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I just quit smoking. Feels good man.

'What? No months of horrible pain and moping? No horrible withdrawal? No bad mood swings?'
I don't smoke.
I choose life.
I am free.
I repeat, feels good man.

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In Which: Synyster Gates, stupid teenage drama and Switzerland

Have I already done a post about Switzerland? I can't remember... anyway, I'm going to Switzerland in 2012 with my best mates and it's going to be UH-MA-ZING :L it's a skiing trip. So, I put pictures of random Swiss things on my facebook page and tagged my friends and they're like OMFG SWITZERLAND <33 RAPE <33 at least, one of them is...

There has ben a fuck load of drama between all my friends recently and it's all over girls... you wanna know…


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Good Morning Sports Racers.

A vlog where Ze Frank is referenced, thanks are given, goats are mountainy and vlogs are… Continue

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I'm A Believer by The Monkees- Ukulele Cover

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Same old image blog

So, after four hours and more than five hundred pages of images, I have scraped together enough gems of awesome to make this a blog worth reading. At least... I hope it's enough. What do you think? More? Bare in mind that it would mean later blogs... Anyway, enough meta blogging; back to images!

Personally I play the violin, but I'm no good. If only you had actually painted it… Continue

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The Beauty of the Highway

This is the short story I just submitted to my school's lit journal.

The Beauty of the Highway:

The girl sighed and shifted her weight from one maroon Chuck Taylor to the other. She tugged on one of the loose curls that hung in front of her face. She crossed her arms and started to tap the scruffy toe of her shoe against one of the perfectly proportioned squares of the sidewalk.

She was standing on a perfectly straight street, across from one of the elementary… Continue

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Christmas List

Every year, my Mom and Dad ask me and my brother to type up a christmas list and email it to them because they say that ever since we became teenagers we are too difficult to shop for. Okay, fine.

Here's the problem. This year, there is nothing I really want. Okay, there are some things I want, but they are all drastically out of price range (iPad, laptop, college tuition, etc.)

Here is the list so far. As you can see, it's all books. Any other suggestions? Either for more books,… Continue

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I have Con-Demned our government.

Whenever I watch BBC News or House of Commons, I'm always intrigued by how hypocritical our government is. Sometimes, I even fascinate myself by my anger towards MPs. Every time I hear them talk, it's as if they had lost their minds! The problem with a Conservative Britain, is that the PM will have a power trip, and come up with stupid ideas that they think is best for the country. Take Thatcher for example, in 1990 she introduced the Poll Tax. Even…

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The Problem with Sleep

It isn't so much that I am an insomniac, once I go to sleep I am inclined to stay there for a seriously long time. The big problem is that, as I lie there attempting to find unconsciousness, I have no convenient distractions. The games, the shows, and the Internet are all lost to me and I am forced to confront how much I feel like a failure and all my despair at my life.

This make me want to wail in sorrow, to run screaming from my apartment; my heart begins to pound and I…

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Hello :)

Hi :) First of all, i would like to introduce myself. I'm not good at this, but i'll try to do my best m'kay?

Hello, my name is Ramone :)

>i am a college student, I want to be a Sped teacher

>I love love love mythology. i find almost every kind of mythology awesome

>i'm not really good at meeting new people. i'm trying to fix that though :)

>i'm not the stereotypical nerd. i'm not good with computers, i suck at math and i don't really like… Continue

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Border Songs

Hello again, Nerdfighteria!

I have abandoned you for so long, but am stopping by to recommend Border Songs by Jim Lynch (just in case anyone happens to stumble upon this post). It's a really lovely, really recent book about everything from the Canada-U.S. border to not fitting in to Benjamin Franklin to dealing with Alzheimer's/dyslexia/multiple sclerosis. It's absolutely great. Read it & be glad.

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RFOTD 4, 5, 6 and 7!!

Hey guys :) Sorry, I went camping this weekend, and, yeah, didn't have access to the internet :/ So, here are my late Random Facts Of The Day ^_^

RFOTD 4: A female swan is called a pen.

RFOTD 5: A bullfrog is the only animal that doesn't sleep.... zzz....

RFOTD 6: The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing their hands in jelly. (yum!)

RFOTD 7: There's an estimated 400 million dogs in the world!!

Hope I have enlightened all you people out there… Continue

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John and Hank: The Out-Takes

In which Hank shares the bits of the Friday video that didn't get in. And you can see that, indeed, John and Hank are not so eloquent as they may…

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just chewing a raisin box.

just chewing a raisin box.


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Curse You Roller Skates!

Where's my dang time…

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Christmas movies! Actually, Christmas movie, singular.

Seeing as I just joined the Nerdfighters Ning, I am amazed to learn that anyone, but anyone can make their very own blog! Well, the opportunity was so exciting that I just had to take advantage of it.

Okay, so let's get a move on.
Since I am a Film Geek Nerdfighter, I am here to talk about what is possibly the best Christmas movie ever, and probably one of THE BEST movies ever, It's A Wonderful Life.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and say it. "I…

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How to Tell if Your Smart Board is Male of Female.

Talking with teachers is the best. It may be a weird thing to say, and in most cases it's a lie, but it can be good. See, I have one teacher whom I absolutely adore. Maybe not adore, but he's pretty dang awesome. He'll talk about things kids can relate to, and not just to make them listen, but because he's actually interested in many of the same things! For example. Last year, he was my grade nine science teacher. Every Friday, he would let us spend the first fifteen minutes of our one hour…


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What is everybody doing!?! I was thinking of doing the TWLOHA(To Write Love On Her Arms) which is a organization that helps people with self-harm issues.

So what's everyone thinking of doing?!

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Nerdfighter Notes

This week I have made a concious effort to be a nerfighter, and be more active in nerdfighteria. I have considered myself a nerdfighter since earlier this year, but other than watch the vlogbrothers videos, purchase myself a t-shirt, convince my sister to be one to, and talk to my one nerdfighter friend about how awesome we are (note: we did not discover nerdfighteria together), I haven't really gotten involved.

Well, this week, I placed a total of 6 nerdfighter notes in…

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