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Started this discussion. Last reply by Zach Wiseman on Wednesday.

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Up there on the stand, I pleaded the fifth.

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Zach Wiseman replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
"Charlotte Hope Copied from IMDB. I was watching Game of Thrones and wanted to know where I knew her from."
Baylee Ashton replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
Úna Parkinson replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
"Tommy: Voice"
Mar 21
Bethany Pritchard replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
Mar 19
Dominick Russell Rinaldi replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
"Tail: 993 Discrepancy: Air/Gnd Fail – Gate Return AOG Parts & ETA of Part: None ETIC: In Hangar 5 Due out time: 0740 (I am a supervisor for an Airline)"
Mar 5
Feather replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
"Hahahaha! Love this thread! 1. We need sleigh dogs and wouldn't survive without them. 2. It's winter 11 1/2 months a year 3. We have square-shaped heads (okay this one is easy)"
Mar 4
Ali replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
"Penny: Neither could I. Now, I can visualize it really well. But you know, everything happens--Billy: Don't say for a reason.Penny: No! No, I'm just saying "everything happens".Billy: Not to me."
Feb 11
Benjamin G replied to Sarah's discussion Just Hit Paste
Feb 3

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I love puns.
I love poetry.
I love Shakespeare.
I read almost constantly.
When I'm not reading, I'm usually listening to music.
I love show tunes. especially from Spring Awakening... and In the Heights...and Legally Blonde.
I want to change the world.
I'm kind of over Twilight.
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"I go to seek a Great Perhaps."

So I wrote a paper pretty recently and in I talked about Looking For Alaska. Here's the excerpt:

Both personally and academically, I’ve had a bit of a struggle this year with figuring out who I am. At the beginning of the year, I had started to write a novel and I was really proud of that. However, as the year went on my dedication to writing faltered and I haven’t written anything in months. Also, I just don’t feel very attached to the story anymore and I’m starting not to like it.… Continue

Posted on May 6, 2008 at 5:39pm — 5 Comments

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At 2:34am on May 22, 2010, Kelly said…
HI Sarah!
....I have recently returned to the ning.... ITS REALLY EXCITING
especially since i like just stopped watching youtube videos for like a year and a half then I came back and watched them all and was like WHAT! There is a baby green? o.O
It was shocking and excellent, and there were exciting things like a little MJ vlogging and such, which i assume you enjoyed... im way too excited for four-thirty in the morning... oh mountain dew... why must you suck... oh well
At 2:51pm on February 3, 2009, Olliespeare said…
Hey - I thought i'd add you because of your love of Shakespeare and musicals.. and i'd add a quote you might recognise: " William Shakespeare wrote
"To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day,
thought cans't not then be false to any man."

