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First Ning Post (and J Scribble)

So I've been watching John and Hank for about two years now, but I only just started getting into the other things they do besides Vlogbrothers, Mental Floss, Healthcare Triage, and Scishow. I also only very recently made this account here on the Ning. I've read Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, and TFIOS. I'd have to say my favorite one so far is Paper Towns. I suppose my main point of this post is to say that, while I've watched their content for quite a while, I've only very recently…


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Putting Sci-Fi back in SyFy

Pronunciation: 'See…

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11-24-14 Court Decision- Michael Brown

Warning: This is extremely controversial. My opinion will probably not be very well liked. So dont go all crazy on me telling me every single detail of why I'm wrong because you probably dont even know what I'm saying, so sit yourself back down and read this, then think about it for a day or two, then you can come back and comment. 

Here is my opinion on this court case ruling: It is not right. Someone, even a policeman, should not get away with killing someone without having…


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Crashed Course: Worldsuck

I think this is how I start my vlogging. What better way than to model the VBs in putting out the cliff presentations of some greater worldsuck issues? I have extended my knowledge of drug prohibition to where I can make that episode, so I think that should be the 1st episode. From there I will do eps on:


-water & sanitation



And after 5 I can reassess depending on the finished progress. Target: video 1 by friday, videos… Continue

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Just let me know...

I know love is an involuntary emotion but if I had the choice to stop it, would I?

The only reason I don't want to feel this way about you is because it hurts too much, and you are oblivious. It's not one of those stupid little crushes where you think someone is attractive and it's more on an aesthetic level than anything else. It's one of those 'I care for you as more of a friend and I hope I don't annoy you because I want to look at you as much as possible and be with you all…


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Swimming with the fishes!

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I'm so sick of live.

I don't post much, but I'm really angry.

I'm so sick of people saying they're my friend. BUT never talking to me. I text, PM, message, and call them but no one ever replies.

I'm sick of when I do get through to the person, it's always the same story, "I don't feel like talking" or "I've just been busy".

I'm also so sick of people being shit faces and forcing their opinions and advice. I've heard the song, and done the dance. I'm sick of everyone telling me to do the same…


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New Horizons

Is anyone excited that New Horizons is waking up for its flyby of the Pluto Planetoid system next July?  What will we see?

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Mockingjay Part 1

I just came back from the opening of the mockingjay movie. I have to say I am very pleased with it. It's thrilling, emotional and it has enough action. I already know what happens at the end because I read the book but the movie definitely got me super excited for the last film. So that's a 10/10.

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Respect for John and Hank

Never thought making vlogs would take so much effort. Not that I didn't already respect you guys, but Trying to do one myself was difficult to say the least. May just delete it hah. #DFTBA

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It's a Trope: Morse Code


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There is a girl named Jewel. She is twelve and has two parents and a grandpa. she once had a five year old brother named John, but everyone called him bird because he would always jump off of things. Jewels grandpa said one day he would fly like one. And then Bird jumped off a cliff. On her birthday, no one found him till later. His blue blanket that served as wings was caught in a bush. So know Jewel is living in a house of silence, her grandpa doesn't speak because everyone said Birds…


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When I get bored in Chemistry

Today in Chemistry, I forgot my notes, so I just sat there doing nothing when I started writing down random phrases from the notes PowerPoint that I thought sounded cool. This was the result:

Now the electron is in an excited state
The atom is unstable
Energy levels are fixed, set amounts
Electrons circle the nucleus in set orbits
The greater the movement, the more energy involved.

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New Nerdfighter caught up - sort of an open letter to John and Hank

Okay.. Okay.. Feeling the semi-anxiety creeping up on me. First Nerdfighter blog-post. 

So, I watched my first whole vlogbrothers video on the 20th of october 2014. Now, almost one month later, i have caught up with you guys! 

I started from the beginning, so all your videos are watched to me! (all your bases are belong to us-jokes.. anyone?) I feels so strange to be "finished" with your videos. When you look at the video count There is 1242 videos, and it took me less than one…


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These nerds were made for fighting

So I decided on my first few steps towards worldsuck reduction. Does any serious effort to decrease worldsuck counter what Nerdfighters add to the suck themselves? Not sure, but I would guess that the answer is no. I would speculate hat only YOUR serious effort can counterbalance your contribution to worldsuck. I transition to the slightly mystical focusing of my attention in matters of worldsuck.

Drug prohibition has long been in the crosshairs. I will build my case for the… Continue

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That awkward moment when...

You're forced to do better despite your best efforts to avoid doing so. I struggle reconnecting with people, got mad at my Mom for giving me the phone last night. It was my Grandfather. We haven't talked for ages due to my ability to avoid things. Got tripped up in taking care of my older bro's children(a few weeks and 5 years old) this weekend and couldn't drop the baby fast enough.

After we stopped talking, I went to thank my Mom for enabling us to reconnect. She cut me off with an… Continue

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Sent a Query...

Hello, Nerdfighteria. Haven't posted in a while. So, recently I finished the novel I was writing and I sent the query letter along with the first chapter to Jodi Reamer: THE VERY AGENT THAT JOHN GREEN WORKS WITH! It was expected to arrive in New York yesterday. So right now, my yellow envelope is sitting in a pile of other mail in her office somewhere. That thought scares me. Insanely. Now I have at least 6-8 weeks to wait, at which time my query will be rejected, or she will (hopefully)… Continue

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A Song Of Ice And Fire

Got a wicked decent theory in progress over on the westeros forums:

Its actually a lot of fun just working on it, right or wrong its got me to reread the series and WOW is it different on the reread. Love this series.

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in need of reinvention

when you want to see the world from a different angle, have new experiences and basically get fresh experiences out of life what do you do? I think renewal and reinvention are crucial to a long happy life. Please leave comments to help me on my new journey......

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The Signs of Interstellar


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