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All right. I'm finally getting around to posting some photos. I promised the folks (see what I did there?) photos 3 weeks ago. First, can you BELIEVE this candelabra?! I bought it yesterday from Michaels. It's for Halloween but it's foreEVER for me. However, it's flocked and after a time it… Continue

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If you please,

[note: the anti-book reading thing is mainly a long-running gag I have that you Nerdfighters don't know about yet; regardless I'd like your suggestions]

Ok, it's not that I'm conceding that I actually need to actually read actual books instead of reading about books or listening to people talk about in order to live a full and enriched life (or assert my intellectual superiority).

I have a strict policy of not retracting statements except in the most dire circumstances.… Continue

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I Must Be Allergic To Productivity...

I have two currrent events due in less than 12 hours and I cannot stay focused. I keep listening to Elvis, Very Potter Musical including this lovely cover and had sudden urge to blag, even though I don't have sufficient time to actually talk about anything or check my spelling of sufficient.

So...Auf Wiedersehen, I leave you with The… Continue

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A poem.

She is myth.

I am historian.

I do research,

trying to prove she's real.

She is fairytale,

and the thought of her existence is comforting.

I magnify her words,

examining the details.

I am her student,

learning her ways,

and soaking in her culture.

The folklore is myserious,

but I believe her to be true,


She is a glass tale.

Noticed by fre,

and I see where she might crack.

At any… Continue

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Differences, Music, and Books.

First of all, I forgot to blog last weekend, and then failed to update again for each subsequent day until now. Sorry. It was the first week of school and blahblahblah lame excuse. Moving on.

So school. It's actually been kind of fun. I won't be using my biology book at all (Magnet class is too elitist for normal textbooks. :P). I don't know if that makes me happy because I won't have to carry it around, or annoyed because of the wasted book. Either way, I think it's going to be a… Continue

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Beginning of Questions

First chapter to my short story Questions. Again, comments would be very appreciated.

He threatened to kill himself. I loved Tyler. I did. All that mattered was his happiness. It was my duty, but I realized now that I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t be with him. I knew I would hurt him and I couldn’t let myself.

I knew how much power Tyler had. At any second, he could take his own life. He had that self-destructing strength. Death was an inevitable part of life, but he was only… Continue

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Beginning of Omega

I have a few stories I've written. This is the intro to a short story. Comment, por favor. =).

He has back-up.

They are the words I’ve been dreading. As they flood out of Galia’s mouth, I feel my courage crumble. I had that all-too familiar feeling of dread and disappointment. Until now, I had fought it off. I had harnessed my power, and I had used it for revenge. Revenge always slew hurt, it numbed it so I could sleep at night. Ha, not like I slept anymore. I spent my night… Continue

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A Nerdfighting Poem

Nerdfighters listen well, for I wil only say this twice*

Entrust thyselves with a mission that will be for life

Remember to be awesome in everything you do,

Decrease world suck levels, if the chance presents to you.

Fight for geeks, outcasts, nerds and youtubers alike

Improve thy wisdom, fall in nerdfighter-like!

Gather for the placing of random stuff on heads

Hank and John will be there, even if just as… Continue

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I Read Banned Books Contest

The Atlanta Book Project is cleaning our books shelves. Enter our - "I Read Banned Books" Contest. Simply reply on one of our many forums, email, twitter, facebook, youtube, walk up to us on the street and tell us your favorite banned or challenged books.

You will automatically be entered to win a book from our shelves, including autographed copies from some of our favorite authors.

You don't have to live in Atlanta or Georgia to enter. Just comment below telling us about… Continue

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Do I need any advice this week?

I don't think so. What advice do YOU need? (Also, do you have any comments about my feature choices? Want less political threads and more games? Vice versa? Anything? Tell me!)

γνωθι σεαυτόν*:

Hank and Katherine Secret Videos!

Ok not really secret, but they're videos posted by Mr. (Mrs.?) Green from Hank and Katherine's wedding. I already knew about them (because I'm perfect… Continue

Added by Chip, A Former Ningmaster on August 30, 2009 at 7:00am — 5 Comments

Some of my art

I figured that I might as well post some of my art for the nerdfighters to look at. It's not that great, but why not share? Tell me what ya think.

Acrylic Paint.

Ocarina of Time <3

Oil Pastel.


Water Color.…


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New to Nerdfighters!

As you can probably already tell from the tile of this pist, i'm new to nerdfighters, and i'm looking for friends and groups and fun stuff like that :D

Added by Erinn Donnelly on August 29, 2009 at 10:38pm — 1 Comment

The Fear

Okay so I came home for the weekend. I saw my dad for the first time in about 3 years and I met my little sister again. She is five now. She didn't really remember me from the last time but she seemed pretty excited that she had big brothers. I've also been playing Metal Gear Solid 3. That's pretty exciting. I've played it before but I ran through it really quick the first time. Now I'm taking my time to just enjoy the little details about it. The last part I got to was the fight with "The… Continue

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The Islands Of Nerdfighteria

After this I was thinking about my cartographing skills. What if I drew a map of "The Islands Of Nerdfighteria". Then I thought even harder about the name of the island, what size would it be, where would it be loacated, what type of enviorment would surround the island, and what would it be shaped like.

So, Nerdfighters, I'm asking you to be awesome (which you always are), and help me create (create = give me ideas) the mythical Island Of… Continue

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Christianity and Witnessing

I like to discuss theories and ideas to understand how they work. As a Christian, I am interested in discussing various topics in Christianity. I'll probably blog on this occasionally, in addition to my interests in personality, economics, government, video games, and whatever.

One of the conflicts between Christians and non-Christians is that many non-Christians don't like being told that they need to become Christians or that they are not actually Christians already. Meanwhile,… Continue

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Hermione Granger is WAYYY Hotter than Bella Swan

This is a nerd rant I'm sorry

So Twilight... You think you can be all popular and mighty and powerful, well guess again.

Harry Potter wins over Twilight always, every time.

First point, You guys have Bella Swan, who suppose to be all beautiful that it would make an 100 year old Vampire

try to do it with an underage girl.

Well guess do you know who we have

Hermione Granger. She's is a sexy nerd.

And it's a fact that the best kind of sexy girl is the nerdy… Continue

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Summer in the City

OK. I've promised myself that I wouldn't bitch about the heat this year, especially because right up until yesterday summer has been very merciful. Marine layer "June Gloom" right through August. It is now HOT and will be until Halloween. But I am really not going to bitch about it because I am NOT one of the firefighters that are in the middle of THIS! These are shots I just took from my neighborhood. I have never seen it like this. I'll just put the first shot here then add more in the… Continue

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Who knows

That you're a nerd. Have you told your family? Your friends?

Do they care? Are there more in your area? How has coming to this site help and/or change your life? And most importantly...

Are you proud to be nerd for life? Because you and I know this is not something you will grow out of. No matter how many books they write. You know you are a nerdfighter. Don't ever forget to be AWESOME.

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More stories from Mattie

Hooray! We've been blessed with two more lovely (and totally ad libbed) little stories by the inimitable Mattie.

[Story #1: On YouTube, 08/26/09, after being asked whether an unwanted animal had ever entered his house and, if so, what he did about…

Added by Edi on August 29, 2009 at 2:24am — 2 Comments

In Memoriam, Teddy Kennedy

I wrote most of this the day his death was announced but kept it as a draft because I was supposed to be getting ready for work. Like the O.J. Simpson piece I did a while back, this was mostly from memory, but any facts can be verified by the Wiki page.

Whether a person agreed with the policies and agendas Ted Kennedy championed, it is impossible to deny a simple fact: he was one… Continue

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