I think this wise statement best applies to a woman--a blonde woman.
Over the past three years, she taught me and showed us
all that being true to yourself never goes out of style..."
At 4:37am on July 25, 2008, Leah said…
Oh the blog project. We had a large group of people and getting to know everyone really well hasn't really happened. I've gotten to know some people. Also, that's out of date, because some people have left and others joined and I have no idea any more.
At 11:52pm on July 23, 2008, Leah said…
I think the party actually finished (there were some lulls) around Tuesday or Wednesday. We decided to close the thread at 42 pages, which is a very nerdfighter type number.
At 6:45pm on July 18, 2008, Leah said…
Hey, it's Leah from the party, thought I'd say hi.
At 8:18pm on July 4, 2008, Shawn said…
Okay, ive got lots to comment on this time. lets start with...
I was in the WAITING room for the chat room (This is the one with John Green right? cause if not i dont know what your talking about) but i didnt have an account, i had no idea what was going on and i am not a very patient person :P so i decided to just leave.
Thanks for the link. i checked it out. there seems to be more canadian nerdfighters than i thought. and it would be my unbirthday, my actual birthday is in December. the 8th to be exact. (btw when is yours. i need to know when to wish you a happy birthday. and if i missed it... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY :P)
now here comes the problem. in my opinion, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, the jonas brothers, High school musical, etc. are all completely evil and i hate them all.
im sorry, its just m opinion. first off, Miley/Hannah is completey horrible at singnig. It is all computerized. The jonas brothers are not attractive and have annoying songs. High school musical is just annoying and i hate all of the actors and i could go on forever but i wont. sorry, i just dont like any of them at all. you can still like them though. sorry.
i prefer my emo, soundtrack, techno, and other kinds of music.
ya. tights. it was horrible. i dont know why he would do that. it was awful to look at. when i first saw, i almost doubled over laughing, but as well my eyes were burning. i know thats mean, but seriously. wouldnt you?
(btw i actually really liked Shes the man)
okay i am so glad you love star wars. i think i can forgive you for the whole Disney channel stars thing.
Star wars is pretty amazing. I had a star wars movie marathon in grade seven at my school. it was.
YA YODA JOKES!!!!! Made of awesome it is when someone makes a Yoda joke hmmm.
dont worry about the sucking at trying to make me feel better thing :P you actually did. and thanks for that. You are a great friend (WHEWWWW. cheesey or what? :P)
i agree with you on the whole assertive guy thing. like you said. what the FUG!!! (Abundance of Katherines references anyone?)
i do enjoy my freaky pics. poor Zander (My friend), about to get is throat sliced open by ME!
Bill Gates retired? YES!!! i did not know that.
Okay, here comes a small rant. beware.
AGGGGHHHH!!!!! STUPID RODGERS!!!!!! so the iPhone is coming out in canada on July 11, but because rodgers (Canadian Phone Company) is being so freaking stupid, canadaian pay about 10 dollars less per month on a plan for it, but get WAYYYYY less stuff. her is a comparison.

iPhone Plan:
Minutes - World: 450
- Canada: 150

we also get WAY less of everything else i just dont know the numbers. for loading pages on the internet, watcing a couple youtube videos and checking your email we could end up having to spend over $30, while everywhere else in the world it is covered by the plan.
going crazy at dances is awesome. definitely the best way to do it.
HAHAHA. crazy-x. that is awesome. perfect. i shall now call her that as well.
i am as well sorry for all the parenthesis, quote, exclamation points, smileys, etc. too.
although i did not just have a caffeinated drink so i dont have an excuse.
YAY!!! good job on the Heather Brewer Books thing. you can check out her blog here:
she loves new fans and she seems really cool.
as soon as im done The Book Thief, i will check around for that Unwind book you mentioned.
Hehehe. Shawnald. thats funny. dont worry about it though. My cousin calls me "Shawnathan", like Jonathan. Its all cool. Shawnald, Shawnathan, etc.
guess what, i swear your crazy too :P but in a good way. we're all a little crazy. even me. (I'm actually quite a lot crazy)
Forget to be Awesome, Do not (YODA REFERENCE, YESSS!!)

Ps. you must watch the movie "Requiem for a Dream". It is amazing. it is so powerful and amazing, and AWESOME!!!! its kind of a tragedy, its about 4 people who are addicted to drugs, and how it ruins your life. It is sooo good, and it has an amazing soundtrack.
'tis all for now.
At 1:08pm on June 29, 2008, Shawn said…
yes, i can be creepy looking. actually i usually am.
i think wearing a mowhawk for a speech is cool. but this one guy at my grad wore white tights. thats a little too much for me.
im not actually in any camps, but i am volunteering at a star wars camp run by my drama/PA/Film teacher, the same one who is awesome.
dont worry about your random autbreaks of science. its okay.
thats the thing. i cant sing that well in front of anyone. i just try to convince myself i can.
wow. good job on getting 100. the only things i get 100 on are math quizes (Occasionally) and on my short story for Language Arts.
speaking in front of people may be difficult but im not sure if its more difficult than singing, but great job anyway :P
om sure you were fabulous too.
Newspapers are amazing. when your in them anyway.

