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Bored Pt. 2

And here's a list of unusual town names in my former state, Arkansas (it's long, so be prepared):

Bald Knob

Bauxite (Arkansas' state rock)

Bee Branch

Board Camp

Cotton Plant


De Queen


Dell (Dude!...)

Diamond City (Arkansas' state gemstone)


Evening Shade

Fifty Six



Frenchmans Bayou






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Once again, hello!

Okay, so auditions for our school play was on Thursday and I was really nervous. There were like 35 people auditioning for around an 18 part play. I, of course, tried out for the lead just so my drama teacher, Ms. Sweeney, could notice me. Then later on I tried out for the part I really wanted. Its these two old ladies who are best friends and they just sit in the back of the bar (where the entire play takes place) and just throw in sarcastic comments, make fun of…


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The lengths the length of your skirt can take you to

So I was walking to work this morning (lately, the events in my life most worthy of being blogged about seem to always happen on the way to work), and I went past these two men who presumably worked in the nearby factory and were taking a well-deserved break. As I walked past them, my ears plugged safely with my earphones, and my step brisk (because I was late), one of them said "Niña, qué bonita eres", which roughly translates into "You aren't half pretty,… Continue

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What happens when you're bored at work

You start to compile a list of all the unusual town names in your state. Here are Colorado's:






















Idledale (My fiance and I noted, while driving past this tiny town, that it sounds like…


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i've been blogtagged

Hello everyone!
i've been blogtagged by Stephanie

1st fact i'm a writer

2nd fact i'm trying to eat healthily right now

3rd fact i'm bisexual

4th fact i really like harry potter

5th fact i once streaked in florida and now i'm probably never allowed back

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So I've been tagged by the Five Things About Yourself Tag that seems to be hitting every Nerdfighter I've seen.

Without further ado, my five facts:

1. I lived in London for four months. Paul McCartney was my neighbor (by neighbor, I mean he lived in the same area and we shopped at the same market. We didn't like live across the hall from each other and frequently get our mail mixed up or something)

2. I worked for Disney World for six months at MGM Studios. It was… Continue

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wow, a pseudonym.

My parents are overly afraid {well, my mother} of me getting raped online. I had to think of a pseudonym. Wow. It didn't change much, but 'Jane' is the female-ish version of 'John' and I was thinking of John Doe from Se7en about five minutes ago.

There's my explanation.

"The back of the bus sucks," - James Reece

"I was hitting the skanks too hard - OHH, that's what HE said!" - My own…


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*cough* Hi my *cough* mychal, Today is Monday, Febuary 4th *cough*

Honestly Mychal, i think my title explains it all, I'm incedably sick, Today in art i puked in the restroom but no` heard is so she didnt belive me, such and evil lady...she should own a orphanage.

Now if the sentance above didnt make sence to you i was talking abot the evil baby orpanage. ( ryme? whatever..) so yea, I honstly dont know what the whole baby orpanage book or whatever it is, is about, mabey its a happy story, therefore not fitting the subject even…


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So, now that fiveawesomegirls and fiveawesomeguys are out and in high demand on YouTube, I thought there should be a fiveawesomecollegekids. Anybody up for doing this with me?

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Today I made scones. I didn't have anyone around to share with, so I left a big plate in the kitchen in the hopes that the hall mates would like some.

Today I made scones. I didn't have anyone around to share with, so I left a big plate in the kitchen in the hopes that the hall mates would like some.

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  1. I am super obsessed with swedish fish. I have eaten 6 bags of swedish fish (big ones) in one sitting. I ended up getting really sick but it was AWESOME.
  2. I am highly claustrophobic. I can't even go into dressing rooms for longer than like 3 minutes. It's awful.
  3. I love High School Musical. I have two purses, three t-shirts, a hoodie, and a few posters. Plus I have both DVD's.
  4. I love Jesus more than I love anyone or anything in this world. I am really glad he is…

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Five Facts Tag

Five Fantastically Fun Facts For You:

1) My favorite poem on earth is Langston Hughes' "A Dream Deferred"

2) I legitimately miss the TV show Captain Planet. I still remember the theme song and watch old clips on YouTube whenever I find them.

3) I named my girl!cat Myla after the cat Mylo in that movie and my boy!cat Thomas after THomas the Big Blue Tank Engine

4) I went to Paris in sixth grade and got tricked into buying a string bracelet from a pushy… Continue

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Random Obsessions Nerdfighter Roulette: Lists (and tagging!)

When I was maybe seven or eight years old (I think seven), I memorized the presidents. Why? you might ask. Well, I didn't set out to do the task. That is, my seven year old self didn't one day just decide, "Hey I think I'll memorize the presidents today!" It just happened. On my seventh (or possibly eighth) birthday I received a picture book called "The Buck Stops Here," which contained a page for each president from Washington to Bush Sr. The book was a lot of fun, and I believe I still…


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I have, it would seem, been tagged. Strictly speaking, I think I was tagged when I was about 6, and never managed to catch anyone to tag back, so I may have been tagged for some time. If I were a fas…

I have, it would seem, been tagged. Strictly speaking, I think I was tagged when I was about 6, and never managed to catch anyone to tag back, so I may have been tagged for some time. If I were a faster runner, it would be contagious. Even though this whole tagging thing smacks of chain letters, I am going to share with you five facts…


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Question Tag

Ok, I made a video response to getting Questioned Tagged over at and talked about 5 things about me that I think no one (or hardly anyone) knows about me. But, one of them is a lie, see if you can guess which one, but leaving a comment below the video.

I might got to Uljin on Wednesday or Thursday, but we shall see. First I need to get… Continue

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I am so tired right now. Holy God!

I am learning about the Industrial Revolution for the billionth time.

While I legitimately enjoy the topic of the Industrial Revolution...I

do not feel the need to have superficial lectures on the subject. If

it was a more intricate look at that period I would be much happier.

So the Giants won the Super Bowl. I did not think they would win, but they did.

In other and more exciting/important… Continue

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NFI - Day 33: Cheesesteaks!

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In which I am tagged

NOOOO!!! I've been taaaagggedd!!!

Okay, let's see here....

#1. When I was in middle school the Imperial March from Star Wars was my theme song. Whenever I walked into a room my friends would start to sing it really loud. Seriously. It freaked a couple of substitute teachers out pretty bad.

#2. When I was in the fifth grade, we had a Christmas play and I was Mrs. Claus. Yeah, I rocked that role.

#3. I'm always a witch for Halloween, and there are these crazy people…


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Blog Tag!

Here are five fun facts that I bet you didn't know about me:

1) I love oldschool gaming... I'm talking Intellivision.

2) I used to play Magic Cards, and I still have them.

3) I've never seen a Siamese Cat.

4) I've never been to the West Coast.

5) I have a bridge and a false, but permanent, tooth, resulting from a tragic, grade school playground accident.

You're It! (No tag backs! :P)

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Blog Tag!! :)

OK... Rachel tagged me so I have to write 5 facts about me!

Let me think...

1. I really hate blue cheese. It reminds me old pasta and can't really eat it...

2. My favorite movie is The Mummy... But I can't explain why!! :D

3. Next... I have a cat, who sleep only in my bed!

4. I'm really happy that I don't have any brothers or sisters... because I don't have to share anything!! YEY!!

5. And the last thing --> I don't have my favorite… Continue

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