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thats all I have to say about them

i have my first one tomorrow, it just had to be geography :(

For those that don't know what prelims are, they are practise exams before my real highers in May, which is far too soon for my liking.

Sooner than that, however, is my geography exam, and I need to know too much for it, so why i am writing a blog on how much I need to revise, when really I should be revising, I don't know


I really reaallly want…


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Right, I don't really want to go into a whole spiel here, but basically I came home, and rubbishness happened. Not even that bad, compared to other stuff that has happened the last few years, but combined with all the other little niggly things that have gone wrong this week and last, it kinda felt like the last straw. I came into work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and my apparantly slightly psychic colleague took one look at me and said "You're not alright, are you? You're pale, and…


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Blog Tag!

Here goes nothing, whayy.

1. I have the attention span of... (see what I did there. LOL)

2. I play guitar..bass geetar. And i'm rubbish.

3. I'm pretty much addicted to videogames, but am currently going cold turkey!

4. I don't sleep much at all.

5. Ummm, I dunno. I've just woken up.

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Um, Awesomeness, I guess

So it's been a while since I did one of these, 'cos I was struggling to pick the silver lining out of the shattered ruins of my weekend last week. But I was hopeful this week, because Saturday was so incredible! Then I came home and talked to my Dad, and everything went to crap. But I'll do that in another blog, it doesn't belong here.

1. Saturday was completely amazing. I'm helping to run a holiday club at my church over Easter holidays, but the only decent Christian bookshop in…


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A Near Climax of Nerdfighterness

Ok. I just watched the teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie.

And I practically climaxed. But they don't call it a "teaser" for nothing. I guess I'll get that release this Christmas...

I was raised on Next Gen. I don't remember all of it, but I know I watched all of it when I was little.

The Hilton in Vegas has this museum/ride called the "Star… Continue

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Hey All,

Chevy and I just finished the music for a commercial for Its kindof like myspace I guess, but for environmentally concious people. You can find jobs, find green technologies, and find friends interested in the environment. Just thought I would let all the nerdfighters you know...go sign… Continue

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Self Check-up

Self Check-up

By yourself on a rainy day

Look at where you are at



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Official Invitation to All Nerdfighters to Attend the Southern Atlanta-Based Nerdfighter Gathering

In pure reverence for the Boston Awesome Nerdfighter Gathering (BANG), we are continuing the -ang suffix and calling the Southern Nerdfighter event SANG (goodness I hope there's one in Washington...teheehee). It is the weekend of February 15th and it will be awesome!

Be invited here! Seriously, click that link right… Continue

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Day 5: Challenge Day!

Chip completes the first ever challenges of GirlsWithGuyNames! One was the one AG gave me, and the other was posted by one of my other friends in the comments, so I did both and then dished out my own challenge. (AG doesn't like Hp, that's why I chose…


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Attention Florida NerdFighters! (or anyone near by)

In light of the recent NerdFighter gatherings (and meeting some fellow Floridian NFs) we have been throwing around the idea of organizing a meet up in Florida. This is an open invitation to anyone who’d like to come.…


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the renaissance

hello today i went on a totally exciting trip with Clare, Taylor, Bri, and Heather. it was clares bday party today so we went to the renassaince festival. a blast to the past kind of trip, we were dazzled by extremely kind people just walking around and beautiful jewelery and glass art along with other very cool things. naturally we all bought an assortment of random things (rings, candles, necklaces, ect.) and watched shows going on around the festival. there was an especially awesome band…


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Get A Job Records Moves On Up, and Nathan Explosion has a cameo!

Hey Everybody, it's Jamie again, and I'm just about to post the next episode but before I do I just wanted to give everybody a bit of a disclaimer. In this week's episode, my topic sorta plays with fire (I warned in that juggling matches, kerosene and small fluffy bunnies couldn't end well, but it wouldn't listen.) but it's nothing that's meant to be hurtful, it's only my opinion and you're more than welcome to have an entirely different one, so please approach this episode with an open…


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I've been tagged!

So five facts about myself...

1. I am a huge Obama supporter. GO OBAMA!

2. I suffer from conic Procrastination, still looking for a cure.

3. One day I want to bike across the country.

4. I love kids, as long as their under the age of four. (after the age of four I concluded they turn to brats for a few years)

5. I've just completed my first online tag game.

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I have a confession...

Yes, Nerdfighters, I have 2 confessions to make. The first is that I'm just buying Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. I know, for shame. But that is nothing compared to my next confession. *deep breath* I have never read *anything* of Tolkein's. *crouches behind couch* Yes, I have read everything by Orson Scott Card, Lovecraft, and many others, but I never picked up the Lord of the Rings. I own them, of course, along with any other nerdy book in existence, but I've… Continue

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Days 3 and 4


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A Question ... Indulge me please!

I was talking to a friend of mine about the way people think and we're not in agreement so I need some folks to ask something.

Are you always thinking? Like, uh, when you're watching TV, lying in bed trying to fall asleep, reading, listening to music, doing the laundry, exercising .... whatever .... are you always thinking?

Anyway, I know it's silly but I don't know who else to ask! Thanks guys! DFTBA

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However, I am now going to bed before I actually collapse.


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hola everyone.

So a couple of my "friends" (i know, surprise i have any) wanted to take me this "claire's" place....i eventually figured out that it is the center meeting spot for ditzs. Please don't take this offensively to anyone who goes there, just feeling opinionated. Anyway i didn't feel like procrastinating against my HW as weird as that sounds......... Weird is spelt Weirdly........ shouldn't it technically be Wierd? whatever...........strango weirdo… Continue

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Blog tag

so i got tagged and i don't know what to do besides this so here goes nothing...

  1. I have just recently become obsessed with albino dwarfs and i don't know why
  2. I'm of a few days ago, and still can't spell correctly

  3. I love Harry Potter, as should the whole world
  4. I am a major nerd, but i guess that goes with out saying

  5. Disney has been my passion for forever and ever and ever

so now to tag 5 people i don't…

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