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Who needs a babblefish?

24.Wax lips of communication
These handy wax lips allow anyone to understand you, and has the side effect of making you look like a duck. A duck with wax lips. Many a solid negotiation has come about from this, many along the lines of 'We come in peace!" "Um, tasty duck, thog like eating duck, yummy!" Um...I am not a duck!" "You look like a duck!" "I got better" Great fun for all! Stew pot not included.

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Barack the Vote ya'll.

WE can and we DID break records, particularly in Georgia, my home state, and i am proud of my fellow Georgians:

i hope everyone voted. i know i did.


and, yes we CAN.

Added by Crissy on February 7, 2008 at 12:09pm — 2 Comments

Pokemon are awesome =]

My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard.

They're like wanna trade cards?

Darn right I wanna trade cards

I'll trade this but not my charzard

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Urban Legend ER

Warning: There is one "swear" word.

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I miss the Ning!

Sometimes the lack of internet at our flat is fine, one less distraction in a very distracting world. But sometimes I really miss it, the ning especially! Another barrier to enjoying the internet has been the business, as always, but as predicted Feburary has been made of awesome so far! Things just feel better! Also not having about a billion things to do RIGHT NOW is a lot less stressful.

The most interesting and exciting news though is that Kate (one of my two bestest buddies) has…


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Blog Taggin'

Onwards tagged me to tell five facts about myself. This was harder than I expected!

1. I've been to the emergency room twice. The second time was for a very severe case of the flu that might have left me six feet under had my parents not taken me to the hospital, where I stayed for a week. All I really remember was that everyone who visited me brought me presents, and it was nice to not go to school. Needless to say I really… Continue

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Brother, Can You Spare An Hour?

It's hard to find anything on the Internets which you can click on and have it hold your attention for more than a minute. This lasts 79 minutes.

Childhood… Continue

Added by Good Old Tom Stohlman Jr. on February 7, 2008 at 6:54am — 5 Comments Tom. Now to bore everyone.

So I have to write 5 facts. Erlack.

1. I have an addiction to book buying. I have 30+ books bought from the past month and a half. I have only read 3 and a half of them. Another one of my buying addictions is CDs, although I am actually curbing this addiction until the 29th of March. Or until I see !Viva La Cobra! wait...wait...curbing addiciton...yess.

2. I have been linked into more hypothetical relationships than Britney Spears has had real ones. Okay,… Continue

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In which I am procrastinating.

I really should be researching Pakistan at the moment - well I've actually done all the research, but now I have to write it up. Does anyone have a way to solve the conflict that is the people of Pakistan against the dictator who claims he is fighting for Democracy, Pervez Musharraf? I was thinking that maybe diplomatic pressure from Bush (who knows, maybe he can do something right. John Howard did, but I don't really remember that because I was eight. He made it harder to buy guns, and the… Continue

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So I got tagged.

1. I studied Elvish. Like the language from LotR, you know? It's like, actually a language. Well Tolkien wrote upwards of 12 actually, but only who have extensive enough vocabularies to be somewhat speakable. The one I studied is called Sindarin. I did all the exercises and everything and went and chatted with people in Sindarin online. Um, yeah.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with chapstick/lip balm. I have to have some with me at all times. DCT is my favorite, Burt's Bees is next,…


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Greetings nerd fighters. I have created an account here, having found this place by way of videos on youtube. Hooray. I'll probably be doing more blogging than posting of other things. I don't exactly have a camera or scanner. If I do get a scanner, expect to be flooded with crazy doodles. In the mean time, I may just post my thoughts about TTRPGs, anime, manga, books, movies, whatever, plus humorous anecdotes and stuff I write for my English class.

Oh, and if any of you know Dungeons… Continue

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I was tagged

My Five Facts That I Think You Didn't Know:

1. I believe that Calvin Johnson is a vampire.

2. I like to color. A lot.

3. I'm going to write a fanzine.

4. I usually don't brush my hair in the morning, just my bangs. Nobody notices.

5. I say that I can't sing but I think I probably could if I took the time to learn notes and stuff.

I think I'm supposed to tag some people but I won't because I have a feeling that I was the last to jump on this… Continue

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Blog Tag

Ok so i have been Tagged by Katie... So here it goes

1. ok, so i will start off by saying i love to take photos of everything.... It is a favorite pass time of mine.

2. I love anything to do with theatre. whether it is acting on the stage or sitting and watching. I love it. Going to see shows is just so much fun. I have seen Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Avenue Q, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee,… Continue

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It's Cold Outside, There's No Kind Of Atmosphere, I'm All Alone.....More Or Less....

Hey everybody,

Jamie here, and I'm just about to post episode four of Get A Job Records: 'Fuchsia Short Things'. I hope everybody digs it, because I wasn't really sure if I wanted to post it. But I mulled the idea over for a couple of days and decided to go ahead and put it up anyway. Hope this helps in your search for a new show Mary Kate.

On a side note, I'd like to pass along to everybody a few links to some things (and people) that have kept me entertained as of…


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certain songs should'nt be played at certain times

It would not have been good to play shot through the heart (an awsome song btw) at Steve Erwin's funeral\

It would not be very smart to play "Rock Me like a Hurricane" at a Katrina relief concert

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So i got taged... lets do this....

1. well when i was one years old i drank liquid bleach on accident, and was rushed to the hospital and got my stomach pumped

2. when i was in the 4th grade i roller bladed down a hill (not a good idea) and landed in the hospital for about 3 days

3. I finally read a book, but i didnt finish the last chapter

4. in high school i was in a musical called the "King and I"

5. I went…


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So I was tagged. Um....five facts about me:

1. I tend to change my behavior based on what group I am with at the time. As my little brother would say "I'm a chameleon".

2. I started listening to the Beatles as a way to keep myself occupied while my little brother was at the hospital after his seizure. I was feeling totally neglected by my family, and the Beatles became my second home. But now everyone in my familys…


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Dysfunctional Body o' DEATH

I'm writing a blog

I'm writing a blog~!

I'm writing a blog hey hey hey HEY!!!

hat's being sung by the way.

right so I've been pretty much..sick all week.

not fun.

I hate it. but i did manage to get to my photo class and school at least once this far.

photo class makes me happy.

except i pretty much suck at the enlarger again.

and my pictures are so crrraaaaappppyy.



so i can take pictures places and… Continue

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vlogbrother spinoffs!!! They're Everyehere!!!

So many nerdfighters (and non-nerdfighters) around the world have been inspired by Hank and John to start their own group vlogging projects.

I knew there were a lot, but I never realized there were THIS many!

From vlogmothers to 5awesomegays, it seems everyone is jumpin' on the vloggin' bandwagon!

If you have your own project you'd like to add to the list, but the url in the comments. Lets get the word out on these awesome projects.

Here's what I got so… Continue

Added by Abby Simons on February 6, 2008 at 7:06pm — 8 Comments

Who else is bored???

usually when im bored i practice my flute, but right now my flute is at my school so i have absolutely nothing to do except type random crap. hmmmmmmm. i dont even know what to tpe about. blahblahblahblahblah.…


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