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It's Harder Than I thought.

All through high school I was told that I was being prepared for college.  My English teachers said that they were teaching me how to write like college students, and my AP courses were showing me what a college clas was like.  And I believed them.  High school was easy for me so naturlly I thought college was going to be easy too.  Simple logic, right?


Well my teachers lied to me.  The difference is astounding!!!  I understand that I picked a difficult major (Music…


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Day 2

So, today I am home sick. My throat is killing me, and I am pretty sure that I have a chest cold.It's cool though, because it's Rosh Hashanah! I am going to a synagogue in downtown Portland. Tomorrow I am going to another ceremony  to let go of the last year. I can't wait till later today.

I am watching 30 Rock from the beginning. I have never seen it before, and so far I think that it's amazing. There are a ton of great one liners. I am on season 2 episode 5. I would highly recommend…


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My first blog.

See, i'm new to this. I've always wanted to write a blog, but I have never been to sure how to start one, what to talk about, so go easy on me. First of all, hi. I'm physics mad, and currently in love with Doctor Who! I still don't see what is so bad about it, my friend told me that is why I repulse boys.. Such a wonderful friend.. I go through random phases in life, for example, I went through the ' I am going to be a musician' phase  'I'm going to be a criminologist'. But the most recent…


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DFTBA initalisms!

Hey everyone! I'm new to Nerdfighters but I've been watching the vlogbrothers for quite awhile! I'm feeling too lazy to search for EVERYONE'S DFTBA initalisms, so I thought I would... Blog post it? Yeah, that'll do. So without further ado, what is your DFTBA initalism?
I'll start this off: Different Flavors Taste Beautiful Afterall 

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I am a rage muffin!

My brother is a soldier, and his birthday is impending next month, so I figured I'd buy him an awesome knife option to strap into his LBE.  Fast-forward nine days after I ordered it, and I find it loose in a box.  I expected it to be an open item, but it was literally the contents of the original box tossed into a larger box.  I was hoping this wasn't a big deal, but I found that the tip had bent from its repeated impacts against the side of the box--which had pierced to the outer layer!… Continue

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Looking Up

Have you ever noticed that your height determines how you look at the world?


That tall people constantly look down at short people and short people look up at tall people. Notice how I didn't say look up to. 


Ever see the movie The Dead Poet's Society? Really good movie, so you should see it, but that's beside the point. If you stand on a desk, (which they did in the movie) you see things that you normally wouldn't see. 


All I am saying is,…


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we had a japanese exchange student at our school for this year. in that short time she bacame one of our best friends. we all thought we had 2 months left in her visit, we had even planned her going away weekend but it turns out that, with 2 months left, she has to find somewhere else to live. we all tried to take her in but for various reasons, none of us could. now she leaves today, most of us (including me) are unable to say goodbye and we will probebly never see her again.

we were…


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isn't it so weird how the way you look at something makes such a huge difference in your life? just a few weeks ago i barely ever saw this guy-friend of mine, but when i did see him i acted the exact same way i did freshmen year when we were like best friends and i still thought of him the exact same way that i did then, even though we had both clearly changed a lot over the course of 2 years.

now, just a short while later, i think of him as a total stranger who i only talk to because…


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All My Children Opening Theme With Lyrics (Goodbye AMC!)

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Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

So, I am working my way through John Green's books (unfortunately I can't find any more in my library now so I'll have to find some other way to get a hold of the rest). I liked "An Abundance of Katherines" although not as much as I liked "Will Grayson, Will Grayson". I did think the concept was very interesting, and I loved the characters, especially Colin and Lindsey. I found it interesting how the characters who were always referred to with acronyms (ex. JATT) were hard to picture and the…


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Awesome Bankers?

Kiva Nerdfighters:

In which John discusses job creation, small businesses, how the work of bankers can actually decrease worldsuck (contrary to popular belief), and how credit crunches affect economies around the world. I also discuss the microfinance web site,… Continue

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Day 1

So, today was a pretty standard day. Except I dropped choir today which slightly sucks, but I am unbelievably overwhelmed with homework that I need a study hall. I am super curious on who is going to be in my study hall. 

After school I had rehearsals. I always enjoy rehearsals, but today I was supposed to be able to run through my one line for the first time and this girl kept on telling everyone her 'magnificent' ideas. Normally it wouldn't annoy me for people to talk about her/his…


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Loving the Hate

Life is so precious when you think. It is not able to rewindand never pauses. It is a truly amazing given gift. We have to treasure it while we have it even the times we regret and feel pain. I can picture moments but I cannot relive. You can’t jar happiness and open it when you are down. life is its own category. Life is eternity. Looking back on the past is pointless. No one needs depression. Looking back, you search for it. When…


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time travel

it sound awesome to be able to go to any point of time, past or future, just...because but no one seems to know how it would work. my theory is that the future isnt set in stone but changes with the present. for example, if i were living a dead end life, m future would relay that but if i decided to change that, my future would also change.

everyone sees the awesome side of time travel and recive endless headaches trying to figure it out but the positives of time travel are mor couch…


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Reading Prince Caspian

Continuing to reread the Chronicles of Narnia as an adult with Prince Caspian. I'm having a lot of fun doing this! I encourage anyone who hasn't to reread through these books. It's a good time.

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There's always today

I love the idea of today.

Most people love the idea of tomorrow, the promise of the future with all of its sparkle and shiny things, and they say that "there's always tomorrow," "the sun'll come out tomorrow," you can believe in tomorrow. I prefer to believe in today.

Because, when you think about it, tomorrow doesn't happen without today. What we do today changes tomorrow, and today would have been completely different if people had made different choices yesterday.…


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Please can you vote for my media group to get some funding :')


Vote and information


If you vote i shall make you all a pretty cake :') 

Thank you for your time :)

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New collab post!

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All hail the Oxford comma!

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Happy International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking!

Wow, that is a long name for a holiday! If only I got the day off because of it. Hmmm, I spent so long trying to type it I appear to be late. Perhaps I shall be getting the day off after all! No, that would be irresponsible. Instead, I shall take today off and use the TARDIS to go on time.


This is of course, in reference to Looking For Alaska, a book divided into two parts, as…


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