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NFI week 8: Children show

I talk about Saci, a Brazilian "mystic" being. And look like a… Continue

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Really? Really?

I got this IRA interest check in the mail. The company actually lost money on the postage.

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Another Wasted Day, Except for Actual Work

TODAY: Got to work around 8:45, worked until 11, then went to Japanese, which was kinda fun. Not too bad anyway. Went to lunch with Japanese people again, where strangeness ensued (as it usually does). Walked Jacob through the end parts of the Rubik's cube solution (the parts that actually take algorithms) and showed him some of the parts before that to help him think about it more effectively. Took his cube apart and put it back together. Met Lauren to hang out in Eisenhower while we were… Continue

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WHOA!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!

So, I made that video on how to find Comet Lulin. The number of views went through the roof, but I didn't know why. I was checking demographics on it today, and found a link to it from:

Click on the word "map".

Even better -- I have a job interview next week. YES!!!
Great. timing.


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isnt it fun how random history can be

so me and my friend Quin(i now awsome name right!) hav a favorite class we hav together. its history. not because of wut we learn. but we like it because of the randomness of our history teacher Mr. Franca.he's just so random and awsome.and when evr we bring our guitars to school, he lets us take them out and play them cuz we always get there really early. and while we're doing an assignment, which rarely ever happens, he plays one of our guitars while we wrk. its awsome. i dont why i decided… Continue

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English Extravaganza...?

So me and a friend of mine got called to some lady's classroom in the middle of 7th period today. She said that we tied for the best scores on our English mid-term in our grade, and so we have been chosen to compete for our school in this English Extravaganza thing.


Ok....truthfully I don't really like English but....I guess I'll do it....should I?

These are ying-yang eggs.… Continue

Added by PeaceLovePlatypus on February 26, 2009 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

Anyone out there from Ireland?

Hey guys. I am looking for someone from Ireland to make a video.

I'm in a collab channel called the Traveling Nerds. It's a channel loosely based on the concept of travel. Every Tuesday we will be having a guest host called Tuesday Travelers (or Travellers, however you prefer to spell it) the Tuesday Travelers get to make their own vlog on our channel, talk about your town, your country, a place you've traveled or are traveling to, or just talk about whatever, in addition, the… Continue

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Nerdfighter HQ Collabs

Hi, everyone!
Well, ever since May 2008, we chat people have been making birthday collabs and things like that. Since, recently, the video feature of the ning has been removed, I decided to make a youtube channel for all of them. So, in case you're looking for any of the wonderful videos, you can find them here:
Have fun. :)


Added by Adorabelle on February 26, 2009 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

Stairway to Silence

Oh look, another post about noise. Why do I feel the need to post whenever I have a problem with the noise in my dorm room. D: Anyways, I try to be quiet when my roommate is asleep. Usually, my roommate is pretty quiet usually. But then she does something completely retarded and irritating. She started printing out stuff. After the second time I woke up to it, I checked the clock. It was 7:20. I woke up a few more times before my alarm went off at 8:45. She was still printing stuff off. Also,… Continue

Added by Lauren on February 26, 2009 at 6:13pm — 2 Comments

I feel like a kiss.

I feel like kiss today.

I want lips showing me that soft hummed, pleasure.

I want our tongs to cuddle together in our fighting mouths.

A hand in my waist.

Softly cares his neck

I miss a heartbeat pressing against my chest.

That's... that's something I was thinking today on the way to school. I did a mental note so I had to put it somewhere.

This seams like a good please cos I expect not to be judged to much.(Just because nobody reads this… Continue

Added by Lulipop on February 26, 2009 at 5:38pm — 1 Comment

Goodbye Old New Computer

Well this computer that we just got about 6 months ago has decided to stop working properly. Friend Joel thinks that it’s a RAM problem. Anyways, tonight were going to return this malfunctioning piece of machinery and are getting a newer or slightly older one, I’m not sure.

So computer, if you’re reading this, say your last goodbye to printer and external hard drive. You won’t be seeing them anymore. If you had only held out a couple of days longer, till the warranty kicked in, you'd… Continue

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I was almost run over by a BUS!

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Coraline [SPOILERS]

Neil Gaiman took ten years to write Coraline. The book is about 150 pages long. That averages out to about 24.333 days per page. Now, I realize that it didn't really take ten years straight; he was working on literally dozens of other projects over the course of that decade, and he would only come back to Coraline occasionally. But still, there's a lot of thought (and a lot of love) that went into that book. As a result, it's one of the most perfectly-constructed… Continue

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i like this whole ning, social network thing.

i made one so that my family and i can keep in touch. its working out well so far. but now i have to go and do some home-diddly-homework.

diddly. DFTBA, E

coolest photo ever taken. you can see me in the street and the street behind me, and the art gallery inside. Washington D.C. Spring… Continue

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A Black Hole Ate Today

TODAY: 7:30 Physics lab, didn't finish again, hate how those guys talk forever. 9:30 comp eng, went over how to add and subtract binary numbers via 2's Compliment Binary Arithmetic (kinda weird, but it works). Japanese went fairly well, if a little unusually. Physics lecture was alright. Spent most of the afternoon chatting with people online and doing forum stuff, in addition to messing with Rubik's cubes and playing a few video games. I really wanted to go to work and get some hours, but with… Continue

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Channel Madness!

So, i was talking to my friends last night and we have been wanting to start a new channel since OAW ended. So the 4 of us [Liz(PotterDevotee), Esther(TerksDelight), Jack(JRocker921) and Me(Buki909)]are going to start up a new channel because we don't talk all that much anymore and this would be an excellent way of communicating. We haven't really decided anything yet. But, i wanted to call the channel VlogFamily because we are like one… Continue

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It's Ellie! The nerdfighting puppy!
I wanted to name her Bubbles The Nerdfighting Puppy but my little sister wouldn't let me... She wanted to name her Ellie... so we split the name.

But she's adorable and we don't know what breed she is! If you could help us, that'd be GREAT.


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I know (a song in ten words)

Added by Hank Green on February 25, 2009 at 10:00pm — 46 Comments

February 25, 2009: Embarrassing Stories and Rotting Potatoes

I can never decide which form of the plural of potato, tomato, or tornado I like. "E" or no "e"? Please leave comments!

don't forget to e-mail us any suggestions to

Check out our channel:

And please check out my personal… Continue

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Today I...

- uploaded a brand new song from my upcoming EP with Tom Milsom: However, it will only be up for 24 hours, so get over there quick and refresh (I mean... listen to) it a hundred times and memorize it so you can carry it with you always. =)

- continued work on putting together the DFTBA Records compilation disc. Speaking of... Which song of… Continue

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