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Hush Hush

Basically Becca Fitzpatrick wrote an amazing series called Hush Hush full of Fantasy , Mystery , and Endless Romance. Its perfect ! Probably , more of what girls might like to read, since its about sexy Fallen Angels and powerful immortal Nephilims.

Plus, its adventurous since Fallen Angels and Nephilims will declare war against each other. *SPOILER ALERT*

I just happen to fall in love with this series and I've read it 3 times already because its PERFECT ! - ehh not to mention…


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The Program

Before reading what I have to say do the following:

*Go to a book store (If you are already there, lucky you)

*Ask someone who works there if they have a book called "The Program" by Suzanne Young

*If they have it you can buy it or stay there reading it until the place is closed.

*Thank me.…


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Blog My Hell

There has been a minor craze going around YouTube in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday called…

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The Ning + Halloween= Free Tshirts? Okay then.

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The Small Gilded Fly - A YouTube Collaboration Project with a difference

Hey everyone I'm Ady or Adrian from The Small gilded fly we create videos about different topics, this idea came from Claire the architect of the group. we're of all different ages, locations and interests however we would like some help coming up with interesting topics. so please comment below a few topics you think it would be interesting to discuss. 

Small Gilded Fly on…


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Just cause!

"I know you're sad, so I won't tell you to have a good day. Instead, I advise you to simply have a day. Stay alive, feed yourself well, wear comfortable clothes, and don't give up on yourself just yet. It'll get better. Until then, have a day."

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Ridiculous Ratings

I posted the first chapter of a story I am writing on a website, and I rated it 13+, because it included some swearing and some deaths and violence and shit. Right. I figured 13-year-olds could handle it (I know I could at that age).

But the website just changed it from 13+ to 18+, the reason being "numerous murders exceeds 13+"

Not only is that ridiculous because movies like Forrest Gump (which, interestingly, used to be rated R) and the Hunger Games movies are rated…


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Comics, Cosplay, and Coville

I don't usually like to delve into my personal life on this blog, after all, it's none of your damn business, (and it's never really…

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Fangirling? I'll help

So, this is my first blog post here, so please let me know how I do. Anyway, so my brother and I have been fangirling over Welcome to Night Vale, the brothers, and so many other things, that we are going to explode. I promise. Now, I've been sick for four days, so there's really not much for me to do other than fangirl over a lot of things. And I got wondering, how many nerdfighters need to figure out how to stop fangirling? My answer? You can't. Or shouldn't. Because of the awesomeness of a…


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I Tell People More Than I Should

I tell people about my life so that they can look out for me. I don't like it when people who I'm close to are put in the dark. Today five years ago, I saw my dad alive for the last time. He heard me say "I love you" for the very last time. It was the last time that I hugged him. It was the end to my life as I knew it. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. I'll go to school, do my work, and have friends supporting me the whole day. And it will pass with and underlying sadness.



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Let's play War thunder: With a hail of bullets following!

In this video, we learn how bad Tam's taste in music truly is, hopefully that'll be a one off!

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Can We Make the Ning Cool Again?

Okay I'll admit, it's been months since I've been on the Ning and way too long since I've talked to the nerdfighter friends I've made but I'm back and ready for discussion. Let's admit, Hank's video today was awesome. It settled some of our fears that the vlogbrothers would ever sell out and the community would disappear, but now we need to take action too.

The idea of the Vlogbrother's having millions of subscribers scares me. Are we mainstream? Probably. That doesn't really matter…


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PLease help me decrease world suck with water purification education. Thanks!

HEY NERDFIGHTERIA. I HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST OF YOU ALL. In my quest to seek a great perhaps and decrease world suck, I have found myself tackling major world problems for the betterment of humanity. One of these problems is water purification, which I have been studying for some time now - all my research eventually producing a plausible idea. I truly believe in my idea and I think that if impoverished third-world communities were educated on it, we'd see the world water crisis end. Recently…


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Amateur Writers' Problems.

When I was 8, I had this habit of writing in a diary. It continued till I turned 12, after which I gradually stopped. I happened to read them last night and I felt two things: A) I was very intellectually unimpressive (I still am, but to a lower degree) and B) my writing kept getting better. Yet, the last entry I wrote was painfully awful.

My point is, as an aspiring writer, I write a lot and quite often, I impress myself with my writing. But when I read my work a month later, I honestly… Continue

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Admit you’re wrong.

You're Wrong

We’re all wrong. All the time in fact. I’m almost certain that you’ve made at least five glaring mistakes over the course of the day already.

I know you don’t believe me;…


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Showing off Robocraft: Tam is a newb

In this video, we find out that Tam is rather noobie, and gets blown up rather quickly. Much talent, many wows. 

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So I guess I'm going to start off my introducing myself. I'm Courtney Smith,I'm 15 years old,and a freshmen in highschool. When I was in 8th grade I started an Anti-Bullying program at my junior high. I started this prgram due to me being bullied in the past,and also just seeing others being bullied. I knew how those victims of bullying felt,and I wanted to help. I won't tell you guys a lot about the program right now,but trust me I will later on. To conclude this little introduction I can say… Continue

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Baled out of half marathon

 Trained all summer to run in a 13.1 mile race- however it poured from 8-12:00 the entire time of the event. I love running but not in he rain. Yesterday i did my own race in the sunny crisp weather. Finished in 1hr 50 minutes which is pretty good. Many did show up to run -- most did not.

Loking forward to racing november 23-.  5 miles HOPE IT DOESNT SNOW

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Sorry I'm not around...

I seriously don't have much time to be on the Internet. I'll drop in every couple of weeks, but beyond that, I can't be here. 

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