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Voting Day!

I love voting!! I get all happy and sentimental and patriotic and love everyone I see at my polling place. It doesn't matter if they are voting the same way I am - they are participating in democracy, and this is a wonderful thing.

I could have gotten an absentee ballot, in fact we thought we would have to, since my husband had a training in Southern California originally scheduled for this week, but we ended up rescheduling that and getting to vote in person. There is…


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Blossom buds blooming

Spring brings inspiring things

Joyous jaunts taunting



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God can cry so rain will fall

Raindrops on my skin

I, too, want to cry for you


Original poem by me! This is part of Kristina's Project, but I really took it seriously and think I came up with a meaningful poem. What do you think?

btw, if you haven't noticed yet, it's a Haiku...

-edit- i totally got the form wrong! it's supposed to be 5-7-5, darn. well, i'm keeping this one up and i'm gonna come up with…


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The Best Sweatshirt Ever!

This must be the best sweatshirt I've ever seen! I don't know how much it costs however...

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5 facts about me!

1) i go by my middle name.

my first name is laurel. my last name is harwood. my parents decided to call me by my middle name because they did not want kids to make fun of me because of the laurel and hardy show. over the course of my life i have discovered that more people are likely to ask me to turn myself of page them than know what the laurel and hardy show was. good call mom and dad.

2) i actually do keep gloves in my glove compartment.

i have… Continue

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5 Facts

Oh, man. First blog here. A HISTORIC EVENT INDEED.

Okay, so Steven tagged me for the five fact meme thing that's been going around YouTube mostly, but has now managed to arrive at Nerdfighters.ning. Awesome.

Without further ado....

1) Pretty much all my close friends know this about me, but I'm intensely obsessed with Disneyland. Like... I go, on average, at least three times a year. My parents are obsessed with it too, as well as my best friend's family, so we usually go… Continue

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Jokes? Anyone, anyone? -John Green

I'll Add More Sporadically

5.) Three Monks took a vow a silence but agreed that they can take turns saying one sentence a year.

The first year rolls around and at breakfast monk #1 throws down his spoon and says: I hate oatmeal!

The second year rolls around and at breakfast Monk #2 says: Well, I quite like it.

At long last it's the third year and Monk #3's turn, he says: I’m sick of…


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I might be a really lazy person, but one thing that i absolutely love to do is draw.

i finish painting today and it's gonna be a birthday gift. Hope he like it…


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If anyone gets bored you can add me on msn if you want:

Ok so my rule was that i was going to update this blog every sunday unless something great happened, well i didn't get to update on Sunday because i was at an 18th on saturday night and i slept over and even though i touched no alcohol me and my sober friend where kept awake by all night by the drunkards and i just ended up sleeping all of Sunday. So ANYWAY over the last week nothing incredibly exciting has… Continue

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Participating In The Big Game

Tom and Jack Vote. Jack's 18.

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Five Facts

I've seen this going around on YouTube. And now it's in blog form!!

I got tagged by Zaielle.

Where to begin?

1. I'm afraid of ketchup. And I don't want to talk about it.

2. I was hit by a car April of 2006. I broke 4 bones, got a few brain bleeds (??) and tore two ligaments. And in some demented way, I had the time of my life. It was one of the most positive experiences I've had. (And none of that because-it-brought-me-closer-to-god stuff). I don't know- I…


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Ad in your scabbard

22.Favored Brand

This is a +5 longsword, one designed to see if the user will accept its quirk in exchange for its power. It can emmenate a cone of cold as the spell once a day, and extinguish fires and attempt to do the same to magical fires. However, it is a talking sword, and has strong preferences as to the brands of products it prefers, and won't let you forget! Many varieties available, for example, the dwarf preference version will Complain loudly and daily (many times an hour) of… Continue

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College Sucks

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I have not blogged in a while!

And I have realized this fact many times before while checking this thing (which, suprisingly, I do peridically even though not too many people know me/about it). However it has come to my attention that I needed to do something and I needed to write something now that AP Comp is over (I really do miss that class). Anyways, Mike and I have started a new Vlog series that is by no means comperable to Hank and John's, but hey, we're starting out (that and our time constraints are much different… Continue

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NFI: Day 35- Continuous Story Pt. 1

In which Cait Starts The Story of Alex and Dakota while completing Kyle's Challenge of Changing her appearance...

Hopefully you all see where I'm going with this.

p.s. NY Giants FTW! And my super bowl commercial of awesome-


& "Gone in the…


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Super Tuesday and Southern Crack

Happy Super Tuesday Nerdfighters. I hope everyone who has a primary and is of age to vote is out there voting today!

If your state hasn't had a primary yet and you're not sure when it is, check out Rock The Vote. You can also find the deadline for each state to register to vote AND it will prepare the registration form for you if need be.

Now then.....

Let's talk about my favorite… Continue

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Relay for Life.

I recently started getting letters in the mail from "Relay for life"...of which I was a part of last year (Yay, for decreasing worldsuck) I have to start thinking about putting togeather a relay for life team....maybe I'll be able to find some new-england Nerdfighters that whould be intersted =-)

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Six pink miniskirts

I like working at Crossline, the homelessness project/soup kitchen. Particularly Staurday morning breakfast. Fun job #12 is sorting through clothing donations. Chiefly because whoever donates these clothes (although they are fine individuals making a valiant effort to decrease Worldsuck) don't seem to have given much thought to what a homeless person might need.

For example, as the title of this post implies, on Saturday morning there were no less than SIX pink miniskirts. The…


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Snow Again (Again)

By the way, it snowed for the third Sunday in a row the other day (it's that phase in the morning where I don't have time to do any thesing or studying, but leaving for work would get me there much too early on Tuesday).

So to reiterate and make some new points, and all while being brief:

It's beautiful and magical.

Ideally, I'd have a "someone" to share it with.

I love twirling in it.

It makes walking a little treacherous. And I'm bad at estimating… Continue

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I've been tagged..

Okay, so here is five random facts...about ME!

1.) I wake up two hours before I have to leave my house in the morning just so I have time to get on my laptop and do nothing.

2.) I like post-it notes..A LOT!!

3.) The only t.v shows that I care to watch MOST of the time are Law and Order, CSI, and House.

4.) My middle name is Rae, but I spell it Rhea...because I can and it's just cooler that way.

5.) I hate it when people don't use turn seriously…


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