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So, I'm a new nerdfighter and why is nerdfighter underlined red? Anyway, my blog is going to be about the beauty of anything and everything in your daily life. If you want me to post something that makes you smile every time you think about it, message me or comment. I will post as often as I can. I hope my posts will help you see the beauty in he world and think positively for the rest of your life!



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A kind of ranty post...sorry

So right now I work at Xcel Energy as a contractor, basically doing a myriad of different things, from setting up databases, managing Excel spreadsheets, and setting up computers for new users. But most of my co-workers are nearing, or past-retirement, baby boomers and traditionalists. And when work is being done, and that's the topic, I don't really mind it all that much. It's when I'm sitting at the lunch table, eating and reading my book or playing my 3DS, that they tend to become…


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A Contract and Back Again

This week marks the third and (thankfully) final installment of Peter Jackson's "ehh...pic" follow-up…

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Why I'm Proud To Be A Nerdfighter

I've been struggling with figuring out what I should talk about for my first post-intro blog. It's not for a lack of possible topics, because there are a lot of things I want to eventually talk about; it's a question of timing, and where I should begin. But then I spent my Saturday night on the Project For Awesome livestream, watching the Yeti do John's makeup while Hank became a mummy, then continuing on to look at stuff under a microscope, discuss but farts, and share in the excitement and…


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A dream come true.

Yesterday at 8:30 am I took a test. The idea of this test gave me sleepless nights, and hyperventilation moments. I don't usually get nervous but I was. This was my third year compeating and it was my last chance to win that trip. The trip is a three weeks paid trip to Israel and the chance to meet and compeate against people from all around the world. I just can't explain to you how much I wanted this and with the help of God and some hard work I finally am happy to tell you I won. Is you are… Continue

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Who Am I?

So this past semester I had to write a credo for my Honors Workshop. You would think that would be pretty easy for a girl who spends most of her free time writing. It's not. Because although I pour a lot of my own life experiences and personality into my characters, in the end, it's still fiction. And unless you're me, you have no way of knowing for certain how much of that fiction is real and how much is, in fact, fiction. (I'm taking a brief moment to point out the fact that I just wrote…


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Should I start a Blog?

Should I start a blog of just whatever happens to me in my daily or weekly life? I don't really know if I really want to, but I kinda feel like I really do want to, but then I don't, but then I remember that nerd-fighters are awesome, and they wont insult me. So yes or no?

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News - 12-12-16

All you can here on the news these days is White cop shot Black guy

The riots are spreading all over the country.

But stop and think for a second.

Would this be an issue

If the skin colors were reversed

If a Black Cop

Shot a White Guy

Under the same…


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First Entry - Who is she? Why is she blogging? What does she want?

So...... Hello Nerdfighters.

I hope this is a right platform for me to post and blog about things.

Who is she?

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a nerd someone who totally fall in love with my major. I am doing my master degree in alternative energy. Extremely passionate about sustainability, green energy, making things. I've been volunteering in some international organizations. Volunteering gave me a chance to understand more about…


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I'm Back!

I thought I'd make another blog post just to be like... YO! I'M ALIVE! :D It's been about 3 years since I made my last blog post, and obviously a lot can happen in 3 years. For starters, I've actually READ some BOOKS - the thing that 18-year-old me had a total aversion to. I've even developed an affection/obsession with Harry Potter - the thing that 18-year-old me had a slight aversion to. All my life I've been conflicted over matters of literature... but now I'm pretty sure I adore books,…


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Today I had my back appointment. I was so nervous that my curvature had progressed, but it hadn't. I'm and a 26 degree lumber structural curve and a 8 degree complimentary curve. This was the first time I had seen an actual back doctor. He said if my curve progresses in the next 2 months I'll have to get a brace. I really don't want to have to wear a back brace. I understand that bracing technology has gotten so much better over the years and that there are braces that are hardly noticeable.…


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Restrospective: Muppets Christmas Carol

So I have a few holiday traditions that I follow every year. I start off the season by pulling out the small Christmas tree from a closet in my…

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Respect Ma Authoritay or Die ~ Policing in America

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Tonight The Stars Descend - A Poem by Joshua "The Poet Victorious" James.

Usually when begin sharing my poetry, the first is always “Tonight The Stars Descend” (TTSD) for a number of reasons. It’s my most popular piece, it’s the piece I’m most proud of and it’s the name I chose to give to my first collection. Last night I shared a poem I had just written, so today I thought I would share TTSD for my new followers to read and the readers who have stuck with me to rediscover.

Anyway, here it is, feel free to sound off in the comment section below to share…


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The Reappearance Of The Poet Victorious

“Once again…welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

― Bram Stoker, Dracula.

 It’s odd to think that I’ve been writing stories of varying descriptions since I was four. I’m now twenty two and I’ve always told people how I want to be an Author when I’m older, yet have not acted upon the idea as one might think I would. I’m not sure if that qualifies as sad, but that’s certainly how I feel about it. As they say,…


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To Blog or Not to Blog

...apparently, the former.

Yo, whaddup. I don't know what that was. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a good greeting? Yeah...

I don't have a lot of friends. That's a compelling way to start, isn't it? I don't get to have deep conversations much. I'm not very good at talking in general. But I have a lot of thoughts. I have a lot of feels. And I don't get to express them to anyone else much. But I like writing. Hence, blog.

If you want to know what I'm about, you…


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Trolling the Trailers


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16 by 32 led ping pong panel

So a while back I made a led ping pong panel. The design came from They have all the schemaitcs and eagle boards but I made my own. It took 6 months but that was also with school and work in the way. I made some mistakes here and there but it was still a fun build. The only issue I have now since I moved would be finding a place to mount this bad boy.…


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In 2014 with new tactics.. Just how do we deal with these new aged bullies?

In 2014 with new tactics.. Just how do we deal with these new aged bullies?

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A Random thought

We need a unit of measurement for world suck, so we can make a graph about percentage and constitution of world suck

Added by Joshua White on November 28, 2014 at 11:28am — 2 Comments

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