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Nicholas Nolan replied to Jarred Hudson's discussion Should everyone be required to take math?
"Vector calculus would be taking things a bit too far.  Pre-cal/trig would be about as far as would be useful for most people.  Some good financial math would be very good.  And some statisics.  But no further."
Aug 3, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Jazzlynnn Derrick's discussion 100% electric car with Tesla invention?
"Other than the fact that these sorts of electromagnetic emissions would probably cause cancer, I have three problems with this idea. 1)  What would those of us that live far from urban centers do?  We could just rely on battery power, as…"
Aug 3, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Lenore103's discussion Male status and sex?
"It is purely a metric.  I have lain with a woman, led men in war, and fathered two children.  By all the standards of my society and culture, I am a man.  If any won of the above had not happened, would I consider myself any less of a…"
May 27, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Cristine McElhinney's discussion Is the Rapture Real?
"The five months of which you, and a particularly foolish Californian, speak, is the Tribulation time.  Revelations says it will last seven years, not five onths.  And "seven years," due to strange biblical numeralogy, joins the…"
May 18, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Tim's discussion What's up with the latest Doctor Who episode?
"The Great Moff has a plan for the Doctor, no matter who is writing each episode.  Never you fear."
May 18, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to E_Lewis's discussion Is Being Gay a Choice?
"I find it deeply depressing that this conversation still needs to take place.  I remember clearly the 80's and early 90's, when the stigma of being homosexual was still deeply ingrained into the world I lived in.  I also remeber…"
May 16, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Tim's discussion What's up with the latest Doctor Who episode?
"House doesn't eat Time Lords.  House eats refined Time Vortex energy from the TARDIS' it captured."
May 16, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to mathias i krogsoe's discussion religious scientist
"Another good point.  If I remember correctly, Young Earth Creationism is a pretty young idea itself.  Only been around for about 150 years or so.  The whole idea didn't gain much of a following, at least in the US, until the 20th…"
May 16, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Ari's discussion How do my fellow nerds deal with break ups?
"Forgive the cheater.  Seriously, you will be drawn back to the nasty place you are in, again and again, until you can let go of that anger.  Also, take up golf.  Because when looking back at what your cheater did to you, you can…"
May 12, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to mathias i krogsoe's discussion religious scientist
"Being scientifically minded and spiritually minded are not mutually exclusive.  Even the Roman Catholic church has given evolution a nod.  Need proof?  Ask a Jesuit priest about evolution and the creation story in the…"
May 12, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Linnea's discussion Eragon
"Was it Maddox?  I seem to recall he always had a black background for his site. I believe he can be found at or something like that."
Mar 20, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Tamhas ~ Admin ~'s discussion War crimes.
"Seems like a load of monday morning quarterbacking to me. During the run up to the war, the Germans, the Israelis, the South Africans and the US had corroborated intelligence that the Iraqis had purchased uranium and other materials suitable for the…"
Jan 24, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Heather Voogd's discussion Don't ask dont tell
"DADT is incredibly useful.  During my term of service(1999-2005) it alwlowed a mass of people that made a huge mistake in joining up a free pass to get the hell out.  I served with a few guys that we more or less openly gay, and they were…"
Jan 6, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Ronald Weasley's discussion Is America.......racist?
"Because that's not our fucking job, that's why.  Besides, we would have been accused of "imperialism" had we done anything."
Jan 6, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to inkonpaperhero's discussion God does not hate gays
"The original translations of the Tahllumd(the first five books of the bible, including Leviticus) have been transfered complete and word for word and are accurate back to the writing of the Dead Sea Scrolls(around 70AD.)  So the translation…"
Jan 6, 2011
Nicholas Nolan replied to Elizabeth Reid's discussion Vanity For What I Hope is a Greater Good
"Just wait until you hit 30, and be glad people think that you are 26."
Jan 4, 2011

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I am a 30 year old Navy veteran, student father, ex-husband, fiance, new to Nerdfighteria, guy from Northern Illinois.
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Horus Heresy series of books
Monty Python
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Battlestar Galactica
Plato's Republic
Judas Priest
Alan Jackson and Chameleon Circuit
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Enrico Fermi
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October, 2010
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