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I write this suffocating piece of prose in the late hours of darkness in the hopes it will never be read. As with so many anonymous sayings and rhythms of our world the expectation is that what I say will mold into the society in which I live, while the memory of my saying it will fade into that which is forgotten. So, whether or not anyone reads this changes nothing about our existence and our role that we play in it. In essence that is what I write about tonight. By experiencing, learning,…


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Writer's Block

For me the ultimate first world problem is writer's block. Nothing will happen, and it is an increasing struggle to put pen to paper. Has anyone got any tips to overcome this? While I'm at it, do other creators get this? Of course people have creative crises all the time (see TimH's video, Creative Crisis), but to what extent? Must I stop trying to create in order to create?

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Erm... Not really sure what to say...

I've had a blog twice before, once because it was required for a class I was taking and the second time because I was bored and had nothing better to do with my time. Neither really worked out very well in the long term. So I'm not really sure if I'm going to keep up with this, or what I'm going to post, or anything really. This is just me saying hi. 

A little about me:

I love to read, anything and everything. I'm in a serious long term relationship with chocolate. I…


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City of Glass

Dead diary, Day 1:

WAITING. WAITING. WAITING FOR MY RESERVATION FOR THE CITY OF GLASS TO COME TO MY LIBRARY. GAHHH. (The libraries in my area are all attached to one network, so if you want a book from another library to come to the one closest to you, than you can just reserve the book. I don't know if all libraries do this, so this is a little insight if you didn't understand!)

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So this morning I got back to marathoning the Vlogbrothers videos after taking a break to re-marathon Table Top and listen to John Green's novels. I'm currently in the 2012 videos and as I listened to the onslaught of the 2012 Project for Awesome videos I started to think about something that was simultaneously depressing and enlightening at least to me. 

At the core of these musings is a statement: "There's a reason it's not called the Foundation to Eliminate World…


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Winter Favorite Things!

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Pond of Consciousness: What Should this Blog be About?

It should probably be about Thanksgiving, what with the holiday coming up and all. There I go talking all…

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Pandora Today

Morning was Owl City channel.

Now I'm on Queensryche channel.

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Tackling The Shelves Read-a-Thon

Hi guys,

I'm teaming up with Sandra over at Sandra's World of Books to host a read-a-thon from April 1st - April 7th. The idea behind it is for people to come together and tackle their TBR piles, and if they have …

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The Good One

The Good One.

~Victoria Vigus

How do you tell "good" people from "bad" ones?

You don't. People are manipulative, conniving, rude, unforgiving, arrogant, ignorant, idiotic, liars, cheaters, stereotypical, barbaric, vulgar, unceremonious,ungrateful, incoherent, uncomprehensive, crude, feel entitled, annoying, are tormentors, are ne'er-do-wells, dishonest, disloyal, irresponsible, unintelligible, disapproving, close-minded, resentful, intrusive, insulting, uncultured, and…


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A Little Look in the Mirror

A little look in the mirror/Can't tell me who I am/ Because the way I appear/ Is a whole other person:/ Someone I can't stand.// A little look in the mirror/ Just to wash away/ Any of the confidence I felt/ When I thought of myself/ At the beginning of the day.// A little look in the mirror/ To wipe away the smile,/ To take away the sparkle/ That makes me look happy/ If only for a while.// A little look in the mirror/ Lighting a spark in my mind./ "Maybe beautiful is just a thought/Placed… Continue

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3.24.14 End of the Quarter

Hey Guys!

It's a short one tonight. Tomorrow is the end of the grading period and there are still a million things that I need to do. So I'll see you again tomorrow.


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   Ok, so I just finished reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, and now I am paranoid.  First of all, I loved the book! It was so suspenseful and thrilling, and different than the other books that I …

   Ok, so I just finished reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, and now I am paranoid. 

First of all, I loved the book! It was so suspenseful and thrilling, and different than the other books that I have read!But I am now paranoid. What if this actually happens? Its a great possibility that I could have an alien inside my brain right now, and I would have no idea. I have an infinite sea of questions and theories running through my mind right now. 



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3.23.14 Divergent

Hey guys!

I just read Divergent and WOW was it better than I thought it would be. Can I just say that the novel is very beautifully written, for starters, it felt like I myself was in the book. Also, the book had some very realistic characters that really developed interestingly over the course of the novel, and they faced really believable and realistic challenges. But what I really loved the most is that this book really gives fear and bravery a really new and interesting meaning…


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My song writing crisis

K so I'm determined no to just try and run with this,so I figured I'd tell whoever was listening about my current songwriting crisis. My plan as of late 2013 was to write at least one song a week, hopefully leading to my songs growing progressively better, and for the most part they have, but recently I've been able to write 1 or 2 songs a day, and I've found that the more frequent I write, the worse the songs are. So what do y'all think I should do, just keep writing whenever I can in hopes…


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I'm actually supposed to be doing homework right now because I was in the hospital for the past 3 days because I had anemia, so I had to have a blood transfusion. I'm not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow and I think that I'm just going to quit this stupid homework right now. I know that I probably sound terribly articulate but it's nearly 2 on a Sunday and Sundays are horrible days because they're right next to Monday, which is not only a school day, but a school day that…


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Current Isolation

     Somewhere in the looming cottonwoods, a pair of songbirds darted through the branches, belting out their joyous songs in harmony with the river below. From the east, a small flock of mergansers added to the melody as their rapid, percussive wing-beats echoed over the water. And finally the chords chimed in, as my line sliced through the icy air.

     There is a kind of hypnotic rhythm in fly-fishing. An elegant symphony of mind, body, and soul, in conjunction with nature's…


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Hello Nerdfightaria

I am a nerdfighter. At least, I genuinely aspire to be. I love books (both writing and reading them) and music, I enjoy sports (include but not limited to swimming and anything involving running), I love to act, and I cannot pick a favorite school subject because I love them all. I am a licensed scuba diver, and if I could live on any planet regardless of whether the environment would kill me I would probably pick Pluto. I believe that Pluto is a planet, despite what the goofy scientists…


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I'm Back?

So I was really into this website for about a year, in 2011.  I was 17 then and a much different, idealistic, high schooler.  But honestly, I was reminded of how FANTASTIC the nerdfighter community is through reading This Star Won't Go Out for one of my classes.  More about that later.  But it reminded me of how fantastic this community is, and how much I missed talking to, and interacting with, like minded people to myself.  DTFBA :)

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Hey guys!

I'm heading out of town in a bit, so today's blog post is short. I'll be back tomorrow and I'll give a review on a book I just finished. So... That's it!


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