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At 2:32pm on February 9, 2013, nathan said…

sure thing but i can only IM until monday cos i'm home and my internet is so slow it just buffers if i attempt to do anything but IM. send me your skype name and i'll add you tomorrow :)

At 4:21pm on February 7, 2013, nathan said…

hey, so i'm going to bed now (yay for getting up early and going into college early to do work </snark>) BUT i think we should play 20 questions tomorrow/over the weekend if you're up for it? it could be fun :)

At 2:17pm on February 7, 2013, nathan said…

haha yes, it did seem to be a theme among the other nerdfighters i talked to who had prepared what to say and brain farted when they got there, haha i already have a signed copy of Tfios from the pre-order so i got ANOTHER signed copy and then i was complaining to my sorta nerdfighter but not really friend who was with me that i didn't want to lend either copy cos i couldn't decide which was more valuable to me and they let me borrow their copy to lend out haha, so thats what i did. that sounds like a good day :) uh hmm my plans for the weekend are going home, writing, finishing off some college work, enjoying having food cooked for me again haha, watching sports and the usual weekend shanagains. how about you? and you're totally right nothing can top seeing hank and john even if i had to experience hell to get there :P haha.

At 3:07am on February 7, 2013, nathan said…

haha thank you :) my feet feel ok now, granted i haven't attempted to walk very far on them yet haha. yeah there were about 5 other nerdfighters who were just as late as we were, one got stuck in traffic, the others got lost. i got another signed copy of Tfios as part of the ticket which i am going to lend to some class mates. i went totally blank when i met john and hank, john looked at me and was like HEY! how are you? and i just stared blankly at him til my brain kicked in and was i'm ok thanks and then moved onto hank and didn't say anything til right at the end and in like one breath i was like thankyouverymuch *facepalm* lol. how are you? how was your day?

At 4:17pm on February 6, 2013, nathan said…

he came to dublin! the day was a bit of a disaster, just got home a few minutes ago. first my friends niece who was coming with us forgot her ticket so we had to wait for her mum to drop it in which delayed us by an hour + then we got lost, then we got unlost but had to wait forever for a bus, then got off and got lost and wound up walking at least 3 miles til we finally got to the venue with only 25 minutes of the show left :( but they let us in and we got our signed books and eventually they laid out extra setting for us and i did get to meet john and hank albeit super briefly so yeah, frustrating day of nerdfighting for sure, my feet hurt and i'm now tired and not feeling awesome haha. i hope your day has been better/more productive. i think i got 1 useable shot from the whole thing cos i was so far back and stupidly only brought my nifty fifty and wasn't sure if we were aloud use flash.

At 1:16am on February 6, 2013, nathan said…

what?! no way. that sucks so bad. i am most excited just to see john green IRL, i really never thought he was going to come here! hahaha.

also it'll be cool to spend it with friends and hopefully meet some new nerdfighters too. ahhhh its less than 11 hours away. how was your day?

At 2:58pm on February 5, 2013, nathan said…

hey, did i tell you i'm seeing JOHN AND HANK GREEN TOMORROW?! over use of caps.. lol.

At 3:06pm on October 13, 2010, Haley said…
Well all the other times we moved, it was cuz of my dads job but I'm finally staying somewhere. And I have traveled (not moved) to almost all 50 states including Hawaii.
At 2:52pm on October 13, 2010, Haley said…
Well technically i'm FROM Michigan. I was born there but I've lived all over: Michgan, Ohio, New Hampshire, and now I live in Missouri
At 7:32pm on October 9, 2010, Haley said…
Hi there! I'm glad you joined too :) You get to be my first friend on here. YAY!!

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Niamh Moynagh posted a status
"Blarg! Took come codine for my persistent cough last night and I feel AWFUL today. Just fuzzy and sleepy and slow. UGH NEVER AGAIN."
Mar 29, 2013
Niamh Moynagh posted a status
"Sleep is completely overrated, just saying."
Feb 10, 2013
Niamh Moynagh replied to Dylan Baillie's discussion New Vloggers project! in the group Nerds on Youtube.
"lol I guess I'm a bit late to this party.. But I would love to do something like this with someone! I just recently started posting videos but my camera as pretty shit and I'm looking to upgrade soon. I'm a 22 year old from NJ, USA."
Feb 9, 2013
Niamh Moynagh commented on Maetastic's group Nerds on Youtube.
Feb 9, 2013
Niamh Moynagh joined Maetastic's group

Nerds on Youtube.

