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Hello, like most websites that aren't netflix I have neglected the Ning. I am sorry, I am a bad nerdfighter, but here is a poem I wrote, I would like to turn it into a song but I can't write music. So here it is, it is entitles drink up.

Drink Up

There are young boys,

fighting a war of men,…


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G.G. Marquez

Rest in peace, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

I have to admit, sir, I have only read one of your books. I read it for school, which, some argue, is another black mark on my record. However, from the moment I began Chronicle of a Death Foretold, I fell in love with every aspect of you as an author. We learned about your activism; you witnessed a revolution that spanned your young-adulthood. We learned about the controversy that was embedded in every word you wrote. We learned…


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The People You Meet

The most interesting people are around you. Although you may not see it from the outside, everyone has a story to tell. You just have to ask.

From the most random encounters, I have talked to people with such interesting stories. I’m not talking about my friend who has met One Direction or the one who is going to London. I’m talking about the average stranger that if you just spend five minutes talking to, you come to realize how interesting…


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Okay, so you know how, like, when you do novels in class, and stuff, and you, like, have to stop after every chapter? Well, like, we're reading a novel in class, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, and, like, OH MY GOODNESS. So, it's like, REALLY REALLY REALLY good and, like, it's intense, like, yo! And so, we stop after every chapter, and REALLY, BRO! Like, it's SOOO GOOD. Y'all should read it. But, anyway. So we can't take the books home, and stuff, 'cause…


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 "Matched" by Ally Condie is my read for the month. Join the main character "Cassia" as she goes through life in this somewhat dystopian society. In the beginning of the book the author hooks the rea…

 "Matched" by Ally Condie is my read for the month. Join the main character "Cassia" as she goes through life in this somewhat dystopian society. In the beginning of the book the author hooks the reader in sending them in a love adventure. In this technology - driven society can Cassia still find true love? This book is a delightful tale about love and friendship. So much happens inside of this book! Read this book! …


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Summer so far

I've been stuck in the same episode for five days and I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I HAVE FINALLY MADE SOME PROGRESS WITH TEEN WOLF SEASON 3B THIS AFTERNOON! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. :)) lol this is probably the first wonderful thing that happened to me this week. Yeah, I've been having a tough week. :/ it is so hot here in the philippines and I just wish I could just sleep in our fridge for like a month or so just to skip summer. I know, I know. I shud be having fun in the… Continue

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Third creative writing assignment: People Watching

Xen Stories

For the third creative writing assignment we had to go out into the world and watch people conversate from afar...stalking, pretty much. At which we have to come up with a possible dialogue from their mood and body language. I have to say, and with great relief that I am not the best stalker. I stalked and stalked, but time after time I kept getting spotted. It’s more exhausting than I realized. So to the two girls standing in front of the library on that windy… Continue

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pronouns and abouts

1. I use the "they/them/theirs" pronouns. if you're gonna be a butt and say stuff like "THAT'S NOT GRAMATICALLY INCORRECT" i will frown at you and also you will be invalidating my identity and thats not Awesome.

2. i have emetophobia--the fear of vomiting. seeing images of, reading discussions about, or noticing mentions or other passing references to vomit makes me very anxious. please be aware of this and just be careful. thank you! 


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The Return of Cosmos

I'm not gonna lie: I watched the first episode of Cosmos:A Spacetime Odyssey with my brother, as we watched the original Cosmos when it was aired so many years ago.

We cried of joy.

The message, the words, were what we hoped. Sure, FX look way cooler (the new Ship of Imagination is jus made of AWESOME).

I knew the works of Neil deGrasse Tyson and I didn't have any doubt about him taking the mantle of Carl Sagan. But it's not just that. Science is a collaborative effort. What…


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The Comfort Spot

The Comfort Spot

The link above sends you to a site that is meant to help. Increasing awesome doesn't have to be in huge steps. Every little person counts, and I think that if you go there with positive intentions, you can do a lot. That site used to be full of active people, and every confession had 5 comments. Now, people are lucky to get one. We need more members! Know that not…


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Anecdotal boredom.

So I was waiting in a waiting room, (Which sounds repetitive and unoriginal--which is why it stands) and because the waiting room was practically empty and the receptionist had disappeared to wherever it is that receptionists go when the waiting room has one person in it--and they're clearly waiting for their mother, (in my case) I was awash in my own personal sea of boredom. I had my kindle but after the first hour I was tired of reading (gasp--inconceivable!). So like any female worth her…


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Cognitions, Emotions, and Behaviours: The problem with dualism

Dualism is, to put simply, the belief that the mind and the body are separate from one another. This philosophy influenced the western medical model and is still pervasive in the thinking of most North American and European individuals. However, as scientists and psychologist do research on human beings and their emotional, physical, and cognitive reactions, it has become very clear that this dualistic theory does not stand up to scrutiny.

As Hank Green says in one of the crash course…


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My Pages

I has a DeviantART page and a Youtube Channel!!
Feel free to check both out!
DeviantART Page:

Youtube Channel:

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There's a Blood Moon on the Rise

So, I'm feeling a little tired this morning, as last night I did something I haven't done in a long time. I went to sleep early, but that's not the point. I set my alarm clock for 2 AM and despite the…

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The second creative writing assignment: Attend a Party

Xen Stories

The second creative writing assignment: In this assignment the character had to perform a task that he/she did not want to do. The task that I was given was “attend a party.” And of course two pages double spaced 12 font and all the other fun stuff. Lets see how I did this time...


I stood alone in an empty room, the face I wore that night was sitting on the… Continue

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Feeling depressed

So my old friends don't wanna hang out with me cuz I came out of the closet of being transgender. I mean I'm still the same me as before only a ettie bittie different. Why is it soooooo hard for me to make friends? I mean what's the point of being alive if you live your life alone? Please......someone out there just talk to me. I promise once you get to know me that I'm totally normal and not different at all. I don't wanna be alone anymore. I shouldn't have to suffer solatary. Is there… Continue

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Millennials are lazy, uncaring, and money hungry??

See my full blog post...

While thumbing through Upworthy‘s Facebook page, they shared a recent article by HuffPost Impact which cited…


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Death wish VS. Adventurous

I've been thinking about this topic for a little while now and it fascinates me, because there's a fine line between these two subjects. This imaginary line that every person has drawn (consciously or sub-consciously) is usually crossed when the risk out-way the reward. Or depending on the amount of risk one will take. But what is the reward? The reward is usually the endorphin rush when you've reached a determined goal you've set for your self or what you might call the satisfaction of…


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Hi. So, it's my first time to write a book review. And I' am quite exited on how it will turn out. First of all, English is not my forte, just tellin' yah. Please do your best to understand what I un…

Hi. So, it's my first time to write a book review. And I' am quite exited on how it will turn out. First of all, English is not my forte, just tellin' yah. Please do your best to understand what I understood from reading An Abundance of Katherines and please do read this book review not because you pity…


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