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Esther Day!!!

Today is the 4th annual Esther Day! What is Esther Day? Well, first of all, let me tell you about John Green and Esther. Esther was a Nerdfighter who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 12. She used her Wish to meet John Green (at a Harry Potter convention, of course) and they became very good friends. In 2010, John asked Esther how she wanted her birthday to be celebrated, and she said she wanted it to be a day of expressing love to friends and family. So, on August 3rd 2010, the first…


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Esther's Day

Today it's an amazing and important day. It's Esther's day!!! If you don't know who Esther Earl was, you NEED to know. In August 3 we celebrate the incredible person who Esther was. John create the day to show more peoples in the world the important and amazing Esther's life. Stay with God Star! This Star Won't Go Out ✨

If you want to celebrate with me, and show how important Esther's life is in your life please comment below. DFTBA!!!!

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I really want to play mariokart 8. Does anyone know where the best place to get it for the best price?

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John Green Bookmarks

I was in a bookshop today - (that's where I spend ALL my babysitting money) - and I saw a bookmark that had a John quote from An Abundance of Katherines, and pictures of all 4 books. Of course, I took one and took it home - and put packaging tape on it to keep it nice. Has anyone else seen these?

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Nerd News: From the Promised Land

So I'm back from vacation and not a moment too soon, because every year in the late summer days of July, an annual gathering occurs in the City of San Diego that sets the world of geeks and nerds on fire. San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. Once again, I did not have the privilege of being able to haul my ass across the country to personally partake in the nerdy goodness, but I have been staying…

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The Influence of Money

(Hi Knightly here again, still new at this but here it goes... Geronimo!)

     It was a year ago when I got my first job that I also met a fellow aspiring author, like myself, among my coworkers. At the time he was a sophomore attending the local college and later transferred to SF in mid winter. Right before he left he made a promise to come back and work in the summer with us all again while he was off from school. He kept his promise and upon his return I had the pleasure of…


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Monday 28th July: England Trip

CONNOR WROTE THE CORRECT DATE IN, YES! *Ahem*. Connor comes to us this Monday to unintentionally kick off this weeks theme as well give his thoughts on his trip, friendships and future. Well done fella.


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After telling many friends to read books (with few actually doing it), one whom had read TFIOS told me about this little site right here. I just wanna say hi! :) I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I love music and books. I'm in choir in school and I do the musicals and plays that are part of our theatre department. I love meeting new friends and have a lot of fun with my old ones. I fangirl over the tiniest things (mostly Doctor Who or Supernatural related) and can come off kind of… Continue

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Feeling Alone

Hey you that's reading this rigth now, talk to me, PLEASE!! I'm feeling so alone today... My friends don't talk to me, my family only talk about boring things and I still alone whit my books and CDs. Please make someone happy today!!!

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Getting Started??

I suppose I could say that I'm doing something really awesome right now . . . I don't really know how this works. Well, today I got to wear jeans, in the middle of July. AMAZING. Here its the pits of fiery death during the summer, with a bucket of sweltering humidity added into the mix. So being able to wear jeans at this time of year is so great for me.

And I made pancakes for dinner with elderberry sauce syrup. Elixir of the gods.

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I was finally knighted into Nerdfighter-Status at 11:19am this morning (by the way Hi guys!!) and I would just like to say that Flamin' Hot Cheetos are my FAVORITE things in the whole wide world. I work on computers, I know a bit about Science, I'm *okay* with math, I play saxophone, I love social studies (not just the school subject, but /social/ /studies/), I own but don't know how to play a violin, I play tabs on guitar, and I play piano by ear. I love any kind of music that comes up if…


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I'm new to nerdfighteria. I haven't been able to get onto the nerdfighteria minecraft server so if anyone could help me with that, that'd be great. I have read TFIOs and Paper Towns and don't know which John Green book to read next, I want to read and own all of them, but at the moment I only have enough money for one, so if someone could help me pick one that'd be great. I am also abaout to start my AP Chem summer homework so if anyone wants to review polyatomic ions with me (if you don't…


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Chick with TEETH!

This “chicken teeth” came from the work of one of my professor here in UW-Madison, Prof. John Fallon. I took a class with him and he talked in a great detail on this discovery!

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Hello from under a rock!

Hi, Knightly here, just thought I'd poke up from under my rock and introduce myself. Female, college freshman, and Superwholockian. Aspiring writer, dyslexic reader, and terrible speller (and grammar). My under the rock status sounds like an exaggeration to me but all my friends seem to agree on its accuracy in describing me. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. So what if I didn't know what Haagen Dazs was until last year... or Famous Amos, or that Bryers and Dryers aren't the same…


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Band troubles

I am in a band and I am really stuck on wether to continue or not. I enjoy it, we sound great (if I do say so myself) and we do get bookings so I am not losing any money but I need to concentrate on my studies as I want to eventually study the psychology of criminals and forensic science at university. Cutting down on the hours I am with the band is not an option as it is not fair on the others. I do not want to quit but I also do not want to have something that prevents me from doing my best… Continue

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Pedophilic Vampires

Pedophilic Vampires.

Okay, so pedophilia or paedophilia is a physciatric disorder, which usually occurs between people older than sixteen and children of the age of thirteen and below.

So, this would be an inappropriate argument if I were to say a 118 year old man and an eighteen year old girl were physically attracted to each other. In any case, I do not care.

So I am sure all of you know or at least have seen/read Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn. In any case,…


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Mon 21st Jul Challenges and Mountains!

After climbing a mountain for some reason Connor and Dave talk about something they have decided should happen on the channel... everyone would listen to it... right?!

Links and Stuff:

Connor's Channel:…


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Internet Movie Night!

Join me over on my Streaming Movie Room

We're watching some back to back movie action and having fun

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How Books Have Changed My Life

Lots of people don't appreciate reading, in fact, most people at my school despise it. I think that is really sad because they can make such a big impact on how you see the world.

Before receiving the first Harry Potter book, I was very shy and didn't engage with many people. After receiving that novel I fell deep into the complex plot of the series and soon after, I was finished. I didn't even feel a change, but I noticed I started to make different kind of friends. People…


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Random Thoughts

I will be posting random thoughts on here, at random(imgaine that).I would love if some people would engage with me on thoughts. We can have intellecutal discussion, talk about books, movies, tv shows, current events, and thoughts on how to fix world problems. 

Be Awesome and Be Weird.

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