theres a link to the article if you want. its got a pic of my costume :D
Apple is so much better. Bill gates should not be rich. Steve Jobs is rich, just not as rich, which is just wrong.
yes we got to dance. i like to dance too. even if i cant at all. its way more fun with people who are nerds and who undersatand the inabillity to dance. before, when i used to go to dances with my girlfriend (The same ex who i always used talk about my problems about), she was always so serious about dancing so i would just stand there because i didnt know how.
okay. its good to know that i didnt sound mean. i looked back and i just thought i was being kind of rude. maybe its just me now.

so thats it i guess.
Do not ever forget to be Awesome.


ps. whats this "Unwind" book about. because im in the middle of reading "The Book Theif" by Marcus Zusak. so i've got to finish that first.

so thats it for my ex girlfriend venting.
At 12:40pm on June 19, 2008, Shawn said…
Ahhhh. Helicopter. i remember that one. i just dont rememeber it well.
I love my performing arts... but its OVER NOW!!!! :,( i am so sad.
I am officially done all of my Sweeney Todd performances :(
my PA teacher took some pics of our performance so i'll see if i can get some up. I look like such a creeper in them though. THere's one from when i'm singing epiphany, and i was going super crazy and psycho and my face is purple from yelling and i look like a demon somewhat. There's also some from when i was singing Pretty Women and Pretend shaving my friend Zander.
dont cry if your iPod breaks. i hope it doesnt though. i wish i could help. try getting some new headphones.
yes Titanic memorabilia. its a piece of coal that was actually on the REAL Titanic, not just the movie one. it was found at the bottom of the ocean.
yes, Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, but he's no where near being anything like bill gates. he is way better. and cooler. and smarter. just not as rich.
Oh my god. you dont know how scared i get singing in front of people. Sweeney todd was okay because i was doing it for only about thirty people ive known the whole year and i was doing a british accent. i find it easier to sing in a british accent. but yesterday was my grade 9 graduation thing for going into high school. and all of the PA kids sang Defying Gravity from Wicked and i ahd to sing a solo. it was only 5 words, but still. "Something is not the same" those are 5 words i never want to hear again in my life. i was shaking so badly it wasnt even funny. even when they were calling our names, and shaking our hands and stuff (Which was before the song) i stared at the ground the whole time because i was so nervous. i had to sing in front of hundreds of parents, and kids i dont know or dont like. It took me an hour after the song to get over it. people kept telling me that i was good but i still dont believe them. My friend Rachel was whispering to me in my ear that i would be fine right before we started but i was soooo scared.
i have no school today, and then i have an exam tomorrow and then the rest next week.
The grad party yesterday was so much fun though. even if people said I was too casual looking. Im not one to dress up nice. its not me. I wore a white t-shirt, black dress pants, and a black dress shirt which was unbuttoned so you could see the white shirt. but they made me button it up and it still wasnt enough. it was supposed to be a "casual" grad, but everyone disregarded that. i was probably one of 5 guys who didnt wear a tie, out of about a hundred. but ya it was fun. we took lots of pictures. and danced really crazy and weird at the dance part.
childhood ear infections. thats interesting.
oh yes, my pirate costume during school. i have some pics of that along with my sweeny pics so i can try and get some of those up too.
the movie marathon was awesome. really awesome. And im going to be in the newspaper. i got photographed in my costume.

oh my god. guess what i just did. I went back and started reading that random discussion/spam thread thing that hayor made in my pants last year. it was so weird reading it. i was kind of mean in my opinion. im sorry. i was really competitive and stuff. i fell bad now. i only got to page 28 though. 150 pages is a lot to read.
so ya. im bored.







At 7:59pm on June 11, 2008, Shawn said…
one more thing.
glad you like my picture. and its supposed to be scary so thats a good thing.

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