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Elite: Dangerous - Commander's Journal Entry Four

Commander Chef-Jitsu finds himself in the Durius system, sent by the Pilots Federation. Senator Patraus has moved in ships in what appears to be a hostile corporate take over. Durius has defaulted on a loan and the Senator has come to collect....

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Stranger Than Fiction

I have never been a big fan of reality shows, both as a writer and as a human being with a loving soul, but lately I have found myself becoming more and more worried by the trends I see on the commercials advertising some of these shows. So I did some investigations to find out a very terrible truth of reality TV, they are getting more extreme, bizarre, and terrible. (I am going to emphasize bizarre,…

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Rants of a Comic Book Nerd: When people find out you read comic books...

Rants of a Comic Book Nerd:

When people find out you read Comic Books...

Don't you just hate it when someone…


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Dork Walks: My old primary school

Since this is probably my last Summer in my hometown, I figured I'd include my old primary school in one of my blogs. I have a lot of great memories of this school. We were super lucky to have such huge grounds, and so many awesome trees and stuff. The school was established in 1882, so it's full of very old trees, like these huge kowhai.

I have fond memories of this little group of trees by the school dental clinic. I used to pretend it was a kitchen, and that the…


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YT channel?

I would love to be a content creator but I have no idea what to do/talk about.

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First Post? Help


Are you ready for another awkward first time nerdfighter blog? 

By this stage I have already added nerdfighter to my computer dictionary, and am ready to be killed by all full time, experienced bloggers.  

We should start off with introductions, I think.  My name is Jemma, I live in Wellington, New Zealand (yes, the land of Hobbits), and I am 16.  I enjoy most nerdy things, as most nerdfighters do.

But I do have some questions if anyone feels compelled to…


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I AM NEW HERE AND I DONT KNOW ALOT ABOUT THIS SIGHT! I like reading acting and righting. I am also sporty. if any 1 has an idea for a movie or a story I will gladly wright it or produce it. or if u want me to read any thing I will  read it and possibly post it on my blog (If u want) u can also send me pics that u drew:)


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Let's play Crusader Kings 2: The Quest for Britannia!

Warning, slight usage of strong language between videos. 

In this series, Tam ventures into the grimy past of Britain and the known world with an unlikely ally, the king of Wessex, King Dar Lando. Whilst he manages the uncoof…


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A.D.D. Help eek!

Ok, this is my first time doing a blog post ever, let alone my first thing I'm doing on this site, so I have no idea if I'm doing this right.

Anyways, I had ADD (Atention Defisit Disorder). I really do have it for people who are afraid I was misdiagnosed. Ok, so, ADD makes it super hard for me to do anything ever. It really bugs me, cause I can't do everything that I want to do. It also makes it very hard for me to do homework, which has made it so all my grades are A's (If you don't…


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Elite: Dangerous - Commander's Journal Entry three

The Galaxy is in a precarious position, the Emperor has fallen gravely ill, leaving the already volatile political situation even more tattered. More and more combat zones are popping up as factions from all major powers maneuver to gain as much as possible in this unstable time. Something big is about to…


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Concert Papa Roach/ Seether

I  cant wait in literally like 1 hour leaving to do drive to detroit for a Papa Roach and Seether concert!!! So excited this is my first concert ever im going to. The whole day been listening to their previous albums and new ones!!! Like fangirling right now, you can probably see like a sign within a country radius seeing my fangirling hyseria. <3

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Friend troubles....

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

I recently became friends with this girl last year at my summer camp, and everything is going well. Her name shall be: Britney. But she met this guy three months ago, (at a church function) and everything was great. Our other great friend, who we'll call: Jennifer, introduced them. But I started seeing less and less of Britney. When I did see her, and we hung out, she just texted him, and talked about them.…


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Classic Alice: Let's Save It!

Hey Guys,


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10 Typographical Symbols That Need Some TLC

Alrighty, Nerdfighters, another list of 10 because I'm lazy and lists are easy! This time it's those weird symbols that no one understands. Here we go, in no particular order:

1. The asterism ()…


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So I have a crush on this girl and she found out. And it turns out I'm in the "I'd be cool with dating you if you asked" zone with her.

I have to go back to school on Wednesday (thanks, MLK Jr.) but now I'm terrified because I think she's expecting me to ask her out and I am so not ready for that. I have literally no idea where we would go, and I have one and a half days to pull this together. Also, I'm still processing the fact that she thinks I'm a "cool chick".…


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The Impossible Task #3

Mlk day, comments, and Grandparents

"Its January 14. Before school is out, on May 22, I will watch every single vlogbrother, hankgames, gameswithhank, and crashcourse and sci-show. Or any other John and Hank Channel. While maintaining A's in all my high school classes. If I do this, a lifetime of fame, and a higher GPA. If not, I will put the hottest pepper in the world,Tabasco sauce, seasoned salt,…


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2015: A year full of projects

Last year has been a rough one. Now it's not the best time to be unemployed. Also, if you are a writer and your publisher house shuts down, well, that's crap. But I finished my second novel (in spanish, it's the sequel of my first one and right now is in the final proofread stage now), got 50% of my RPG project for a french publisher done (yeah, I can write in french too) and started to write my third novel while researching for my fourth book.…


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Here, Have an Info-Dump!

Greetings, fellow Nerdfighters! I'm Saoirse (pronounced seer-sha) and since I have no idea what to put in this post, here is a list of 10 Facts You May Not Know But Will Probably Find Interesting:

1. Those three asterisks (***) used to show a passing of time or just a break in the text of a story is called a dinkus. Please rejoice in this fact.

2. The word "tomato" has its roots in the Aztec word "xitomatl"... which roughly means…


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Rereading The Fault in Our Stars

Hello fellow Nerdfighters,

After rereading The Fault in Our Stars for a second time, I have newly-found insights I felt like writing down.…


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The Impossible Task #2

So based on the overwhelming views (haha), comments(hahahaha), and feedback(lol), I have made another entry. 

Any other youtube channels that should be included in the list previously, please comment to add. I will add them to the watch list without any added deadline.

I will be doing updates on my grades, how far I have gotten, and anything else people would want to know, feel free to write in the comments.  

I will also be doing updates on my…


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