For the Nerdfighters who make Youtube videos that are purely made of awesome.or not so long as you're a nerdfighter who makes videos- then you're in.See More
Feb 9, 2013
Niamh Moynagh replied to Brittany Russell's discussion What is your Tumblr URL? in the group Nerdfighters on Tumblr!
Feb 9, 2013
Niamh Moynagh commented on Brittany Russell's group Nerdfighters on Tumblr!
" I do cool pictures and HP, DW, Merlin, Supernatural and Sherlock fan stuffs :3"
Feb 9, 2013
Niamh Moynagh posted photos
Feb 6, 2013
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Harry Potter Nerds

This is a place for all you Harry Potter fans to come chat about the series that changed your life! <3 Also check out :)See More
Feb 5, 2013
Niamh Moynagh updated their profile
Feb 5, 2013
nathan and Niamh Moynagh are now friends
Feb 5, 2013
Niamh Moynagh replied to Joshua R Brant's discussion Introductions in the group 20Plus
"Name: Niamh MoynaghYoutube Handle: NightlycrazexNerdType: bookworm/tv shows/youtube wannabePrimary Nerdizms: I spend way too much time on the internet but I also love to read and go to shows.. Age: 22Sex: LadyLocation: Bergen County, NJOccupation:…"
Feb 5, 2013
Niamh Moynagh joined Joshua R Brant's group


This group is for nerdfighters who are in their twenties or older.Nothing against teenagers, but us old folks need a place for us old folks :P<-------There's a new group picture for you guys to figure out.See More
Feb 5, 2013
Niamh Moynagh commented on Niamh Moynagh's blog post Applebee's Waitress Fired Because Customer Can't Admit He's A Prick
"Here, here!! Applebee's gets off scot-free, but a waitress, who in the original Reddit post doesn't even reference the restaurant she works at, gets fired. Lovely system we have here.. :P"
Feb 4, 2013
Sarah H commented on Niamh Moynagh's blog post Applebee's Waitress Fired Because Customer Can't Admit He's A Prick
"I think what makes this story such a gut-punch to me is the way that the waitress is getting penalized for the policies of the restaurant.  The man who stiffed her was objecting (by refusing to pay) to the Applebee's policy of adding a…"
Feb 3, 2013
Niamh Moynagh commented on Niamh Moynagh's blog post Applebee's Waitress Fired Because Customer Can't Admit He's A Prick
"But that was what surprised me, if you look at the picture you can barely make out the guys signature - and obviously I'm being subjective when I'm calling him a prick, but in my opinion he could use a few years experience waiting tables…"
Feb 3, 2013

Profile Information

What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
Bookworm/Internet Wannabe
About Me:
Hi! I'm Niamh & when I was 20, I finally came out of the nerd-closet... basically that summer started me blogging & looking up random wonderful things & discovering the hidden wonders of youtube... I mean, everything that isn't a viral or music vid... =P
but even with my love of all things youtube, I really just a bookworm who finally found other people to get too excited about things with :3
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
BOOKS: The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherford, Paper Towns by (*gasp!) John Green, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (too many to name!)
AUTHORS: Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce, Jane Austen, Walt Whitman, & I'm far too lazy to finish this.
MOVIES: V for Vendetta, GASLAND, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER, Fight Club, The Movie is Not Yet Rated, District 9, The Social Network, Boys Don't Cry, The Magdalene Sisters (& more that I'm too lazy to think of)
TELEVISION: Doctor Who, Skins, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, House, Glee, White Collar, Firefly, Bones, Criminal Minds
MUSIC: Mostly indie-alternative rock & classic rock, Hip Hop and Some Rap, The Pixies, Thin Lizzy, Silversun Pickups, Cat Power, Stars, Belle & Sebastian, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, The Police, The Beatles, Pheonix, Metric, Muse, 3OH!3, MGMT, Eminem, Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for Cutie, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Prawn, Susan Boyle, Motion City Soundtrack, Matt Olsson, The Hush Sound, Chameleon Circuit, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, Sons of Admirals
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
my magenta BEANIE, my black bowler, & my fencing mask.
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
either... Catherine Tate or Alex Day & Charlie McDonnell (because they all look like they appreciate a good happy-dance ;3)
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
Make up your own DFTBA initialism!
Dumbo's Feet Trampled Bad Alfalfa

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Applebee's Waitress Fired Because Customer Can't Admit He's A Prick


This is absolutely ridiculous, how could she get fired for something that trivial? If the customer didn’t want to be ridiculed, he shouldn’t have written the note. I’m a bartender and a server myself, have been since I…


Posted on February 1, 2013 at 2:36pm — 7 Comments

Sick Days

They suck. I was looking forward to work today because A) I need the money, and B) I actually kind of love the people that I work with. Instead, I'm stuck at home with a sore throat that feels like its the size of a golfball shoved in the back of my throat... AND I was supposed to go see Les Miserable (again) tonight with a friend but it looks like that's on hold too. :/


I hate being sick. Why can't it be summer already? I never get sick in summer!


Posted on February 1, 2013 at 12:59pm — 1 Comment

Current World Suck: BULLYING

Hello Sweetie,

I hope that someone, somewhere, reads this & takes it to heart. So far this school year, there have been 7 teen suicides that have been attributed to bullying in schools. That's 7 people, seven different minds & perspectives, seven different futures that will never come to pass. Who knows what they might have achieved? Would they have been doctors or artists, inventors or architects or maybe even chefs or musicians? How many laughs, how many tears,…

Posted on October 13, 2010 at 6:01pm — 1 Comment

Shiney & NEW

Ok so I really only wanted to put something up here... now that I have I'm going to go explore!


Posted on October 9, 2010 at 7:21pm


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