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Growing Up With Specific Siblings

I am the fourth child out of six, and the second girl of three. My younger sister is right behind me as five and three. We always were, and still are, the best of friends. Sharing a room since she got out of the crib, my sister and I would stay up late talking every night. We formed a strong relationship that can never be broken. Having spent so much time together, we developed similar personality traits. Even though we are so very similar, it is hard to overlook the glaring…


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Sightseeing in Oxford

So we went sightseeing in Oxford and we did some activitys, and i bought 2 books in Waterstone.

-In search of schrödinger's cat, quantom physics and reality. By John Gribbin

- Talk like Ted by carmine Gallo
So i got 4 new books to read. Im so happy. Books!!!
And later i shall go to a club and have a party , woooo
Btw i don't drink alcohol. Yea!

Diec signing off

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Oddly Productive Mornings Make for an Awesome Brie

I don't often have these amazing productive mornings that I am having at this very moment. So this is fun.

Let's ignore the fact that I haven't slept in 20 hours, and running on love and muscle milk. Ignore it. Just for a moment, please. Thank you. Okay, soooo...…


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Im in England now!!!

So im somewhere near Oxford, and it looks lovely. So excited for tomorow.

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One day before im off to England, Oxford.

Im so exited. But Waits, My books haven't arrived yet, and i have nothing to read.

Just shit...

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Need your Help

So, I am currently in the process of writing a fan fiction that takes place after the end of TIFOS. It's mainly focused on Hazel Grace and Isaac. Theirs is a very deep friendship. I don't want to have it be something more. I feel as though Hazel Grace would have a very hard time loving anyone as deeply as she loved Gus. 

What were your first impressions of Isaac's personality? What would he be like as a person, as a friend?

If you would like to read the first bit I wrote here…


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Musings on the bad parts of the internet

As I am still new to blogging, I am really unsure of what the purpose of a blog is. Sometimes it seems just to be an expression of random thoughts which makes me wonder wouldn't that be an in-depth journal or diary? What about a blog post warrants it to be placed out in the internet for all the world to read?

The last question relates to my research for work right now. I work in ethics, and am currently doing research on an event for the fall semester. Our speaker is a law professor…


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School Schedules

School Schedules are really weird. I mean, they are so confusing at times, and it’s amazing how they can fit so many kids around with so little conflict.


I have no idea how other schools other places do it, but what my school does is they have four 75 minute classes, with an hour long lunch a semester, with those four exams in late January, and then the second semester starts early February, and then having those four exams late…


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Blog #1

Maybe I'll come up with more creative blog titles in the future, but right now it's just going to be the number of the entry. 

So I joined up back in May and kind of forgot that I had joined until today. So I'm officially joining in. :) 

Currently going on in my life... let's see. I did a year of college and decided it wasn't for me, at least not right now. So now I'm back at home and working at Fazoli's to try and save up money for a car and a change in location to somewhere…


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Summer Day 3: June 24

Holy Gawdnesses today was a long day. A video to come.


I woke up at 2:30 to get to Sea Tac by 3:30 to catch my 5:40 plane to Denver CO.

At this point, I am tried but not too bad. The plan was to catch the 5:30 to Denver and catch the connecting flight to Orlando and be there by like 7:30 local time.

BUT our plane to Denver BROKE THE WIND SHIELD and had to replace it.

we missed our connecting flight on Denver. A strange turn of events gave me a… Continue

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Rant: Grammatical errors are a slow drive into insanity

Okay, so this has recently come to my attention and it has been racking my brain and people keep pushing it and I will explode if I do not at least write it down or speak of it. I cannot speak of it because my friends aren't near nerdy enough to comprehend my completely weird and unnatural obsession with this matter.

Okay, so here it goes!

A couple of days ago, a person asked me a question as I was reading like I always am (FYI, do NOT interrupt me whilst reading because I…


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Serious topic time... Mental health

So today I was reading this article, about failing mental health services in the UK and it got me thinking.

I think one of the problems is that mental health is still being hidden, and people are still suffering in silence.

For people that don't know, my brother suffers from severe depression and anxiety, and before he got to see his therapist that he sees now (who… Continue

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Seeing TFIOS on the big screen.

Hello my friends!

 I know it's been a very long time since I've updated you on my life (not that anyone seemed to notice!) The lack of views doesn't bother me too mush as this is more of an outlet for me to get everything out. More of an online diary if you will. I've finished some very stressful exams and played some pretty exciting matches.

 My life has been going pretty good lately and I think I've definitely happier since school finished. Recently, I went to see The Fault…


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The Awkward Vlogger

Welp, I'm at it again. Check out my vlog.

Comment, like, subscribe, and share in spite of the lameness, guys!

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Random thought #1

Band to me:

goddamnit I love band. I sit around listening to new friends talking about their lives and how huge a part band is.

band is a big part of my life too, not too huge but big enough, especially during (american) Football season.

if I didn't have Band I would lay on the floor every Friday night and five hours a week and talk, because no band = no music and no music = silence and silence = a voild that MUST BE FILLED WITH NOISE so I would ramble on and… Continue

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Summer day 2: June 23

Hey guys!

I mentioned yesterday that I am a band nerd, I totally am. To reinforce this idea, back in November, I received a nomination for the Washington state All State Marching Band. I expected and the trips one rehearsal is today-where I am writing this.

WASMB is so much fun! The music is new and not hard but hard enough, the people are great! Everyone is as nerdy as me, an awesome change from normal. Naturally there are school cliques but everyone is welcoming and… Continue

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First day on Nerdfighers. wow.

Few weeks ago, found a vlogbrothers video on upworthy. Few months earlier my friend had me read TFiOS. Now I am here.

This summer I am running my work's blog (probably will copy the posts here too). I have never blogged before. Never considered myself much of a writer; prefer just talking or doing a problem set. So, this summer, I am blogging. It's new. little scary. Especially since the topic of the blog is ethics. Yep…


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Week One of my New Challenge

Within the past couple of weeks, I have decided to get off my lazy a**  and lose this weight I've been carrying for the better part of two years.  I started eating very poorly and my blood pressure is way too high.  I am tired of being tired, sick of not feeling well and not finding clothes that I find attractive in my size.   I have lost 3 pounds in the past five days and I am excited to continue.  I am going to Denver next week for a teachers' convention and I needed to be able to walk…


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Summer Day 1: June 22

Hello Everyone,

My name is Katherine, spelled like the book. I am new to Nerdfighteria, well I guess not that new I started watching the Vlogbrothers about a month or so ago and I have watched a whole lot. I bought Ellen Hardcastle and then the other two albums after that. So not too new but this is my first-ever blog post.

I am a band, Harry Potter, Disney and general movie and music nerd. DFTBA: Diamonds for the bride, Aye! Dalmatians follow through blustery…


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Hello all!

Hello! I'd like to meet people and make friends here. 

I have an unhealthy obsession with:



I love:


Climbing Trees

I like:




Food in general, clearly

Anybody with me? Anybody?

Added by Luna Lovegood on June 22, 2014 at 10:37pm — 1 Comment

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