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Wow.. Hmm 5 interesting things about ME!?

Due to popular demand I guess I'd better make this :P.

Interesting fact no.1

When I was an infant, I used to put a washing basket on my back and pretend to be a turtle.

Interesting fact no.2

I played my first videogame at the age of 4 - Warcraft.

Interesting fact no.3

I aspire to be a physicist, maybe in particle physics or energy physics - I'm not 100% yet.

Interesting fact no.4

I can make the sounds of a raindrop, a dolphin (Some argue it to… Continue

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Concerning My Recent Absence

Sorry for not replying to all those who have been commenting, I've been a bit snowed under what with all the coursework being thrown at me.

The teachers have decided to jump on my back for the past two weeks in the run up to the holidays, one of them even keeping me behind because I only got an A in geography (This is what I usually get).

Well, after writing about Educating Rita, Romeo and Juliet, Great Expectations, Advertisements, Malham and Grassington and a guy in a… Continue

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On Mitt Romney

I am trying to stay positive this election cycle and tryin to focus on being pro-Obama rather than anti-someone else.


I am getting quite sick of the elections already. It is hard to get really excited when you really dont like either party. To me one group of gangsters is really only slightly better than the other group of gangsters. And niether gang have any commitment of ending the Iraq war anytime… Continue

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Lunar New Year

This video made my day ( ). I imagine that trying that in Pohang would be impossible as the Koreans here have not developed walkways and bike paths, so racing around the city on a bike would like get you hit with a car. This is especially likely when you regard how many Koreans drive: Like life is cheap.

I got back from Uljin where… Continue

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...On the Likelihood and Desirability of a Korean GF

*This is a response to all those here and in the US that keep bugging me about not having a Korean girlfriend*

I would first point out that I allowed my last relationship to ruin the last two years of my University life. Two years that should have been some of the best of my life, spent meeting with friends, seeing shows, camping, and hiking. So why would I want to ruin this wild ride that i find myself on here?

But I want to address the extra and specific…


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#1 Book List 2008 - 1 - Looking for Alaska

I just finished reading the book Looking for Alaska by John Green, and I think it is my second favourite book (my first being Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky). I cried like a baby, at work none the less, and fell in love with it, and it makes me feel good. I highly reccommend it to anyone wanting to read something good.

I've decided to keep track of ALL the books I…


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The Purpose of Life Documentry

I stood in a shadey long red hall, red curtains and a few short stairs.

In the background I could hear the voice of a man, speaking in a way you'd hear on discovery channel. He was explaining the purpose of life through the perspective of the bible. I started running through the hallway trying to find my way out.

While making my way out, the voice started talking about the importances of life; Morals, Financial income, Children, Common decency and so forth.

There were guardians… Continue

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I forgot the sky is blue.

It finally stopped snowing.

It feels like it's been snowing non-stop since Christmas Eve.

Possibly it hasn't stopped snowing and I've just died and gone to heaven. But hey, it's sunny there, so I'll take it.

Added by KJ on February 8, 2008 at 10:51pm — 1 Comment

who do you like for president?

and why?

Added by johnm on February 8, 2008 at 9:54pm — 1 Comment

"Once more into the fray"

For a group of predominantly shy people, NerdFighters do seem to be obsessed with Tag. Now if I remember correctly from childhood this is a rather extroverted game. Being an extrovert myself, I am having a very good time with this. What! An extrovert amoungst the nerdfighters? Say it isn't so!

I'm afraid it is.

Anywho, all of this leads to my having been tagged again. This time by kir.

I'm not sure way…


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6 words I find myself saying often...

Silly rabbit....tricks are for kids.

Added by EduardozBack on February 8, 2008 at 8:19pm — 1 Comment

If all the of the Justice League were to finally turn against each other who would win?

Obviously the Flash... he could beat up anyone before anyone would notice he moved. Shoot, he probably could find enough time to grab some actual Chinese food, eat it, grab a gun and shoot them all, finds that the bullet is taking too long, runs around the world for the fun of it, teaches himself how to use nunchucks and disposes of every Justice League member before they blinked. Of course he would've found time to weld…


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I guess I'm it now... so 5 facts.

1. Hi I'm Melissa.

2. Josiah Leming is amazing. Seriously, if you guys haven't heard his music before, CHECK IT OUT! He's 18, on American Idol this year, has an amazing backstory, is so talented, is a songwriter, an amazing pianist/guitarist, and is SUCH A SWEET GUY.…


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Well i found out today that my grandfather passed away this morning around 1:30. It's sad to see such a good guy go. He was cracking jokes practically till the end. You just have to admire that. Like i said in my earlier blog posts theres not a guy quite like him and I'll be happy to end up half the man he is.

R.I.P Carl Dordelman

Added by AlphaRed (lolmaster) on February 8, 2008 at 6:10pm — 1 Comment


i'm not in the most pleasant mood right now. my parents are frustrating me. they're always telling me to do shit and i can't stand it. since i got home i've been told to:
-look at my mom
-walk the dog
-fold the laundry
-get more exercise
-set the table
-do the dishes
-make food for my sister
-get off the computer
and much more

i've gotta go do dishes.

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In which *insert title here*

I have not been updating much, and that is because of school. What happens at school? I'll take a photo of my diary, and I'll show you what happens at school. We have class, we get homework and we do said homework. After two weeks at school I have written two English essays, an English oral (we ran out of time yesterday because of photos), two French reading comprehensions, a listening and an essay, nearly a chapter of maths, some Geography work, and not nearly enough Chemistry questions. It's… Continue

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make a super bowl ad for this one!

25.Lite and Light Beer

I know, I know, the usual regular lite beer belongs in the practical joke file, but this stuff is all that and more. The same horrid taste, the same reduced calories, but even more alcohol. But what makes this one good? It is truly light, or lite! each six pack contains at least one of each. The lite beer reduced your weight to a negative number causing you to float about like a balloon, hopefully this should not kick in till they are in the tent, otherwise i hope… Continue

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In Which I Display More of My Math Enthusiasm

I'm very attached to numbers, and there are certain numbers that I have a personal connection to.

3 - I was raised Catholic and praised the Holy Trinity every day of my

life for may years. The third grade was the year I realized that I

can't try to become popular because those kids just don't like me. I

was one of three best friends for most of my life.

4 - There are four of us kids, and I think we are really close because there are

four of us. If one of… Continue

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sleeping in the library, or, bringing up nerdfighters

last friday night i got to sleep in the library. while to some, this may sound like a prison sentence (I was one of those till very recently), it was actually fun. here's why it was fun: the kids! kids ages 5-11 were allowed to bring their sleeping bags, camping gear, and a parent, and sleep in the library, and they loved it. they were soooo excited! and they didn't even know yet about the special guest we had lined up (Robert Munsch!). They came in, clutching their flowered

or super-heroed… Continue

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Question Tuesdays (on Friday)

Come see me at the Hideout TONIGHT at 6:30 in Chicago.

In which john answers as many questions as he can in four minutes. (Feel free to leave more questions if you'd…


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