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A Challenge For The Artists Out There

   So for about half a year now I've been straining any artistic abilities I've had in the hopes of creating a character that i love the idea of but want to see come to life on paper, and this has all taught me one thing….i have absolutely no artistic abilities. So instead of further embarrassing myself I figured there must be some wonderfully artsy nerd fighters out there who can take on the challenge. So ill try to give a description of this guy, hopefully it is enough for anyone to work…


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jUST got done with a very wonderful day. My son and 5 others teens (and my 10 yr old)  went apple picking ,just made caramel apples, and for good measure fried oreos

They were wonderful and polite- very grateful for me taking my sunday for them. One of them offered to wash the dishes after dinner. (made pasta)-And I let her!!!

They are now playing volleyball 

One thing i know is teenagers like food!!!

All teenagers out there, hope…


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13 Reasons Why.

So basically this guy called Jay Asher wrote this amazing book called "Thirteen Reasons Why" and it absolutely rocked. Is there anyone out there who read the book interested in discussing/fangirling with me? Don't Hesitate. And if there is anyone looking for a good book to read then you can take my advice on this one.
Don't forget to be awesome.

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Rainbows are made of water,…


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Ben isaac presents soupy sales in disco blade runner

this is a video

that i made

in the spirt of the groovies that they used to do on cartoon network


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so far my experience with teenagers has been a great one.

People warned me about nasty selfish kids who want to make life miserable for those around them.

I feel that teenagers need strong guidance and a lot of attention. If you love your teenager (like I do mine) you will provide them with that!!

People will also say "OH YOU HAVE A BOY "," that if I had a girl i wouldnt be writing about happy teenagers". 

My son has changed alittle- he can get moody and…


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weekend with teenagers

this weekend i asked my son to invite some friends to go apple picking. ( i really wasnt sure how 'into it" they would be.) He asked about 7 people and they are all very excited. They are 15 yrs old males/females, black, white, spanish albanian. 


So happy that they are excited. We will come back to my house for dinner and making caramel apples. 

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follow meee please

I'm new to tumblr and blogging
Pleaseeee follow me

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Social Hierarchy of Middle school

I am in the eighth grade. And I am considered a popular nerd. I have friends from basically all the cliques. But I don't really fit in with any of them except my "clique" that I've had since 1st grade. Last year I was a so called popular. and I thought that's what I was. Until last summer I realized that middle school is not about ego or if you're considered 'cool'. I mean yes of course for some people it is, but not for me. I realized I wanted to just be myself, to hangout with my real true…


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Blood of Olympus

So I love the Percy Jackson series I have read them since i was in 2nd grade and they were one of the first ch books i really enjoyed. I am early excited for the series finale to the and series in FOUR DAYS, what?, and i wanted to know you guys predictions/thoughts on the the books/ series.  

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Ghostbusters III

I know it has been a while since my last blog post. To any of my loyal readers (hi, Mom,) I apologize for the…

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Are bad days really bad?

Today was probably the worst day of my school year. Or so I thought. The day started out with my parents yelling at each  other and arguing. My parents never argue so this made me frantic. Next I realized my cat was not in the house, so i assumed she was outside. I looked and looked but she was nowhere to be found. 

I went to school oblivious to the 3 spanish tests I had in my 1st period. I had also just found out that my form had not been accepted for a spanish camp that I had been…


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Crushing and Sexual Assault

None of you know me, and I imagine none of you will read this, but I am going to approach a topic that is very serious and very important to me in this blog post. 

That issue is sexual assault. 

I have a lot of personal experience with sexual assault, but I have never been as close to it as I got on Saturday night.

As a man, I am more often than not in the position of the aggressor in a sexual assault situation. I know statistics, but they are only…


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Heroes/Villains, Green Screens and Giveaways.

Dave talks "Super Heroes/Villains", tries his hand at using a home-made green screen and talks about competitions we are thinking of trialling on NFi!

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I don't understand life

I don't understand life. We we're put here without any instructions. But somehow we have come to think the ultimate goal in life is to become successful. What if we're really supposed to just be and not do?

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Help Hank and John smile

Hank and John are having a tough week. The survey and all....

They never cease to amaze me. They tirelessly work on awesomeness to help us all be better people/nerdfighters. They are feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. They REALLY  need our encouragment. Please use my blog to help lift thier spirits. Possibly, give them hope as they do for us all the time.

please leave your mark so they know how much WE appreciate THEM.

Be as open and honest as they have been…


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Tips for writers


This is my first Blog post, so it may not be the best.

I like writing, and spend most of my abundant free-time writing. I have a "writing partner" and we send each other our…


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The Beginning of What Could Be the End

Hello, people of the internet. Specifically nerdfighters.

I made this blog in case someone wants to see the thought process of this strange person who is known to them as Arya.  You guys can read all the info about myself by clicking on the link below

For the most part, I am a teenage anarchist. In my own home. In my room.…


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Hey Guys,

So, I love this community and how supportive everyone is of each other! :)

I like to sing and write music so I was wondering if you got a chance if you could check out my YouTube page HERE: Shannon's Youtube Page…


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Let's play Gauntlet: Elf Style!

In this video, Tam gets battered, bludgeoned, shot, crushed, spiked and slashed. No rest for the wicked, eh?  

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