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Kapitel 2 Oväntat

Saga vaknade med ett ryck. Det var inte helt ljust ute än men solen tittade just över horisonten. Fönstret till hennes rum var öppet. Hon hade glömt att stänga det igår efter att hon smet ut. Dagen grydde och hon hörde Singa sjunga nere i köket. Vad hade Lorial menat igår? Hon kunde inte vara en älva hennes föräldrar var ju tomtar. Hon ville får reda på mer. Hon steg upp och släppte ut håret ur flätan. Mor skulle vilja fläta om det igen det gjorde hon varje morgon. Trots att Saga var mer än…


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Thanks for accepting me.

Hello my name is Ariana Campanelli and I am from Montreal,Canada. I always wanted to change the world but I never had a voice to do so. But one day in last year, I discovered Nerd Fighters and the Vlog Brothers. Read more about what the Nerd Fighters do and it made me want to change the world for the better place for everyone. Even if I am still in High School I am going to try and decrease world suck as much as possible.

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I remember once, when I was not afraid.

When the darkness was my companion and the sunlight a playmate.

Once, when Dad was proud of me.

A long time ago, when I dreamed. Eons ago, when I had faith.

But now? This, I realize, is the ultimate truth: fear. Seeing, hearing, knowing, believing what no one else can.

All alone, in the blinding dark.

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Kapitel ! Främlingen i skogen

Djup inne Granskogen stod en stuga där bodde en tomtenissa med sin familj. Tomtenissan vars namn var Saga hade två yngre yrväder till bröder och en äldre bror. Tomtefar Knarla och tomtemor Singa var stolt över sina många barn då det nu för tiden är ovanligt att ett tomtepar får mer en två barn. Tomtarna i skogen var nära vän med både andra djur och andra väsen i skogen det var inte ovanligt att tomtebarnen for iväg uti skogen och lekte med trollbarnen. Tvärtemot vad ni tror så är troll och…


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All the Same Stars

I see these lights above my head, and feel as though they were made just for me. But we all share these stars. We all lay under them, even if they can't be seen because of rooftops and city smog. We're all sleeping under the same stars. And one day we will die under the same stars. One day the stars will die out above our buried corpses and billions of years from now, if humans are still around, they will all lay under the same stars, though not the same stars as us. So you see, even beyond… Continue

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Trust me, cloning yourself will NOT make you more productive (pt 2)

This story is one of technological advancements far beyond the capabilities I once thought possible. It involves computer science experiments gone terribly wrong. This is part two in a series. You can read part one here but fear not. You can enjoy my failures, and triumphant success, by joining us here and now.

We have established the job…


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Game of Thrones Video Collab

Hey youtubers, if you're a fan of the Game of Thrones show I'm doing a weekly prediction collab until the season's over.

Every week I'll post some questions on my forum (click here) and you have till Thursday night to send me a video.

Here's the first one we did:…


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the worlds a cancer

I remember passing shop windows with my mother and asking why people didn't just kick them in. She explained that there were unspoken rules of social behaviour, and that's the way we coexist as people. I felt instantly confined by the notion that we are born into a world where everything was mapped out by those before us.

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I re-watch the video from John on Perspective often. I think I will re-watch Harvey today also.... And a book based on the feelings of his personal experience would be amazingly beautiful! (wink, win…

I re-watch the video from John on Perspective often. I think I will re-watch Harvey today also.... And a book based on the feelings of his personal experience would be amazingly beautiful! (wink, wink)

I'm not sure what is going on in my life, how can I be so happy and miserable at the same time? I mean, new experiences and overcoming roadblocks is amazing and bring me such pride and joy. However, I waste so much time in my…


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Clones are evil and other nonsense

Today's big undertaking was trying to create a video with a split screen image, essentially cloning myself. After many fails at filming, including lighting and audio, I finally captured enough footage to work from this morning. After nearly 8 hours of editing, let's remember I only started using…


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Lesson #infinity and 1: if you're going to attempt split screen-ensure perfect lighting

Today, I attempted to film a video in which I edit two videos into a split screen, also know as a clone, to create the perception of two characters of myself. I, however, have failed horribly and will need to re-shoot all the video tomorrow AND try to edit it by the end of the day to meet my deadline.

The lighting and alignment is completely off. It wasn't convincing in the slightest as a split screen. Instead, it looked like a video on top of a video.



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Crowdfunding Science!

Hey Nerdfighters! I'm working on a project to raise funds to do research into the role of viruses in sediments and soils. You can check that project out here

A question we've been getting a lot since launching this project: Why crowdsourcing? We actually answered some of this for articles that were just published by the Vassar College student newspaper Miscellany…


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Feelings Transcend Time: Virtual Internship Series (pt 1)

Welcome to my self-assigned and designed internship project: part serious self discovery, part ridiculous proof of failure. In any case, I am glad your here to witness history unfold. Side note: I didn't promise you'd learn important historical facts to wow your friends at the pub's trivia night, just that history is happening. And it is happening now.

Unemployment affects people in a multitude of ways. To prevent cycles of internalized self-pity, I am choosing to think outwardly by…


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Hello fellow nerdfighters, just saying hi and I am sooooo happy to be in nerdfightaria. I would happy dance if not for the computer on my lap.


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Learning is process

I have written, filmed, and edited a lot this week. I have also put together a lot of new ideas to come. Its been an overwhelming but motivating experience to finally post my creations. I have been disappointed with the lack of support from the people I know but I have one friend (whose voice you can hear in the endslate) who has been really supportive. I took on the self-designed internship to learn a new skill and with each new film/edit session, I learn something new. I think it will be…


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School Corporations and Boyfriends Need To Prioritize Better

You know that moment when you have your whole summer planned-all your ducks in a row- and someone decides to tell you that he'smgoing away for 3/4 of our already short summer? Well, I do, and, lemme tell you right now-it sucks. Plus, those BUTTHEADS who think it's oh-so-oh-well to cut into marching band practice can shove it because now we have to do 10 hours instead of 8 for the last weeks of July, the same weeks I have 4 extra hours of gym summer school so I can take band freshman year.…


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Who were the Winners of P4A 2014/2015?

Who were the Winners of P4A 2014/2015? For some reason I cannot find this information, could someone please help?


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Turning points, confidence, and just doing it

First, do you have a youtube channel? If so, comment below and I will follow you!

I finally posted a video to youtube. This is my first real attempt at writing up a script, filming, and editing. While it was definitely a learning curve because I had no prior experience with any of these skills, it was a proud moment at 2am when I felt I was…


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I have a blog!

I didn't even know this was a thing on the ning until I saw someone else's blog.  I used to have a blog back in the dinosaur age of the internet, when role players ran free and wild and facebook hadn't been born yet.  I had more to say back then, or at least more to say that couldn't be put into some sort of order.  I rambled a lot.  Like now.

So what do I start off with?  Okay, I'm a writer, first and foremost.  A self-publishing author, which, I know, will immediately make…


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