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  I love to write. I’ve written a draft of a book that I am continually working on and making better but now I am helping someone else with their work! I’m quite excited to be a sort of ‘editor’ for someone. It’s really quite fun. The story is really good as far as I have read and I’m really happy I get to help out with this book. I really look forward to seeing how everything plays out.

  As a ‘learn as I go’ writer I find this ‘editor’ thing is really great for me. To get to see…


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Team Fortress 2

So as the new Games NingMaster I was poked a bit earlier about a Team Fortress 2 (now to be referred as TF2) get together. 

As a fellow lover of steam I have played TF2 and loved it... No matter who you play or how you play its always a great game. The controls work magnificently and even with it being a FPS they made classes. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to be a sandwich eating, minigun wielding Russian? (Obviously I like The Heavy.) However, there's a class for everyone. You…


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I never used to like tea.

     Now I find myself drinking it from a mug with parachuting turtles. Maybe the reason was that I never thought of adding milk to the tea. My friend was the first to introduce to me this revolutionary concept, add a bit of honey in the mix as well. I don't have honey, so now I use maple syrup. Mint tea with milk and maple syrup sits inside "The leap of Faith!" turtle mug to my left now, and I am quite content. A quebecois radio station is playing. I now realize how  Canadian this…


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Run Every Time

I’ll admit that I’m not in the best mood right. Things are by no means going badly but by no means are they going well. I contemplated not posting tonight because of this and now I’m contemplating stopping entirely.

To write every day means that to some extent I need to share both the highs a low of my life. I can never attest to the quality of what I write because it’s always written at the end of a day, usually without any thought put into it prior to me writing it.

In some…


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Words of Wisdom

We take life for granted... we live day by day like it's nothing, we selfishly waste time, while others have only days or weeks to live. We should live everyday as if we were going to die tomorrow. Tell the people that we care about how much you love them and be grateful that you live another day. I LOVE YOU ALL! : ]

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Helloooo. I don't really know how to start this out. It's sort of awkward. I guess to start, my name's Sara. I'm fifteen, I live in Texas (ugh.) And I am a nerdfighter. That's important too. I like things like music and photography and reading (I know, I know. I've just described every fifteen year-old girl. Just bare with me, please.) But I also do some unique stuff too like paint and bake and learn Latin.…


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Story time! Already?

 Sup, there is a story. Any thoughts/feelings/spelling mistake/things that will make it better. Much appreciated

Chapter 1:

A miserable fog settled over Chatsworth. The tenacious rain violently slamming against the mud stained windows of the 49. As an odious stench began to creep up my nostrils I knew I had to get away from Stinky Sid, despite the bus being practically empty he still sat next to me. God I hate public transport. Huffing as I went past I hosted my…


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Symbolic Vessels

(Also posted on my DA account here-

I had a dream last night which pretty much seems to sum up my life at present:

I am stood at a quay by a jetty, across an expanse of water a distant shore can just be glimpsed, this is where I need to go, and I'm in a hurry.

From here you can borrow boats as long as they come back here eventually, there are no boats although there are many spaces to contain them, so I…


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How to write a blog!

For those who dareith not entering the blog section, for those needing help with how they form/format their blog, look no further; ol' Thomas gonna' lend a hand. 

(All hail zee mighty hand from sky!)


Now, the…


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The 2am Project | Graveyards and Their Visitors

This is the beginning of a story story I wrote a few nights ago. I don't know how it ends. Or if it ends. The characters don't have names. It's not edited. It's just a story. I think it's kind of morbid. Enjoy.


You never really know what to expect in a graveyard. Sure, there’s always the usual crumbling headstone, the moldering ornamental flowers left by a guilt-ridden loved one, or some anonymous do-gooder. There’s…


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The 2am Project | A Poem Called Nightminds

I found this on my hard drive a few weeks ago. I'd written it, saved it, titled it Nightminds, and then promptly forgotten it. Sigh. Anyways, here it is. This be my poem. Don't expect coherency. 


Oh, my friends this time grows old, to lead us from our beds

Into corners where little peter comes to remind us of our dreams

Full of fairy floss and dragon wings and foolish little…


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Moon River

I don’t watch a lot of films. It’s never been an art form that I’ve felt a connection with. Written works are typically more elaborate. Music is capable of both being concise in what it intends to say and vague in a way that allows the listener to add so much more themselves. I rarely see anything in a movie that I feel I can’t find elsewhere. That’s not to say that film is in anyway an inferior art form, it’s just one that eludes my understanding.

Tonight I watched ‘Breakfast at…


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I'm SO glad I got sent this:

Pennies Of Steel Proposed
Lawmaker Out To Reduce Costs
By Richard Simon…

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PandaLel is discovered a frog!

Yellow People of DFTBA,

You might be wondering why the title is you know "weird"...…


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Book Review: Mockinjay, by Suzanne Collins (***SPOILERS***Ashleigh DON'T READ THIS***)




I mean.

Yeah.  This time I promise I won't alksdjdfkasd (that doesn't count).  As with the first two books, there's not really anything concrete I can say other than to explain to you a minor portion of my smörgåsbord of feels.

There were many times throughout Mockingjay when I was shocked.  Actually, let me rephrase that statement: I can count the number of times…


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Slow Your Breath Down

To anyone that moves into student residence in 2012: be prepared for noise. I don’t just mean expect it, I mean literally prepare.

I arrived home late last night[1] quite happy with the nights events and but didn’t go straight to bed. Instead I stayed up watching YouTube and wasting time on the internet as I am wont to do at 2:30 in the morning. When I finally convinced myself that sleep was the sensible thing to be doing everybody else came home. Then…


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In 'N' Out-Erview



In which Hank shows some snippets of life on the road followed by a quick interview with the Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller "The Fault in Our Stars."

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{First entry} Introduction & rage on Belgian politics

Hello sweeties,

Where I live, and that's in a tiny European country called Belgium (yes, famous for its beer and waffles & Brussel sprouts), it's half past midnight and I am totally not ready to go to bed (because then I'll get up earlier and have to start studying sooner & I hate studying, especially because it's the last exam and I lost my motivation sometime before the first ;B )

So yeah, I'm in my 3rd Bachelor year at the University of Antwerp, where I…


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First few pages of a book I am writing? Please give me feedback. (UPDATED AND RE-EDITED)

When the dust died down, the clarity of the sky seemed to evaporate in the midst of the hovering ships stirring up the dust to create a small tornado of dirt and such things. It was particularly cold today; the harsh wind could do nothing but cripple your hands until incapable of feeling. When he woke up, he felt safe under the watch of the omniscient cameras monitoring his behavior. His head was tucked in-between his pale grey wall and his colorless white pillow. He knew what today was, he was… Continue

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The Fault In Our Stars (Original Song - No Plot Spoilers!)

Last week, I wrote a song inspired by the best-selling author, John Green.…


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