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Hopefully Something Lasting

Blog posts are not my thing. Despite being an avid internet user, never once have I blogged. So this is something new. I won't pretend it'll be eloquent and poetic; it will be amateurish and boring. It will not be read by anyone other than myself, and I am okay with that. Because I am writing about things I have noticed and think about, chances are it won't make much sense to anyone apart from me. Again, I am fine with that.

For the record, I am no one special with no outspoken views…


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Charging for Results rather than Hours: A suggestion for change in Therapy models

It seems unethically to me that counsellors and therapist charge clients by the hour rather than by results. Why would I pay anybody anything for an hour if I could not guarantee that my money is going toward getting something? For example, it would be ridiculous to pay a surgeon to fix my broken arm only to have them talk to me for an hour, and then for the surgeon to say that possibly (if I continue coming and paying her/him every time) he/she would someday fix it. This practice…


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What To Read Next

As an avid reader I usually find myself wondering what to read next. The process takes me about an hour to complete, unless I already know what I'm going to read.I usually read the backs of all of the books on my shelf that are yet to be read, or look online for book recommendations. After that process, I check if I have anything to read for school, if I do, I usually go for the book with a smaller size. If I don't, then I have many more options for my taste. That is just the beginning…


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After High School..

    I think way to much about the future. It's like i'm trying to figure out the future then living in the present. I hate it! I get so stressed out! Graduation is only 2 months away and im scared. I still don't know what to be in life.. Is that bad? What will happend after Highschool? I can't picture life without going to school by force and just being a kid. Everyone is gonna forget echother and we'll soon become…


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Heys guys.. 

I'm in a College Writing class for school and I've written a bunch of short stories that I'd like to share with yall. You can read through them if ya want, theres only like 8 of them. soooo here's the link.

Thanks :)

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Hello fellow Nerdfighters!

Ummm… hi.

I'm Sue, and I'm a Nerdfighter. Which seems kinda obvious now, because if I wasn't a Nerdfighter, I wouldn't be here. So, hi! I'm glad to be here. Nice to meet you, if anyone's reading this.

…….… Bye!

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A Strange Kind of Familiar | Chapter One

Chapter One



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I'll make this my first post, because it's been on my mind, and maybe I'm not the only one thinking this way.


It's easier to be put in a box, and it's what society does isn't it? It's easy to just identify yourself as one thing and leave it at that. People feel safer when they can be a part of a larger group, and I'm sure there is a sense of comradery in that, so I won't discount it entirely. Side note-- obviously I won't discount that because I'm on this site... :)--…


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How to shut a Pansycakeish muggle up

I'm new to the whole 'blogging thing' so I would just like to apologise in advance for how amateur it is.

so I was sat at lunch today watching the Harry Potter musical and this pansycakeish muggle comes over and stars talking to me,

Pansycakeish muggle: What the hell are you watching?

Me: The harry Potter Musical...

Pansycakeish muggle: Oh my god that's so lame. You're such nerd!

Me: Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I'd rather be intelligent than stupid…


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How Neil deGrasse Tyson Made Me Cry

For anyone not watching the new Cosmos on Fox, you are missing out, and I say that sentence with none of my usual ironic bite or snarky superiority. I literally mean to say, you are…

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What I see is inner beauty,

Only visible to the soul.

What we see is never truth,

but rather the truth we wish for.

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I wrote a poem for my first creative writing class in college. To commemorate the occasion I have chosen to share it here in the form of a blog post. My professor takes poetry very very seriously, so naturally I wrote a very very serious poem about something dumb. I am not much for living up to peoples expectations, particularly when they try to tell me how to write. So, for better or for worse, here is my poem:


By Samuel Cox…


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Blog 01

I write this suffocating piece of prose in the late hours of darkness in the hopes it will never be read. As with so many anonymous sayings and rhythms of our world the expectation is that what I say will mold into the society in which I live, while the memory of my saying it will fade into that which is forgotten. So, whether or not anyone reads this changes nothing about our existence and our role that we play in it. In essence that is what I write about tonight. By experiencing, learning,…


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Writer's Block

For me the ultimate first world problem is writer's block. Nothing will happen, and it is an increasing struggle to put pen to paper. Has anyone got any tips to overcome this? While I'm at it, do other creators get this? Of course people have creative crises all the time (see TimH's video, Creative Crisis), but to what extent? Must I stop trying to create in order to create?

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Erm... Not really sure what to say...

I've had a blog twice before, once because it was required for a class I was taking and the second time because I was bored and had nothing better to do with my time. Neither really worked out very well in the long term. So I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep up with this, or what I'm going to post, or anything really. This is just me saying hi. 

A little about me:

I love to read, anything and everything. I'm in a serious long term relationship with chocolate. I…


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City of Glass

Dead diary, Day 1:

WAITING. WAITING. WAITING FOR MY RESERVATION FOR THE CITY OF GLASS TO COME TO MY LIBRARY. GAHHH. (The libraries in my area are all attached to one network, so if you want a book from another library to come to the one closest to you, than you can just reserve the book. I don't know if all libraries do this, so this is a little insight if you didn't understand!)

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So this morning I got back to marathoning the Vlogbrothers videos after taking a break to re-marathon Table Top and listen to John Green's novels. I'm currently in the 2012 videos and as I listened to the onslaught of the 2012 Project for Awesome videos I started to think about something that was simultaneously depressing and enlightening at least to me. 

At the core of these musings is a statement: "There's a reason it's not called the Foundation to Eliminate World…


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Winter Favorite Things!

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Pond of Consciousness: What Should this Blog be About?

It should probably be about Thanksgiving, what with the holiday coming up and all. There I go talking all…

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Pandora Today

Morning was Owl City channel.

Now I'm on Queensryche channel.

Added by Melissa Triplett on March 26, 2014 at 3:46pm — 1 Comment

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