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The eighth one, where Danica's last semester of high school starts tomorrow and she's almost 17.

I was lucky. My only exam last semester was chemistry and it was the LAST exam of the week, so theoretically I had a good solid seven days to study. I actually only studied for three or four of those days. Overall the exam went well, I think. They're designed to take two hours, right? But they give you an additional 60 minutes to finish. Well I was done about 2 hours, 5 minutes into the exam. I sat outside the room to wait for my friend to finish because she said she'd drive…


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Tag me as an "It"

Five things you didn't know about me just yet:

1. Despite being a patriot and doing army-reserve duties, I'm a pacifist and I don't use guns of any sort (strangely, the army let me go along with this)

2. I normally don't touch people. I kissed and ever been with only just one girl my entire life.

3. I live with my mother and sister (she's 30). I lived alone for a while but I didn't like it so went back home.

4. I write and draw as a mean to express myself. however, I'm sorry, I… Continue

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Tagged, yo.

The Gabbers is a monster and tagged me. D:

Five facts, yo.

CINCO: I have a box full of paper cranes under my desk.

QUATRO: I have an unhealthy obsession with making fictional people gay.

TRES: FreakishLemon, having been my desired user name, was not the first one that I started using for everything. Previously, I have used TheAlmightyLemon, KetchupAvenger, and MasterShimmer.

DOS: I was gay for Peter Pan as a child.

UNO: Valentine's Day… Continue

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5 Facts

5 Facts about me.

1. I'm a vegetarian. have been so for the past...almost year now, though I became truely hardcore about it in October.

2. I have lived in the same room of my house all my life. I have never been in another one, never recolated since the day i was born.

3. I used to hate the colors brown and green. I thought they were ugly, & boring. Now I love them both and wear at least one of them everyday. I love earth colors!

4. Favorite Drink: Apple…


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and so on.

i can't take it.

i really can't. its so unbelievably stupid. why can't it just be normal? huh? why? whyyy?

what did i do to deserve this? i didnt ask for it! why!!

noone would understand because its so stupid! so incredibly stupid!

"Hey tiny, let's try to email each other again"

"Hey tiny, show me how to do origami flowers"

"Hey tiny, when's valentines day?"

"Hey tiny, i have no money"

"Hey tiny, i'm a… Continue

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and so on.

i can't take it.

i really can't. its so unbelievably stupid. why can't it just be normal? huh? why? whyyy?

what did i do to deserve this? i didnt ask for it! why!!

noone would understand because its so stupid! so incredibly stupid!

"Hey tiny, let's try to email each other again"

"Hey tiny, show me how to do origami flowers"

"Hey tiny, when's valentines day?"

"Hey tiny, i have no money"

"Hey tiny, i'm a… Continue

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I think that all I want in life is to be happy. that is it!

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Tag! You're it!

Okay, so . . . I was tagged! And that means that all of you really really want to know five interesting things about me! See, thing is, I think I've fairly well covered it in my bio, so I'm going to have to take Lucy's advice and really delve.

So that's number 1) I frequently reference musicals and/or TV shows that most people wouldn't recognize. Props (like a large umbrella) to anyone not related to me who can figure out the reference and quote the appropriate lyrics.…


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I got tagged

I got tagged by KalaniH so here goes

1. I check at least twice a day.

2. I want to be an EMT. Not necessarly as a career but for a few years because i think it would be a cool experiance.

3.I bowl at least once a week, but i still suck at it.

4. I want to travel the United States by train.

5. I will not wear dress shoes unless forced and then only for no more than 3 hours. Also i cant walk in anything with a heel.

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by Hannah! *gasp* So, now for five random facts...

  1. I am very obsessed with Final Fantasy XII. Especially Balthier. He is made of sexiness.
  2. My favorite soda is Sunkist. Without it, I am one unhappy girl.
  3. I kind of think Sean Connery is a really hot old guy. o.O
  4. I have never read or watched the Harry Potter books/movies. (BUT I'M FIXING THAT SOON!)
  5. The large spider crickets that come into my bathroom...really...really scare…

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Well.... uhhh.... Skit-Ness


Today was actually productive. I wrote out the script for our anime skit, even though my friend Bryan's cosplay is still undecided. We'll probably just force him to be Ichigo from Bleach. XDD

We also talked about the audio program we are going to use to record the voices before we do the skit. (microphones suck XD) And we dubbed my computer as the official computer we will use for that. o__o This skit better not fall apart...

My friend Joey surprised me later. He…


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I have been tagged!

I'm finally doing this, okey dokey? Thanks for tagging me Luna! :D (And KalaniH!)

1. I walk on my tippy toes all the time. It's not like I even purposely do it. I'm pretty short, only 5 feet and 1 1/2 inches. I've always been a foot shorter than my brother like my entire life. And I'm a few inches shorter than most of my peers. So I think that's why I stand on my tippytoes. And it's been pretty recent too, like only within the past year or so. Weiiiird. When ever I go to buy jeans,… Continue

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5 Fact Blog

So apparently I've been tagged... Here are 5 completely random facts those of you reading may not know or care to know.. lol...

5. I could care less what brand an item of clothing is. Seriously, just as long as it looks good, I don't care if it's designer or from Target.

4. I love the movie Where the Heart Is--- it's great. Really. (It also happens to be on television right now).

3. I'm a big sap. I cry at movies/tv shows/commercials/books all the time.

2. I have…


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I've been tagged by...


1) I like learning about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

2) I could school you in a game of guitar hero.

3) I'm lactose intolerant.

4) I hate mornings, waking up, alarm clocks, and my first hours of school.

5) Ireallyreallylikereading.



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5 facts

I used to Train pit bulls

i have a extremely obese dachshund

i am related to one of the bangles

i was born 4 months early

i go to a MET school

EXTREMELY late video coming soon on youtube

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good evening fellow nerds. this blog comes to you in 2 parts.

part one: tagging 5 people.

I was tagged by naturegeek and then didn't have time to actually *tag* anyone until just now. The people I tag are.... hmmm... I tag KEZ, MEL,…


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Cinco of Mine-o

Five interesting facts about myself...hmm, prepare to be bored out of your mind!

  1. I LOVE baseball season. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm not a fan of any other sport as much as I am about baseball. I probably know TOO much about baseball for a girl. My team is the Phillies. Sure, they're not World Champions, but they are the champions of the NL East, and that counts for SOMETHING.
  2. I can't stand nacho cheese. Like, the kind you get with the nachos in the…

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angry Nerdfighter.....

okey... Can anyone help me?
I'm getting a bit frustrated. I decided to put some songs on my profile, and I have a hunch that mp4 files is not compatible. But I do not know how I can convert the file into mp3. I have a MacBook.

Please help me? ;)

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The Blog Tag

Blog tag, you're it! Post 5 facts about yourself and tag 5 more people.

Ok stuff not in my about me:

1. I'm a yankee living in the south

2. I ride hunter/jumper but haven't so much since I started college *sad*

3. I have Meniere's Syndrome

4. I'm an only child

5. I went to Greece this summer.

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Blog Tag

Um, I was tagged, and so now I suppose I have to post five things about me that people most likely won't know.

Hmmmm, here we go:

1) I hated books and hated reading until I graduated high school. The first whole book that I ever read for fun (not counting the few books I had to read for school) was Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone.

2) I am not politically involved. I don't think I am going to vote for this election. I know, how horrible am I, oh well.

3) When…


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