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irritating nicknames??
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Corbyn Aug 10, 2009.


"How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?"- Alaska Young

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Corbyn replied to Pam's discussion irritating nicknames??
"Corbynator Corby Corbynski"
Aug 10, 2009
Pam replied to Shaena Rose Tallman Sellsted's discussion Are you against emo-ness?
"I love the music and style... But cutting and being depressed in general: no."
Apr 11, 2009
Pam replied to Madi's discussion What is the longest and shortest song in your iTunes?
"Longest: "A little piece of heaven" by Avenged Sevenfold, at exactly 8 minutes Shortest: "Intro" by Muse (Absolution album) at 22 seconds"
Apr 4, 2009
Pam replied to Yair Granados's discussion What's your favorite theme song?
"For video games, I'm gonna say the Legend of Zelda, and for tv... The powerpuff girls! Haha :D"
Apr 3, 2009
Pam replied to Ziggy Isidro-Cloudas's discussion WHAT IS LOVE?
"I was so gonna say that >_>"
Mar 31, 2009
Pam replied to Daniel found Alaska's discussion Hello?
"Physically present, yes, but mentally is questionable :P"
Mar 30, 2009
Pam replied to Bobby's discussion Atheist Pride
"I agree: how can you have pride in the belief of the lack of something? It's like, I could be proud of working in an animal shelter all day, but to be proud sitting in my house all day? It seems a bit ridiculous to me. I don't think there…"
Mar 29, 2009

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At 7:06pm on February 12, 2009, Megz said…
He said that the whole thing was gonna be taken very seriously, and that he's gonna talk to Kreuger before 7th period tomorrow, so if he gives us shit, we can report him and he'll be in violation of Castelli's direct words.

I don't really believe it.
I think that if anything does happen, it'll be a slap on the wrist and then nothing. Kreuger isn't stupid enough to go against Castelli directly, but he might have his friends harass Tessa or me around school, and that's what really worries me.
The AP's cant get them just doesn't work like that...
At 6:20pm on February 12, 2009, Megz said…
I'm just sorta freaking out.
We talked to Castelli today, and Tessa made me tell him about the racial slur the kid made at me. I didn't tell him about the whole "I pinned his sleay behind against a locker and shouted curses at him" thing, but if Kreuger is as big a wuss as he looks, he'll have no issues saying "That little 90 pound girl almost beat the crap outta me!", which would suck for me...
I have no idea what to do...
At 9:36pm on February 6, 2009, Megz said…

Lol. After our latest discussion, I just had to show you this. XD
At 6:44pm on February 6, 2009, Megz said…
I mean, seriously, what kind of a nutcase goes to that much trouble for a fictional character's WOMB?!
At 6:32pm on February 2, 2009, Megz said…
Also, I make myself get over crushes. I do it purposely. I see no point if the guy won't ever like me. It's why I'm also very "picky". I purposely try to find their flaws as soon as possible to get over the crush quicker. It's just how I work...
At 6:10pm on February 2, 2009, Megz said…
Nah, you're just infuriating as a whole. No particular reason. XP

And by "picky" I don't mean that I don't have low standards, cuz I do. I mean, some things about guys just bug me. Flat out. Plus, i have trust issues with guys. Don't know why, but I do.

And Berkay does NOT count in this! He was delusional. End of story.
Screw smacking you over the internet! I'll hit you tomorrow!

And how you say something doesn't determine if yo're a pessimist! Pessimism is like "The world sucks...this life sucks...I hate--" Oh...wait...I say that stuff...huh...okay, so I'm a pessimist. Big whoop.

That convo was so NOT borderline complaining! I was stating facts and having a deep conversation with someone who also views love as impossible to define. So again, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! :P

...You don't know the song lyrics?! "A Night at the Roxbury"? "What is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more."?! You've NEVER heard that?! poor deprived child...

That's okay if you don't respond. :]
At 5:18pm on February 2, 2009, Megz said…
Wow. I just realized i said 'second' overly redundant...that's like, a double redundancy...second...twice...set of two...get it?

At 5:13pm on February 2, 2009, Megz said…
Okay, first, you can't tell me that I'm infuriating. YOU are infuriating! And I say that VERY lovingly!

Second, I haven't given up on love, I just don't think that I'll find it. And that's for multiple reasons. One bring that I would be a very sucky girlfriend. I'm picky. That's why i very rarely hold crushes. And when I do, they're gone within a week.

Secondly, guys don't like me. Flat out. I don't think i've ever been anything but friend material (and so help me God, if you bring up Berkay, i will smack you. He was a fluke.) and when I HAVE been, i was being used. So i've quit. Not given up, quit. There's a difference.

And i am NOT pessimistic! I'm a realist! Keeps the pain away!

Virginity has absolutely nothing to do with love (Hello, JESSICA!) but thats an argument for another time.

And i wasn't complaining to billythehick. He started the convo! It started when I answered a question "Have you ever been in love?" with "No, and I'm not sure I ever will be." So HA! Get your acts straight, honey! XP

And i say that love is unattainable because there really is no set standard for love. You see things on TV about the sappy love crap where the guy will wait on his love day in and day out, and say the right things, and then they'll fight, and get over it, and bam, instant love story. And then you've got Jessica's interpretation of love. What then? What IS love? (And DON'T write in those STUPID song lyrics!)

I don't complin about this! I accept it! I state the obvious! Is that such a crime?!

Love you too! (And guys have said that to me before. Alex, or Tyler. And they mean it. Just not romantically. THAT won't ever happen.)

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