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i'm not in the most pleasant mood right now. my parents are frustrating me. they're always telling me to do shit and i can't stand it. since i got home i've been told to:
-look at my mom
-walk the dog
-fold the laundry
-get more exercise
-set the table
-do the dishes
-make food for my sister
-get off the computer
and much more

i've gotta go do dishes.

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In which *insert title here*

I have not been updating much, and that is because of school. What happens at school? I'll take a photo of my diary, and I'll show you what happens at school. We have class, we get homework and we do said homework. After two weeks at school I have written two English essays, an English oral (we ran out of time yesterday because of photos), two French reading comprehensions, a listening and an essay, nearly a chapter of maths, some Geography work, and not nearly enough Chemistry questions. It's… Continue

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make a super bowl ad for this one!

25.Lite and Light Beer

I know, I know, the usual regular lite beer belongs in the practical joke file, but this stuff is all that and more. The same horrid taste, the same reduced calories, but even more alcohol. But what makes this one good? It is truly light, or lite! each six pack contains at least one of each. The lite beer reduced your weight to a negative number causing you to float about like a balloon, hopefully this should not kick in till they are in the tent, otherwise i hope… Continue

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In Which I Display More of My Math Enthusiasm

I'm very attached to numbers, and there are certain numbers that I have a personal connection to.

3 - I was raised Catholic and praised the Holy Trinity every day of my

life for may years. The third grade was the year I realized that I

can't try to become popular because those kids just don't like me. I

was one of three best friends for most of my life.

4 - There are four of us kids, and I think we are really close because there are

four of us. If one of… Continue

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sleeping in the library, or, bringing up nerdfighters

last friday night i got to sleep in the library. while to some, this may sound like a prison sentence (I was one of those till very recently), it was actually fun. here's why it was fun: the kids! kids ages 5-11 were allowed to bring their sleeping bags, camping gear, and a parent, and sleep in the library, and they loved it. they were soooo excited! and they didn't even know yet about the special guest we had lined up (Robert Munsch!). They came in, clutching their flowered

or super-heroed… Continue

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Question Tuesdays (on Friday)

Come see me at the Hideout TONIGHT at 6:30 in Chicago.

In which john answers as many questions as he can in four minutes. (Feel free to leave more questions if you'd…


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Casting= ARRRGGHH! Stress!

I'm now casting actors for my film and I'm the producer/director/editor/ lighting guy/singer (all most everything a part from a actor). Now in the casting stage, I'm stressed like Hell to find the right actors and actresses for the 4 parts I need to fill.

ARRGGH Stress!

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Foreign Objects

Foreign Objects

There are cells in the body.

Cells in the body that are just blocks

blocks of matter that are ignored.

Ignored by the blood cells

by the blood cells and antibodies.

They don't register,

don't register as anything.

As anything important.

They are just matter,

matter, space, whatever you want.

You want to know what they are?

They are the in-betweens.

In-between people.

Somedays I… Continue

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Quick update.

Okay, so life has really gotten in the way of my writing/nerdfighting. My grandmother got sick a little while back, school deadlines came up and I've been in insane rehearsal for my upcoming production of Grease. I just want to let people know my creative wheels have NOT stopped turning. Chloe still has a story to tell, never fear! Oh and don't forget to check out Nerdforce5, the vlog series I'm doing with my secret family KT, Molly, Jane and Serenity (but she doesn't have a camera yet).…


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Today is the third day of Lent. If you're not Catholic, Lent is the forty days before Easter when you make some form of sacrifice. My sacrifice is caffeine. I love caffeine with most of my being.

Under the advisement of my roommate, Hobo, I somehow convinced myself that giving up caffeine was a smart idea.

I was wrong. It's quite terrible. I can only hope that it will get easier.

My other roommate, Bundty, does not think that I can last the whole forty days. Hobo has… Continue

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Another Old Kingdom Book is Coming Out!!!!

