with the elements.....where can I buy that?! That is Awesome!"
Oct 16, 2012
Emme Cavenett replied to Mollie's discussion Whats The Nerdiest And Or Geekiest Thing You Own?
"Large Dalek figurine (about 30cm). Pulp Fiction figurines (plus my DVD case is made to look like the suitcase and shiny gold inside). Marauders map. Sirius's, Hermione's and Luna's wands. Giant Sirius WANTED poster. Danger Days…"
Aug 4, 2012
Mary Sullivan replied to Mollie's discussion Whats The Nerdiest And Or Geekiest Thing You Own?
"Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver, TARDIS USB cable converter; "It's okay, I'm from the Internet" t-shirt and my Sherlock plushies. Plus, many copies of the work of Sophocles and Sapphos around my room somewhere."
Jul 16, 2012
Marz Ars replied to Mollie's discussion Whats The Nerdiest And Or Geekiest Thing You Own?
"My 7th grade math teacher kept a life-sized cardboard cutout of Jack Sparrow in the classroom. It was awesome."
Jul 14, 2012

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What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
I am a total MUSIC nerdfighter.
About Me:
I play harp, piano, guitar, flute, piccolo, and drums. I compose my own music and I also write for interdependent films and plays. I play with bands and orchestras, I preform solo, I also conduct and teach music and in my spare time for fun I love to read up on music/bands, play/write music with my awesome musician buds and I work in a recording studio as a audio engineer. I always have an earbud in my ear at all times. SHOCK! I hate it when people say ''I listen to EVERYTHING'' it shows no opinion and it's simply not possible, I'll listen to any type/genre of music as long as it doesn't suck.
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
John Green
1.looking for Alaska.
2.An abundance of Katherine.
3.Paper towns.

Stephen King.
1.The shining

Margaret Peterson
1.Running out of time
2.Among the hidden
3.turn about.
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
Ben Folds, Joshua Raden, Ben Gibbard, Fionn Regan, Howard Shore, Joseph Arthur, Fratellis, Low, Birch Book, Athlete, The Green Brothers, Billy Joe Armstrong, Oh No Oh My!, Sun Kil Moon, Philip Defranco, And Many More Awesome People!
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Mollie's Blog

Kaki King.

Kaki King (born 24th August 1979 as Katherine Elizabeth King) is an American guitarist and singer from Atlanta, Georgia.

When Kaki King went into the studio in upstate New York to record the tracks for her fourth album, Dreaming of Revenge, her producer, Malcolm Burn, had one condition: “He said, If someone can’t be sawing a log in half and whistling along to the song, I don’t want it on the record,” King recalls with a laugh.

And so the bar was set. Burn’s mandate was… Continue

Posted on August 3, 2009 at 10:01pm

Reel Big Fish (“RBF”) is a southern California ska punk band who broke into the mainstream in the mid to late 1990s. Their debut album, “Everything Sucks” (1995), was an underground hit and led to a…

Reel Big Fish (“RBF”) is a southern California ska punk band who broke into the mainstream in the mid to late 1990s.

Their debut album, “Everything Sucks” (1995), was an underground hit and led to a deal with Mojo Records, an indie label. “Turn the Radio Off” (1996) established the band in the underground music scene, and they began touring throughout the USA. After the single “Sell Out” began breaking into the mainstream, including MTV, the album made an appearance on the charts.… Continue

Posted on March 11, 2009 at 11:22pm — 1 Comment

Ben Folds

Benjamin Scott Folds (born September 12, 1966, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) is an American singer-songwriter. He is widely known for his prowess as a pianist. Ben Folds’ musical career started to get off the ground in the late ’80s, as bassist for band Majosha, after playing bass and piano at Pinehurst, in a group known as the “Caroliners” with cohort Millard Powers in 1985-1987; he also played drums as a session musician in Nashville. As well as appearing in Pots & Pans - now known as… Continue

Posted on March 2, 2009 at 9:42am

Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin is an acoustic singer/songwriter. When close friend and actor/film-maker Zach Braff heard a demo of Radin’s song “Winter,” he was immediately interested, and got the song onto the show Scrubs in the episode “My Screw Up.” The song received an overwhelmingly positive response and gave Radin substantial exposure with the show’s demographic. The songs “Today”, “Closer”, “Don’t Look Away” and “These Photographs” were also used on the show.…


Posted on March 1, 2009 at 12:58am

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At 9:37am on February 26, 2011, Caitlin McCarthy said…
Nothing much, you?
At 5:52pm on January 29, 2011, Caitlin McCarthy said…
Hey there fellow music nerd ! [=
At 9:53pm on October 14, 2010, Steven Hourihan said…
oh yeah, I realised I got the band and song name mixed up. I actually looked it up to recommend it to you.
I love the theme song. I never got tired of hearing it on the dvd's. The duet you sent me was of overkill though! ;-D
At 3:33pm on September 20, 2010, Steven Hourihan said…
do you know the Colin Hey song from scrubs, men at work?
At 10:56pm on July 18, 2010, Brett said…
ya know it's kinda overlooked how cool it is to actually know how to play the harp lol
At 10:37am on April 25, 2010, James said…
Ms. Mollie if it is okay with you would you be my go-to-girl for music information. I really don't know that much about music, apart from what I like to listen to. It's one of the many fields that has alluded me for a very long time. And if I ever need to know anything about music I'd like to go to someone who looks like they know what they're talking about.
At 8:54pm on September 14, 2009, Wesley Arend Goble said…
At 8:03am on August 17, 2009, m1ch43l said…
...i would probably name my harp Gandel which means harp in Sindarin, which is one of the languages that Tolkien created. i feel like a big nerd right now.

wow i guess you feel pretty stongly about the schools. i think it is absolutely INSANE though how you never had to take any state tests or anything. because while you learned to read and write (obviously from our convo) other kids could be UNschool and not taught anything at idk i just think that's crazy. liek over here (in nj) it's the law you have to go to school until at least 16. but you can be homeschooled if you're parents want but i think there are some state tests the kids have to pass...but ill have to look into that because i was never homeschooled.

i personally am an advocate of degrees. i think school is a sort of apprenticeship. the teachers are sort of the masters and they impart there knowledge unto each of their pupils and the degree is legal document signifying there graduation from apprenticeship (i.e. the teachers have nothing more to teach). so if you go around waving your diploma you're telling the world, "HEY! i've been taught this and this and this by qualified professionals and you can trust that i know it!"

i agree you dont need a degree to learn things but it just makes things easier. like employers and others wont have to test you to see if you can read and write because you already have a degree. umm i havent really thought the issue through all the way (and i could probably rant all day) so im just going to leave it at saying i really like school and everything

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