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Elite: Dangerous - Commanders Journal: Entry one

To start off we catch up with the Commander two weeks after his arrival back to earth. Chef had some massive debts to pay and was away from home for three months doing freelance work. He managed to make the money to pay the debt and buy a new Hauler ship. Nikki,…


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Dork Walks: 'Naki New Year

For New Years Day, my Dad and I went up the Potaema Track - a swamp walk close to Mt Taranaki. This is quite a short walkway, and it's also wheelchair accessible, which I think is hella rad. It was a nice day, but there was too much cloud to actually SEE the mountain. I got some cool shots along the track though.…


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Back to the Future New Years!

2015 is the year they traveled to in Back to the Future part 2. I am about as excited as a nerd child of the 80's can get. 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for me and from the looks of it for many of you as well. So after taking a year off from writing music and making YouTube videos I have decided to jump back in and post a new song…


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Dork Walks: I ship JackAzaki

For my 3rd Dork Walk, I explored part of the Carrington Walkway I didn't know existed. The entrance is next to a paddock on Regan Street (I think), and it is SO PRETTY. It's as if Peter Jackson and Hayao Myazaki made sweet sweet love and had a walkway-baby! Ok, that sounded totally inappropriate and creepy... but seriously just LOOK AT IT!…


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January Blurbing Book Club - Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

Hello and welcome to the return of the Blurbing Book Club! I hope to continue with the book club throughout 2015. For my first choice, during the month of January, I would love it if we would all read Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner.

This book won lots of awards and was published a few years ago. It's a kind of alternate-history, science-fiction, dystopian read.  Apparently it's a little hard to categorise but what really appeals to me about this book is the original voice of the…


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On the Topic of Beauty

I can't tell you that every day, every girl's hair will fall in just the right way when she wakes up. I can't tell you that, because I would be lying. 95.6% of the time, I wake up and my hair is an untameable mess that can only be suppressed by an equally horrifying hat. There was a rhyme in there somewhere... Anyway, my point is, I can't tell you every girl will always be beautiful. And its not even because I'm not always beautiful. It's because the whole thing is bogus, balogna, bull crap....… Continue

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A Year Without Truthiness

(Rubber Sword) A rubber sword is something you practice with before you graduate on to the next level. (Level Up, +800K to Income) In a lot of ways the Colbert Report…

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Answering Questions

This is my answer to the questions John left us in one of the latest editions of Looking For Alaska.


Some intentionally vague and broad discussion questions”

  1. I think it is. Mainly because I believe that forgiveness isn’t answering “It’s okay” when someone says “I’m sorry”. Forgiveness is an internal process. Forgiveness is not about saying “I forgive you”. Forgiveness is about accepting that we all make mistakes, we always have…

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Elite: Dangerous - One Sol

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Military Aerosol Spraying of North & South Dakota

The Military Aerosol Spraying of Depleted Uranium on North & South Dakota has been exposed by the TTTG News Networking team. This video will show a Manhattan Project against the Lakota Indians.

Military Aerosol Spraying of Region 3 of Northwest Territories, information listed, , listed as Fort Smith Region, Fort Smith Region was a former Statistics Canada census division, one of two in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It was abolished in the 2011 census, along with the other census…


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this blog post cost me a pound.

I'm in London! I'm so excited to start exploring more of the city, I just arrived today. Its pretty cold but not as cold as I thought it would be. The hotel is crap, but I don't care I will have fun. But only a slight prob, the wifi is not free so I paid a pound for an hour of WiFi just to tell my parents I'm alright, and there is no absolute way I will waste precious minutes of WiFi so I'm writing this. Yay.

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Hello! I just got accepted to the ning today and I got very excited when I saw the email. I love the nerdfighter community and everything it does and it is an honor to be part of it. I just wanted to say Hi so have a great day!

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The Hidden Meanings of the Disney Princesses

Greetings, all! A lot of people have been saying that the princesses were horrible role-models for young girls today and are basically flaming them for being helpless and just waiting for a man to come along and make everything better. I have two things to say to that. One, Cinderella, Snow White, they were created in a time when women were not considered useful. They were objects of beauty, not equality or hard work. So of course the prince would save the day. Two, the princesses can teach… Continue

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Dork Walks: A Ninja Mission to the Other Side of the Stream

Ever since I was a kid, I've enjoyed walking round this park by the Stratford railway track, on the corners of Pembroke Road and Broadway. It's a great place to walk your dog, with a spectacular view of Mt Taranaki.

And no, that is NOT a random picture of Mt Fuji I stole of Google Images. Mt…


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Dork Walks: A bizarre new exercise regime/trip down memory lane

So being a poor student who was too busy with music to get her restricted before she left school, AND who lives ages away from uni… I walk:

And that’s what keeps me fit during the academic year!

So when I come home for the Christmas holidays (which are Summer holidays in NZ), I go straight…


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Baba Yetu (Civ IV) - Piano Arrangement

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Please Don't Hack Me, Supreme Leader


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A wee Update from Lothian Tam

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An Open Letter to Ned Vizzini

Dear Ned Vizzini,

It's been a year since you died, and I still think about your work, your life, and your death from time to time. I remember finding out you had died from John Green's Twitter. The words out of my mouth were "Oh my gosh" followed by "no." A quick Google search told me it had been suicide and that you were 32 with a wife and kids. I've lived through celebrity deaths before - Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith, Billy Mays, more recently Maya Angelou and Robin Williams, to…


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My Posts

So, I'm a new nerdfighter and why is nerdfighter underlined red? Anyway, my blog is going to be about the beauty of anything and everything in your daily life. If you want me to post something that makes you smile every time you think about it, message me or comment. I will post as often as I can. I hope my posts will help you see the beauty in he world and think positively for the rest of your life!



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