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So I was tagged. Um....five facts about me:

1. I tend to change my behavior based on what group I am with at the time. As my little brother would say "I'm a chameleon".

2. I started listening to the Beatles as a way to keep myself occupied while my little brother was at the hospital after his seizure. I was feeling totally neglected by my family, and the Beatles became my second home. But now everyone in my familys…


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Dysfunctional Body o' DEATH

I'm writing a blog

I'm writing a blog~!

I'm writing a blog hey hey hey HEY!!!

hat's being sung by the way.

right so I've been pretty much..sick all week.

not fun.

I hate it. but i did manage to get to my photo class and school at least once this far.

photo class makes me happy.

except i pretty much suck at the enlarger again.

and my pictures are so crrraaaaappppyy.



so i can take pictures places and… Continue

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vlogbrother spinoffs!!! They're Everyehere!!!

So many nerdfighters (and non-nerdfighters) around the world have been inspired by Hank and John to start their own group vlogging projects.

I knew there were a lot, but I never realized there were THIS many!

From vlogmothers to 5awesomegays, it seems everyone is jumpin' on the vloggin' bandwagon!

If you have your own project you'd like to add to the list, but the url in the comments. Lets get the word out on these awesome projects.

Here's what I got so… Continue

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Who else is bored???

usually when im bored i practice my flute, but right now my flute is at my school so i have absolutely nothing to do except type random crap. hmmmmmmm. i dont even know what to tpe about. blahblahblahblahblah.…


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I realized today when I went to church and I was sitting there thinking about what has been distracting me from what is important in my life that I spend like 6-9 hours a day on the internet and this is not acceptable, I am giving up all unnecessary internet for the next 46 days or so... so that means no youtube, myspace, facebook, bebo, lonelygirl15, vlogbrothers, or online gaming sites, I might still use MSN messenger every once and a while but seriously I doubt I will be on the computer… Continue

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I've been tagged!

Well, a few days ago (or was it weeks?) I was tagged by Owl! Due to school being stupid and school-ish, and due to the fact that I'm way over-committed, I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but now I am! So, here goes (in no particular order)!

1) I think it would be just about the jokesest thing ever if I were a computer genious. And just know everything about anything involving computers and be all, "Oh, well that's your hard drive reacting to the new cookie you added to your RAM…


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Anything I say anymore, EVERYTHING turns out the exact opposite but if I say something negative hoping it will have a POSITIVE turnout... Nothing happens. Just my Luck eh?

I've learned that a permanet alter ego would be awesome! I've also learned that I cannot spell. ; ) SO I now have an alter ego whos name I will not mention because I want to see if your smart enough to figure it out so visit...…


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This is why my roommate is made of Awesome!

This is why my roommate is cooler than yours! Here is Andii's and my conversation, while driving today…

Me: Awe man! Yesterday was Mardi Gras, wasn't it?

Andii: Yeah, I guess…

Me: You see, this is why I need to be rich, with a very lenient job schedule… one that I can take time off at the drop of a hat, and be gone for as long as I need.

Andii: What, for Mardi Gras?

Me: For any holiday… I am the type of girl who wants to go to every… Continue

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alice in wonderland take two

23.The don't eat me cake

This magical cake will taste just great, and not appear to have any special effects. However starting the next day, and for all that day Everything they try to eat will start talking, and beg them not to eat them. They will tell jokes, have witty conversation, or anything to distract the mark from eating them. All this talking however only takes place in the marks mind, so everyone else will just see them talking to themselves! great fun for parties and bah… Continue

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Stuff, Storms, and Nude Ankles

It has been raining nonstop here since yesterday morning. And I love it. Unfortunately, there are supposed to be storms moving in, which means my dog will panic, which means I'll be up with her, which means I'll be dead for school tomorrow because I have dance tonight.

Moving on.

There is this kid. Not just any kid. This is a special kid. This kid is in my gym class. (And on the subject of gym class, I'd like to apologize for all the times that I'm going to come home cranky… Continue

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'ello, 'ello, 'ello!

Yeah, okay, so I'm just bored and avoiding my Accounting homework. I really need to break down and work on it... There's so much...




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Total Request Blog (1 of 3 Special Requests)

This isn't the first time I've talked about my neighbours. I was asked to gossip about update on my neighbours. So, here goes.

1. Good news: It's cold so I haven't had to listen to Mrs. Baby Factory screaming. Bad news: I can't tell if Mr. and Mrs. Baby Factory are still in business.…


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6 february 2008

today is ash wednesday. this year i am going to try hard to not eat meat on fridays, and fast as much as a college student on an odd schedule can. it's so easy, and i could definitley try harder to follow the dogma of my religion.


here are 5 things you may not know about me.

or i guess i could say, definitely don't know, because none of you know me!

1. i'm thinking about going to law school

2. i like cooking more than… Continue

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That word seems to be appearing in my life quite a bit as of late, mainly due to English class. But I think it's becoming a fitting word for "Chester". haha.

Anyway, I'm taking a much deserved break from my much procrastinated research paper. And like I do with every waking moment of my life, I checked my e-mail to find a letter from St. John's University awaiting me. (I gotta say, has definitely opened my eyes up to a lot of colleges that I never heard of, like St.… Continue

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This is hard...

So, I have been training for my scuba class (we learn from the Navy diver skills manual, it's tough) and now I have reverse block. It hurts. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when your underwater and you try to equalize the pressure in your ears, and for some reason they don't. Usually, it's because you may be slightly congested. It doesn't even have to be a noticeable amount, but it makes a difference underwater. When you clear your ears, and there is mucus in the eustachian… Continue

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Where is the Subscribe to Obama video? I saw it on youtube but it's not here. and almost all the comments on it are from non-nerdfighters!!! D:

discovered that mandarific=malanda serbani


love her miss perfection video. 'tis awesome.

need videos more often!!!

D: Need... Vlogbrothers... Videos!

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Shelfari rocks!

I've been a user of Library Thing and I love it, but I haven't added many books to it. I was trying to limit my list to my favorites to stay under the 200 free titles, but ...ta-da! A friend of mine invited me to Shelfari, which is similar and has NO LIMITS! Woo hoo! Visit my page here.

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Blind Faith

My internet is not working

My internet is not working

So while I should be working now

I'm writing this at work

I have a bit of a quirky habit. While normally rational, I periodically am taken with the notion of making decisions based (to some degree) on blind luck, or as some people seem to prefer, fate. Now, don't go signing me off as being an unsaveable loony just yet. There is some kind of rationale in there, even if it isn't a rational one.

Allow me to…


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I had an ephipany today. I was in the chip shop I go to with my friends at luch and on the tv was a report about the american election. I actually got really into to it (Much to the amusement of my friends. Standing in the middle of a chip shop watching the news is not the best idea) I seem to be very excited about it.

Which is weird. I am much more excited than when it was our election. And I know why. The american speeches are so much more... insperational (sp?). I don't…


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A Political Rant- Ignore If You Don't Like Politics

After seeing Hank's new video, I couldn't hold it in anymore and needed to rant. I posted this on a note in Facebook, but I may as well copy-paste it here.

I'm so sick of Obama, and I was sick of him a year or so ago. At least over the summer. But I think even before that.

I'd like to ask what specific policy he has talked about that is better

than Hillary's. If you compare them, they're barely different at all.

Listen carefully to how they talk. They say… Continue

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