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whats todays drama??

well since you asked.....ok so i found out that this girl who hangs around my bf all the time has a freakin crush on him. but u wanna no the werid thing? how i found out? well hes talking to her right? trying to guess who she likes. all she tells him is hes nice. so he thinks and names every nice guy that could be one of the canidates, says no to all of em. (note: this was an online conversation) so i sign on. n he asks me if he should ask her if she likes him. what do i say? i say go ahead, i… Continue

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In White Houses


I can't stop listening to that songggg.
I put it on repeat on my iTunes, the play count is like...
four hundred. =o

It's my official editing song.
I listen to it when I edit, and as you can probably guess from the play count, I edit a LOT.

I was even subconsciously editing when I had finished a test earlier today and had nothing to do.

......does that make me creepy?

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English proffessors are the scum of the earth

Evil, heartless, horrible turds. That is what they are.

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I think im gonna start doing "blogs" more often. Its a lot easier to type blog than film and edit a vlog. I don't really know what to talk about in this first one....hmmm. OH i just tried to beat the peeps eating record and tied. I will have a video up on my youtube channel in a bit. If i can remember i will post it in here. Well i guess thats all. bye'a!

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art stuff & journaling

i can't find my jeezzlis camera cord to download pics. so here is the latest piece i am working on, scanned in. It's the bottom 1/2 of it (it's 10x12) and is one of the multimedia cheesecloth pieces inspired by one artistic gerd (girl nerd) that I am so inspired by! Not sure what's happening with this piece next... lemme know what you think (and be kind!!!) in the comments :P…


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Arrow in my leg

well a couple weeks ago i was at the archery range just minding my own business and out of know where i turn around and there is an arrow in my leg. I didn't feel it a first then i felt a flash a pain up my leg. i figured out that the arrow had be launched by a new archer and the arrow hit a nerve. I didn't cry i just scream mother f***** and then took it out and watched the blood run down my leg.

Now my leg twitches randomly and my thigh hurts sometimes but I'm excited that i can… Continue

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First Day of My Life

Summer Break FTW!!!

Bored out of my mind and it's only the first day of summer break. IT'S MADNESS I TELL YOU!!! At least I still have two months left.

Well, as a first blog post, I think it needs a bit more. But it's late. So enjoy this picture...


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Eco-Friendly Gifts?

So I was taking advantage of my "Stumble" application on my Firefox browser and I ended up spending an hour or so browsing through eco-friendly goods/gifts. The website is Great Green Goods. There are pages upon pages of different gifts and good that have been made of completely recycled material. Some of the ideas are simply ingenious, and I think that everyone should check it out. Albeit, a lot are pretty expensive (generally the more awesome of… Continue

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I had to work this morning, but the bus got me downtown half an hour before I had to go, so I decided to grab a coffee. Y'know, perk myself up a little after an evening of boozing and schmoozing. I w…

I had to work this morning, but the bus got me downtown half an hour before I had to go, so I decided to grab a coffee. Y'know, perk myself up a little after an evening of boozing and schmoozing.

I went to The Vault and got a blueberry muffin and a hot chocolate and then just walked around downtown. And it was awesome.

I'm a big fan of going out for breakfast, but I had severly underestimated how nice it would be to go out for breakfast by myself. I think I might do it again,… Continue

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Rant Number 1...Read? about body weight and self-esteem. I'm kinda glad that no one reads my blogs, because this one is slightly...well, really personal. I'm chubby, and 5'5, which makes me seem more chubby then I really am. I just can't get this weight off. Diets, running, excersizing, and everything else, even starve, is not helping. Maybe it's gene's, or maybe its just (I don't believe possible) baby fat that hasn't come off yet. I just can not get it off!! Does anyone else have this problem, and if… Continue

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Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Me and my fellow nerdfighter friend, Kellianne, were having a discussion (when we should have been paying attention to the assembly, I guess, but it was boring - except for that Lion King part at the end) about all this Twilight versus Harry Potter things going 'round. Now, let me state that I enjoyed both series and I've read BOTH, so I believe I can be a jude.

One: Harry Potter is better than Twilight. Why? 'Cause JKR actually created a new world full of characters that are… Continue

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Something new

Well I have pretty much fallen off the face of the earth in the last few weeks. Basically everything that I have been dealing with since the start of this year has come to a head. As it stands now I am at a point in my life that I need a new start, and hopefully in the new 3 weeks that new start will happen.

The recent events have included but not limited to, a car accident, moved to a different town, had an explosive encounter with the ex and her family, and anything that could go… Continue

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In which John Green answers real questions from real Nerdfighters (and other people!)

I'm going to get directly to the point:

The audio of the SecondLife Q&A thinghy that John did earlier today is available now:


Or a direct link (r-click and save):


Or a direct link from the ning (might be faster to download):…


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In a hole in the ground, there lived...

So, we've all seen my irrational side, right?

It's about to get more irrational.

Look out.

SO, I'm a nerdfighter. I'm made of awesome and I try to decrease worldsuck. I watch B2.0 and I hang out in the ning.

Now, the ning has these forums, see, and they're not very well organized so it's tough to find threads that I actually want to comment on. Especially because most of the threads are Harry Potter related.

Now, if you don't know, my… Continue

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Why I Hate(d) Twilight

I hated the Twilight books because of the fact that Bella cannot stand on her own two feet without causing some trouble, she's supposed to be "normal" but she's described on Meyer's website as thin, beautiful and model-like, there is NOT a detectable theme other than "men can save women from danger, but women have trouble saving themselves and tend to get into more trouble". I can back this up by saying that the ONLY time she (SPOILER) puts herself in danger is in New Moon, when she tries to… Continue

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About the Video

I wanted to just give everyone a little story about how I found Nerd Fighters. I really respect John Green. I understand that the writer's world can be a hard one. I am tring to write a book myself. Through writing my book I have found that you run out of ideas very fast if you don't read other books or at least watch tv. I really dislike being in a writer's block, I feel as if I and dieing under a cloud of nothingness (much like the Never Ending Story). For my friends that I have sent this to… Continue

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Dairy Queen

by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Don't let the title fool you. This is not just a girlie book. Actually it's about football. Don't get me wrong, not ALL about football. If it was I would hate it, not being a sports fan, but it actually made me a little interested in football.

It's told from DJ Schwenk's poin to of view. She is a 16 year old farm girl who is struggling to keep her families farm from failing. Her two older… Continue

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The Jane Austen Book Club (DVD)

I saw this movie on the shelves and, not knowing anything about it, thought I'd check it out. It was really good. The cast is great. The story is a bit romantic, but not totally a girl movie.

A group of friends starts a book club. They decide to only do Jane Austen book. One member just got divorced, one is her lesbian daughter, one raises dogs and has never been married, one is in a trouble marriage, and the other is considering… Continue

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My Complex

I have come to know that I have a Millions Knives Complex.

The fact in the complex that most human beings are stupid cattle that will over graze, stomp, and lastly defecate on what narture and God has given them. The only solution is the ending of the human race in the creation of Eden. That man is not worthy of an Eden.

Name, why call it the Millions Knives Complex?

Millons Knives is a charater from the Anime 'Trigun' and the plant twin brother to Vash the Stampeed.… Continue

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