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A Song of Ice and Warming

The words of the Stark family are pretty straightforward. Unlike the other great houses they don't roar or not sow or whatever it is the Tully's do... swim, we are assuming. Instead, the Stark words are a call to action and a reminder to never forget what waits just beyond the Wall. Yet, despite the ominous family…


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My Thoughts on Drinking on my 21st Birthday

Yesterday happened to be my 21st birthday! A day of revelry and wild consumption. Societal norms encourage me to grab a pal and head to the nearest bar for an evening that I may or may not remember later.

BUT I won’t be doing that. Here’s why… 
  1. I have a track meet …

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Dear Anonymous: We are Sorry We Didn't See

 Operation Iraqi Freedom- 2015, Bush announces the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom, what a lie. Bush authorized the mission to rid Iraq of tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein and ... Operation Iraqi Freedom illustrated the Bush Administration's pledge to use Depleted Uranium as a Top Secret Weapon.

Over 700,000 Tons of Depleted Uranium used since 9/11.

Published on Dec 29,…


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Ak MCs Political BlackinBlack Album- Track 2

Hip Hop Anonymous- Ak MCs Political BlackinBlack Album- Track 2.

Hip Hop Anonymous- Ak MCs Political BlackinBlack Album, The created name is in order to separate all the other Hip Hop Anonymous Rap Groups from AK MC.

But of course Ak MC- Hip Hop Anonymous, may have their on album song titles. We do not know yet because they are so Anonymous.

Published on Nov 23, 2014



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This months song a month song #10 "October (Click Bait)"

I'm creating a new song and video for each month of 2015. I wrote months song "October (Click Bait)" about racism in politics. I find it very upsetting that people running for public office still use xenophobic rhetoric to get votes. Hope you like the song and thanks for listening.

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Pros and Cons of Short Hair

Hello to all the lovelies out there! I am one to constantly switch up my hair length and I believe I have had very grand experiences, and rather painful pasts with such hairstyles. So, here are the pros and cons of taking the plunge and losing the length!!

Pro: Hair grows back

Yes, your hair will grow back, maybe not as fast as you like. When I say short I generally mean above the shoulders, I grew mine out and it took I want to say only a year for it to go above my…


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Challenger Center

So on Wednesday we are going to do a simulation at the Challenger Learning Center and we're going to Mars. I have already done that one, so I know what's going to happen. But I keep on imagining how much work and programming and coding went into letting kids learn and think about science and STEM. It is really amazing, that people work and volunteer countless hours, just so that young people can go on short 1 hour trips. It's amazing. Imagine how many hours and days…


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you could say this is a beginning.


One long fist to the middle of a nowhere she said sitting in her newly made bed

 the screen of her computer flashing back multi colored signals from places unknown that’s an interesting sentence;   her mind echoed whilst her hand scribbled ferociously forsaking even a semblance of

         propriety and casting spelling to the wind      This be a pounding headache and a undue frustration    

 laria dearest chained to her small…


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Things that are Just Wrong

"We're batting down the hatches."

"I put my family over my friends, because blood is thicker than water."

"It's peaked my interest."

What do all of these things have in common? They are wrong but so commonly wrong that they are almost correct now. I see these mistakes so frequently, sometimes I have to look it up to make sure I am correct.

I almost wanted to call them "malapropisms," just to make some people…


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(but not in a gay way)

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Dangerous Beauty

Thirty seconds until the crash,

three limbs rigid, the fourth,

a bent elbow. Index and middle finger

pressed to her temple.

She'll pull the trigger.

Thirty seconds until it's over,

the strain of starvation's on her brain.

All self-induced.

She calls them beauty treatments.

Thirty seconds until it's gone.

Her skin is glowing, fair and

freckled. She's beautiful here

in our minds, our…


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New Workout Clothing and Some Thoughts

Who doesn't like new things?

Of all the things, new things are the best of things. The smell of a new car, the incremental change into a new season, the caress of new fabric against your old lady skin. Or at least my old lady skin.

This new workout gear I just ordered was a long time in coming; I have a hard time justifying spending money on things that seem superfluous until you have them. Like workout clothing designed for working out rather than, let's say,…


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The beginning of a to ride along with me?

Hey Nerdfighters!

I am a Physics nerd who is new to the community. I have started out solving I.E. Irodov's Problems in General Physics. I don't see many of the people I already know interested in problem solving(I will admit that I myself got interested in it only recently). So I thought if I could make some friends here who would also be into problem solving, it would be.... Awesome! So care to join the ride?

Let me confess - I am…


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THE END OF NUMBERS: A Study of Shadows

‘I can’t do this,’ I hated those words. I could feel them bouncing around in my skull, cracking and breaking things in their path. They were red hot irons, burning the base of my neck like a migraine. Even as the words rang through my head I fought against them. I had to do this. I had no choice.

My fingers reached for the next knick knack, ignoring the pain. I’d gotten rather good at ignoring pain over the last few years. This piece of…


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This months song a month song #9 "September"

It's the first of the month again which (amongst other things) means its new song time!! For this months song "September" I was in a bit of a 'call of the void' mood. When I get this way there is only one thing for it which is to write a happy song with sad lyrics. Hope you like it.

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Blog #1

So, my first post, on my very own blog. I suppose it was inevitable. I naturally would be drawn to use every feature of this site at least once just to explore my interests. Now that I begin to write, it occurs to me that I don't know about what to write. This is a problem I believe must be answered through the analysis of what a "blog" is and what a "blog" should do: what purpose does it serve?

Merriam-Webster defines a blog as a website on which a person writes about personal…


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My Mental Health and Sexuality Blog

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Use the F=ma

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" is a lot like saying "once upon a time.” It signals to us that we are heading on a journey that takes place in a different place where we will need to suspend our belief in reality and accept a world of magic, sorcery, and even the belief that George Lucas can still…


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Song of the day.

I'm gonna start doing this new thing where I post my favorite song of the day. Can't promise i'll update every single day but I'll try my hardest haha. Feel free to join in in the comments with what you're listening to or whatever haha. First one is 

Lamb of God- Black Label.

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WTF is Blog? Also humanity.

I might start using this blog to get some thoughts out of my head.

It's weird being part of the human race.

I don't know what to think of my species.

On one hand: war, rape, abuse, greed, and fucking the planet.

One the other: love, art, books, kindness and empathy.

I live in a wealthy country, but that wealth comes at the cost of many others.

We have a great capacity for denial.

But also great capacity to care for one another.

What does it mean to be…


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