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O Love, come now, this land turns evil slowly.--Ezra Pound

Profile Information

What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
Schizophrenic Nerdfighter...depends on the day :)
About Me:
I alternate between a music, writing, math, drama, literature, and tree hugging pacifist nerdfighter. huzzah! I live in a terribly conservatively populated area in PA, I hate dancing (other than my happy dance!), I love reading and writing and thinking in general. and....yeah.
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
Harry Potter (!!!), Tithe and Ironside, The Bell Jar, Twilight and its sequels, A Tale of Two Cities, Cat's Cradle, 1984, TKM , The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, anything Edgar Allen Poe, Farenheit 451, The Stand, Abarat, The Farsala Trilogy, Scribbler of Dreams, Elsewhere, The Red is for Remembrance etc. series, The Phantom Tollbooth (who can resist childhood classics?), A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Looking For Alaska, Stardust...I dunno. I like reading.
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
Newpapers! no, wait...things. things in general.
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
...John Green. No. John Lennon. Yeah....John Lennon.
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
I posted one of my nerdfighter songs! It's the rather poorly recorded version of a Boo Radley song, which I wrote and performed with a couple friends at a Boo party for English class. The volume got pretty badly messed up when i converted it to mp3, and I'm too lazy to fix the end, so don't judge me too harshly...I'm not completely tonedeaf :)
It was originally sung on guitar with one other girl (Mudge the nerdfighter). says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd Queen. What are you? Click here!

Muzzy's Blog

13 Little Blue Envelopes Blurb!!!

Adorably detached, compelling tale of emotional upheaval and self discovery.

Posted on February 22, 2008 at 7:54am

Muzzy is....Obamelated!

I went to see Obama speak Monday night...unfreakin' believable.

Everyone says that Obama is a great speaker. You can even tell a little by watching him on TV.

But you have NO idea until you've seen him live.

He has charisma, he is intelligent, and best of all, he believes what he's saying.

Before Monday, I was leaning toward supporting Hillary. She is, after all, a very strong woman.

But not anymore; Barack completely… Continue

Posted on February 13, 2008 at 9:36am — 2 Comments

Winning Battle of the Bands (!!!!!)

I am temporarily foregoing my 'myself in photos' blog to keep you up-to-date...I am in a band, with another nerdfighter (Mudge) and several other friends, and we just won a battle of the bands!

Grant it, it was a small battle. Three bands. Nonetheless, it was probably the best day of my life. We played amazing...we were right on. The energy was incredible. I feel...fantastic. It was so great.

Our guitarist's family took some videos, so… Continue

Posted on February 3, 2008 at 9:28am — 4 Comments

A Nerdfighter's Photo Blog: An Attempt

So here I am, wishing to somehow involve myself in the nerdfighter's virtual world and not sure how. I have a couple major problems with blogging. First of all, my life pretty much consists of running to lessons, running to school, running to rehearsal, practicing, and...uh...well, that's it. It's not interesting, so a text blog would you say...snore-worthy.

And i can't do anything cool, like a video blog where I can goof off and rant about things i hate and ramble…

Posted on January 26, 2008 at 11:31am — 2 Comments

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At 3:00pm on November 18, 2008, Travis said…
Haha. Nerdfighter-fate. I've been a Nerdfighter since July of last year but just recently re-vamped my profile on here.
At 3:39pm on September 18, 2008, Renee said…
Hi Muzzy, I'm the one organizing John & Hanks visit to Lancaster, PA. Tell all your friends it's happening at Conestoga Valley High School, Nov. 11 at 6:30pm. Feel free to email me at to learn more about the event.
At 8:53pm on June 25, 2008, Kiefer said…
Ha, yeah. I know the feeling. I've been doing my best to get some writing done but all that's coming out are songs.
At 11:07am on June 17, 2008, LAly said…
You're welcome! DFTBA
At 3:18pm on June 16, 2008, LAly said…
Did you get a reply about already? I know you didn't ask me but I saw your question when I was leaving comments.
At 9:51am on June 16, 2008, Kiefer said…
Wow! Almost exactly like me (except I'm not playing Dorothy...probably ever!) I don't play the sax but aside from the piano and the guitar I play the mandolin and a bunch of other random things. I focus more of my writing towards composing but I have been trying to get up the gusto to start on a novel.
At 10:10pm on June 14, 2008, Kiefer said…
If you go to his website you can see a lot more awesome reminiscent of that. So, aside from the Talking Heads, tell me about yourself.
At 7:27am on June 14, 2008, Kiefer said…
It's a building hooked up to some kind of organ. He calls it "Playing the Building." Youtube has a few vids on it.
At 8:56am on June 13, 2008, Kiefer said…
Nothing stops them from being awesome! Did you hear about David Byrne's new sound installation?
At 11:40am on June 12, 2008, Wonderbread said…
that is so true.

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