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The Aspestos Tampons

This is a video of an awesome band, the Aspestos Tampons… Continue

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Day 192: Review Wednesday #10

For today's Review Wednesday I am going to review Prince of Egypt.

This came out back in 1998. It had a screenplay written by Philip LaZebnik, with songs written by Stephen Schwartz and a musical score written by Hans Zimmer. It tells the story of Moses as he is sent on the river, found by Pharaoh's wife, raised as an egyptian, ran away from that life, became a shepherd, spoke to God through a burning bush, and was sent to free his people.


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Our Earth is Weeping for its creatures ;(

Hey guys,

For a couple of weeks, I have been learning how to drive! YAY! And since, my eyes are going just about everywhere on the road now, I have started to count the number of deer that lie motionless along the roads these days, and they are starting to climb to the high 20s. (Don't get me wrong, I am not hitting them.)

I have no idea if this is a regional issue or not, but according to my research and my bio prof. explanation, putting america back to work is costing us trees.… Continue

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Interwebs make me Angry (Feet)

When it comes to my internet, you just do not cut me off. If something like this happens, I may just snap. It almost happened when our internet went out, The only reason you can't drive by my house to see the heads of my family lined up for bowling, is that it came back just in time. Well, maybe that's a little extreme. Maybe I would have only made them into lawn decorations. Well, also extreme. But I probably would have ended up making them quite miserable.

But then saying this, it gets… Continue

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Two anti-war movies: The Sky Crawlers & Grave of the Fireflies.

Personally, I was equally depressed by seeing these two movies, but there is a lot of reality in these topics. Scenes of love and horror abound us in war, but what is wrong with us???? picking fights with each other.

The story in sky crawlers is just ... wrong. Of all the ways to deal with war, maybe there are better ways. But when I see the Grave of the fireflies, it seems to be that sky crawlers was a very desperate measure, almost like a reply to the fireflies movie. I still don't… Continue

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A Little Grieving Music.

I didn't know Jazz well enough for it to be my place to eulogise her, and talking about myself is all I know how to do. So you'll have to forgive me for not focusing on her memory here as much it deserves, I have a lot of disparate feelings to decompile.

A Clockwork Orange was my Hallowe'en costume of choice the day I met Jasmine. I was decked out in white like a droog, with a truly terrible homemade cardboard bowler hat. I was in Porters, reading an Empire magazine that was probably… Continue

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Musings on Happiness and Human Nature

Why do we hurt people to find happiness? If everyone deserves it, why is it so hard to find?

My first actual kiss wasn’t until I was 18, and the guy wound up not talking to me for over a semester. Turns out he had a girlfriend when he claimed to like me, and

about a week after this girl broke up with him, I see that he’s dating someone

else. Of course, the not talking was due to him calling me annoying and then my



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books books glorious books

so i have been reading the harry potter books all summer and i got to the sixth book a month ago. i decided to stop reading them for now because harry potter and i need a break from each other.( i read the 4th and 5th in june and re watched the movies, listened to some songs by the parselmouths, been contemplating on whether or not to go to leakycon, just finished watching AVPM and AVPS today and will most likely be seeing the play next month). ive been wanting to read something else for a week… Continue

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The Sad Irony of "Operation: Hufflepuff"

We all know who "Jessi Slaughter" is, right? If not, just look her up and the story (and the memes that go along with it) will be EVERYWHERE. The story of an 11 year old girl being harassed by an internet hive mind to the point of an emotional break down is one that, on first glance, is disturbing. However, when we learn about who "Jessi Slaughter" really is, you can't help but think it's less the fault of a 4chan raid and more the fault of bad parenting.

Almost a week or so…


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A blog I wrote on Sunday... but then forgot to put up here.

I go by three or four names on the internet and otherwise. One is my real name, one is my pen name, one is the name of the character I role played for the better part of three years, and the last is a character that I wrote about back in grade eight. My email addresses are all some variation of these four names.

So, when I went to log into my gmail this morning, I forgot what my name was. I drew a blank - I couldn't remember the name my parents gave me almost eighteen years ago! Then I… Continue

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Relationships Aren't Security Blankets...Pt. 1?

So I've been brooding over this for awhile now and I wanted to get this out where someone might listen, and think about it, and I can delete their comments if they're rude (yay for cyber interaction!). I want to discuss why being determined to find your "significant other" (wow that sounds cheesy) isn't always good for you.

Don't get me wrong, if you want a relationship, by all means, GO FOR IT. I'm sure it's fun and happy and great and making out is awesome.…

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Jessi Slaughter (Kerligirl13) Cyberbullying Creates YouTube Meltdown

This shit goes so deep hence I had to link all of what my sources help me find for you all.

Guys this is the most work I have put into a video or vlog on this channel since creation.

Please honor me with a subscription,thumbs up, tons of comments, and tweet it! I spent litterally 24hrs putting all of this together!

Eclusive T-shirts Men/Women & Children:…


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Day what ever....I AM STARTING A VLOG!!!

Well i ordered a refurbished flip camera so i should be vlogging by next week. i would appreciate you all checking it out and subscribing and such. It is called the nerdtastic way. I will talk about myself, cool websites, cool things, and i will having challenges. They will be like CHARLIE CHALLENGES! Except i will say, "leave your random challenge in the comments" or sometimes leave a drawing challenge. Got to go bye!

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Day 191: Song Tuesday #13

I figured since I talked about Commentary! The Musical yesterday, it was only fitting that I do a song from it today. So, today's Song Tuesday comes to you from Commentary! The Musical.

Nobody wants to be moist, a bunch of overactive pores.
I struggle opening doors
And I lose every tug-of-war.
Nobody wants to be wet, though sweet soul I do secrete.
Can't make damn fingers snap to the beat.
Ba zoop a…

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Activists are shutting down BP stations in London!

GREENPEACE International

Forty-six BP petrol station's in central London were shut down today and re-branded with signs announcing: 'Closed. Moving beyond petroleum' and featuring the new, 'oilier' BP logo.

It's time for BP to make a real move beyond petroleum and end their involvement in environmentally destructive oil sources like Arctic oil exploration, deepwater drilling and the Canadian tar sands.

Let's make it clear that the time to move… Continue

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I'm new, and don't know my way around the site, so any help would be appreciated!

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Hank's Life in a Day

In which Hank shows you his Saturday, which turned out to be a very busy day filled with friends, babies, water slides, juggling, Doritos, eggs, singing, dogs, and, yeah, other stuff. All because I wanted to be a part of the…

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Payday and vlog!

My first video blog!

Today is payday! Only made $35, bnut that's okay. It's probably more than what most kids my age get a week.

What do i do with my money?

I'm saving up for a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my mom and sister. Our goal is to have $500 dollars. We are half way there!

I've been reading a…


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briefly remeniscing about the '90s

Watching the '90s Sabrina (no, not the teenage witch) on tv, with a

terribly cast Harrison Ford and a remarkabley young Greg Kinnear chasing

whatever-happened-to Julia Ormond, directed by dead-now Sydney Pollack.

Last time I saw this film ...I

was in primary school, I remember we had the tv in the kitchen (which

was rare) and it was the old tv with buttons on it numbering 1 to 9. I

remember my…

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"Will Grayson, Will Grayson", Fabulousness, and Nerdfighters

Transferred from: Go there for more veggie goodness!

At 4 a.m. in the morning I started reading "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by John Green and David Levithan. I read all 310 pages until about 10

a.m. First, I found the book watching John Green's YouTube channel,

vlogbrothers. This channel is John and his brother, Hank, making videos

back and forth to each other.… Continue

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