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Talking For No Particular Reason (Summer 2014)

   Summer 2014 was when I discovered vlogbrothers, it was also the worst three months of my life.

   It started the day after my sister's eighteenth birthday when my father informed us that our landlord was deciding to sell the house we were living in right out from under us (illegally I might add) and my father asked my aunt and uncle if we…


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Not All Those Who Sonder Are Lost

Sonder n. The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their…

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More DFTBA initialisms!

Dead fail to be alive.

Dreams fail to be actualities.

Darth found the boy anyway.

Deatheaters find the boy abhorrent.

Dust fuels the body’s alleregies.

Doughnuts found to be addictive.

Doctors find the brain alluring.

Deer finds the brightness alarming.

Dams fulfil the beaver’s ambition.

Does fleece trigger boys’ aversion?

Dumb friend tweets baloney again.

Dogs find the bitches attractive.

Dog found the bacon…


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My Bat Mitzvah Project

Hey Nerdfighters! My Bat Mitzvah is coming up, so if you want to donate to my project, fill out the firm I gave the link to. I'm sending the logistics on Sunday. Thanks!

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Mini-Paper: How to make infinity bigger than infinity

If you think infinity is the biggest thing you can have then cool, I can make it bigger. First we need to know that there are different type of infinities and what infinity really is. Infinity is not really a number, is a concept. For example, I can't add 1 to infinity the same why I can't add 1 to the colour blue, so what is infinity? Simpliest infinity is called a countable infinity which is simpily a description doesn't end in one direction. For example, one countable infinity is all the…


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Lonely Nerdfighter

The saddest part about being a nerd fighter is when you look at how everyone interacts with each other like long time friends and family and you look at how you have no-body to talk to on here... It's like, just to add on to your depression you're the MISFIT on the nerd fighters web page, the black sheep... Like you're not really welcomed here... I guess I'm not welcomed anywhere... I've tried interacting with other nerd fighters but no-body interacts with me back... Am I THAT MUCH OF A…


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Is This Any Good? (Feedback Encouraged)

The Undeniably…


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To be or not to be your actions

Judging people-one of the things I'm terrible at.

The problem is- Dostojewski already said it more than a hundred years ago- knowing what you should do and what you actually do are two completely different things. And that is the sad part of the story. But then, which philosopher must we agree with? With Sartre, who said that you are who you are and that people with remorse are cowards? Or with Dostojewski himself, stating that remorse and doubt are not signs of the weak, but…


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My first blog post

What do you write on your first blog post?

Even Google couldn't help me out here. Like a first hero's adventure, I had to do this on my own. I'm really exited about this -I waited long for this admission- and have just learned that I actually have a happy dance, I just didn't use it until now. 

Not really knowing how to describe myself, and knowing it would never be really accurate, I will just refer to my future blog posts. 

I was just admitted on friday, so I'm still…


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I'm sorry... but WHAT THE HELL?

Humans... okay... I don't get you.

You normalize driving around in a massive metal beast to work or school everyday on massive strips of black tar…


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I really don't get why people used to say YOLO, I mean seriously.... You are just stating that death will occur and then there is nothing. I believe that you live in every moment you seize and every risk you take. You only live as many times as you exceed your own standards. Sure, this acronym is really long, but it's way more accurate than YOLO. …


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Hello Nerdfighteria!

I am new here and I am really excited to make new friends. I would love to help with any projects that are going on in the community, so please let me know if you are working on something that I could help with! Also, as it says in my profile information, I am thinking of starting a vlog of my own so if anyone has some advice, that would be great. 

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A Novel I'm writing

Hey guys

So I'm a new nerdfighter only recently starting to watch vlogbrothers and the other channels. I have always kind of wanted to start writing and start with a novel and watching John and Hank go out and chase their dreams has inspired me to go after my own. This is the first chapter of a Novel with the working title I am the 0%. Please let me know what you think! DFTA

1% “Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” Groaning, I looked at my phone.



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Visually Nerdfighters.

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Back to the Future

Spring is…

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Behold the Battle Cat

He looks a bit more like a dinosaur than a sabertooth tiger but this is the first image of Battle Cat from the live action He-Man film.

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ASSIGNMENT: Find your anchor!

An anchor is what we look to when we are lost. It keeps us grounded to what we believe is right, and what our values are. Often, it is hard to know what your anchor is. Your assignment, find your anchor. Bellow is how to do it without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. List what you like.
    1. Often we don't know it, but the things we like align themselves with the things we value.
    2. If you need help, ask yourself some of these questions, or make up your own…

Added by Mary May Bogue on March 3, 2015 at 5:06pm — 1 Comment


I'd just like to say a few things you should be happy about today.

  • You're alive!
  • Once you finish reading this you can search pictures of kittens!
  • The internet!
  • There are people in the world who love you for you, and that's wonderful <3
  • You're smarter than a majority of the world (probably)
  • You have less homework than a Junior (Unless you are a junior, sorry if you are)
  • Some day your shining moment will come when your…

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