So I am extreamly excited because I just found out that one of my favorite young adult authors, Garth Nix, is publishing another Old Kingdom book!!! This is really awsome, now I have more books to reread untill I know the plot by heart. Yes, I do know the other three books almost by heart, I read them way too much. Even though no one will read this, I am going to tell about the book comeing out in 2010 or 2011. So its name is… Continue

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f!rst p0st!

Behold! I have arrived at Brotherhood! Finally! I began my viewings of Brotherhood 2.0 last week, and as of 12:05am this morning, I have viewed every video on the Brotherhood 2.0 channel. Even the videos from 2008!

I felt it necessary that I type some sort of blog to basically introduce myself, if not everyone saw my introduction thread in my pants. I am a swordfighting Nerdfighter, it's true. My profile picture IS in fact recent (only one week old, in fact), and is of me in my… Continue

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My 5 Random Facts....

Fact #1 I'm a bit of a Gypsy at heart....

Chronological order of states I have lived...California, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana (temp), Illinois (temp), and Missouri. Now, within those states I have moved 28 times not including the temp residences...add 4 more on with those. The temp residences didn't involve relocating all our belongings but we lived in a burb of Chicago for a month...Evansville (or is it Evanston?), Indiana for about 3 months I think, and we lived in Ottawa,…


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Blog posts make me gag

I don't like blog posts. They are irregular and they take up way too much space on my Ning page... So... No more blog. Except this. And maybe something important. =] So there you go...

It's too hot... It's to hot in this town

My will to live is melting and that's whats got me down...

*whistles trying to get song out of head*

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The Giant: Redux!

Here's the most recent revision of the short story I wrote a few weeks back. I cleaned up a few paragraphs and clarified a few things to make it easier to follow.

The Giant

Jack’s hand found a suitable rock to hold on to and closed upon it. He planted his foot on another rock and stepped up onto the pillar. It didn’t look to be a particularly hard climb, but he breathed heavy nonetheless. There were plenty of rocks jutting out to use as footholds and the… Continue

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So I am a newly discovered "renthead". I bought the rent dvd about one week ago in that time I've seen it at least once a day but usually i see it twice or even three times on my days off. I went to youtube and downloaded all the songs and i watch/listen to those when i'm not watching the movie and I hope within the next couple of weeks to buy the broadway and movie soundtracks.

I find myself singing the songs in my sleep (a few times i even woke myself up) and at work at the checkout…


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Eva's story to be posted as a movie sunday

“I never thought this would happen” Sam said, slowly. “Not in my school. Not in my town. And definitely not someone I know…or…knew.” They were sitting on the steps under the arch of their school, the high up passageway that connected the two separate buildings. It was a gray day, cold and windy. The weather created a vague sort of blend between sky and building.

“You didn’t really know her, not technically.” Alex said, staring at the body being taken away. He fiddled with something in his… Continue

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Why am I angry (and in pain)? Part...4, I think?

My blog-y thing just got deleted. How nice. I'm really in no mood to retype all this, so I'll give you the short version.

Basically, I feel really out of place in my dance class because I'm big (meaning tall and that I could stand to lose about twenty pounds, although I really don't need to) and everyone else is tiny in every way, shape, or form. And I'm not. And they all go to a different school than me, so I'm just kind of standing there like "Hey...erm...yeah. And stuff" all… Continue

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okaaaaaaaaayy. the concert that i mentioned in my last blog was a huge success. i really hope that post means after because if not this blog is chronologically messed up. i am in a high school symphominc band (as a freshman, told you i kick butt) and we visited a middle school and i was very much amused at the look of awe on the small people's faces as we played. not meaning to diss middle schoolers, but high school just makes you hugely improve. plus my high school band is boss. i guess… Continue

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Tagged. Twice.

Thanks to my friends Jodyjl and keeley for the Tags. I wrote 5 things about me and hated it, so here I go again. Will they be the same 5 things? Nope.

1) Sunset photos. Constantly. I've hung up mid conversation to run out in ankle deep snow in my slippers to take a picture of the sunset happening in my back yard. Very closely related to the clouds and scary sky photo obsession. One day, I'm sure I'll get lightning struck or be swept away by a tornado, camera in hand. Staring at the…


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