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ITP Month And Awareness.

Since it is September I've decided to try and spread awareness for this condition. 

I don't want to raise awareness from a medical point of view, rather from the point of view from a sufferer. 

Very few people know what ITP is and so therefore I need to explain it a bit. However for me to do this I realize I must give you some medical information. Though I'll keep it to a minimum.

ITP background:…


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hmm a title... READ THIS... plz o:)

It doesn't have to be an ending
Or an attempt at leaving
It was and is a release
And attempt of releasing what is in me, gaining control, spreading like a disease, taking hold of me.
An ending does grow progressively closer.
Can the progress be stopped?
Can the knife grow blunt, the poison weak, the rope long, the gun unloaded?
Who knows
I think it can be slowed or momentarily forgotten. Cured? solved? Overcome? We'll see- by meee

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The Birth of Alex Katt

Okay, so Alex Katt has been alive for a while now. 18 years and 14 days. Her birthday is September 5th. I am Alex Katt. After a forever of trying to come up with a pen name, I decided on Alex Katt. My mom liked it, anyway. It comes from my first and middle names: Alexandria Kaitlan.

My novel is going well. I hope to submit a query by next May or June to Jodi Reamer, John Green's agent. To me Alexandria Reardon didn't seem like a good name to have plastered all over a book. Then I… Continue

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I Am Broken.


When you're broken it gives God more room to work in you. Just when you think you ar…


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happy teenagers

my son kyle is 14 and a wonderful happy caring individual. He loves school has a lot of friends helps around the house and cares genuinely about his family. His favorite phrase is "my beautiful family" he even made a cake for us with those exact words on it" can others share thier awesome teenager stories with me :people always led me to believe being happy and a teenager was impossible

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hello i'm new here like i only just got the email link thingy wing but yea.... haha i really don't know what to say right i now, i'm sitting in school not doing much because i'm in my tutor class which is like just were you get notices and sit round and chatt :P but yea i have maths next so what fun 

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Join me as I cope with some of my anthills of life. (trigger warnings)

Hello. This is my process of therapy. Slowly learning how to open up and trust people again. Sharing it gives me hope, that others who have been in my situation or know someone who has, will gain something from it. Making these make me finally feel like maybe it wasn't my fault. Logically I know I did nothing to deserve this but sometimes my emotions don't listen to my logic. 

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Welcome to Wisemantimes!

Welcome to Wisemantimes! Subscribe for Vlogs, Special Events, News Updates, Art, Gaming, Atheism and Social Activism

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Conservation Project in Thailand!

Hello to anyone that has taken the time to read this post!

I've recently been accepted into the International Student Volunteers program to visit Thailand to assist them in their conservation project. It's a 2 week program that involves care and rehabilitation of rescued elephants and monkeys,

construction of schools and playgrounds for impoverished children, w
ildlife research and protection, protection of vital mangrove ecosystems, and developing eco-tourism…


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Let's play Banished! Farms o' teh future!

In this series, Tam gives up on his dreams of space travel, and settles and founds Nerdfighteria! How long before everyone starves to death, freezes from lack of resources? Knowing our luck, next episode... Keep tuned to watch the calamity…


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I've been doing some thinking lately and I have come to the conclusion that school is not such a good idea. I go to a school that gives way too much importance to grades. I was the kind of person who is obsessed with getting straight A's all the time...I still do, but I've started to question if grades are really necessary. I mean, grades prove nothing except the fact that I have the capacity to stay up till 4 and learn Completely useless facts which I'll forget once the paper is over. School… Continue

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I am back

Ive been gone for a while now, becuse of school. This internatinol line is Killing me, and i get so much homework, i can't handel it. So im very busy. But i also have a hard time doing My homework too. Soo yea, i Dont even have time to read boks, and thats sad. So thats what is heppening right now.

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Feeding the Source... and Connections. A SourceFed parody? *Shrugs*

Dave. Parodies SourceFed. Badly. Connections. Stuff.

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Feeding the Source... and Connections. A SourceFed parody? *Shrugs*

Dave. Parodies SourceFed. Badly. Connections. Stuff.

Added by David Johnson on September 12, 2014 at 4:24pm — No Comments

back on track

It's been a long time since I was on here last, or since I've really felt like trying to connect with people. This past year has been really tough on me and I am finally getting out of my rant run depression with the start of my first year of college. I feel like with it being a new chapter in my life maybe blogging through it will help me and make me feel a little less scared.

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UNIVERSE REBORN Synopsis please comment

A tale of two realms being transformed into one, also a tale of many heros on a continent so vast with the culture, and animals so different.

Where the ancient collide with the new, and the begining of new lores begins.

A dark forces approaches as an emperor fights to claim what he has lost, while a mystertious being learns more about himself.

A new alliance is formed in unity for preperation of what is to come.



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To thy fellow band geeks. I NEED HELP! PLease :)

I need advice- preferably someone who has had said thing happen to them- I am missing a single screw, and my band teacher, does not have any screw for my model of saxaphone, tenor- and marching band season kicks off tomorrow- I am inevitably screwed over.... Any suggestions where I can just get single screw/ small packages and or substitues for a screw while I wait for my actual model's screws? Suggestions/ advice would be VERY appreciated :)))

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Let's play Banished: Oh graveyard oh graveyard!

In this series, Tam gives up on his dreams of space travel, and settles and founds Nerdfighteria! How long before everyone starves to death, freezes from lack of resources? Knowing our luck, next episode... Keep tuned to watch the calamity unfold!…


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