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The Beginning of Next Great Adventure

Hello, fellow Nerdfighters.

This is my first official blog post. I plan to blog here actively as well as vlog on YouTube (NextGreatAdventure) once a week starting at the end of January (after recovering from finishing up my online classes that leak into my second semester). I don't have anything in particular to write other than the above.



P.S. I know that "Ciao" is, well, spelled that way, but I prefer to say "Chow" instead. Like dog chow ;)

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Elite: Dangerous - Commander's Journal Entry two

In this second episode Commander Chef-Jitus finds himself in a Hauler, his new cargo ship. He intends to make a career transition to trading, Nikki thinks it is safer. Freelance work is dangerous no doubt, but at least you are normally the one doing the hunting. Will…


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Dork Walks: JackAzaki Continued

So you know that walkway that Hayao Myazaki and Peter Jackson must have made sweet sweet love and given birth to? There's more! Right past this giant tree!

Because of the aforementioned…


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Birthday :D

It was my birthday today and ommmmmmggggggg got Seether and Papa Roach tickets to go see them in concert, i'm like dying right now :D <3 and I got this Fabulous Hogwarts and a supernatural t-shirt so i'm like EXTREME fangirling at the moment.

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Death Be Not Proud. Expalin Dunne's arguement

In “Death Be Not Proud,”  Dunne attempts to argue that there is no reason to fear death because death will die.  

Dunne begins by humbling death.  Though some men have called death mighty and dreadful, it is not.  For all the people that death thinks it has taken, haven’t really died.  And most smarting of all, Death cannot take Dunne, the man who mocks and humbles death.  This first sentence acts as Dunne’s thesis; it states that Death doesn’t…


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A thing that I wrote and a thing you might read

Just a random poem I wrote and which I hope will be found by any writer nerdfighter out there:

Fear is we will be forgotten one way or the other

It might be like when you drive trough a highway

Away from mountains, so gradual it´s an inch smaller with every mile

But at some point they always dissappear to the eye

There´s a lot to promise and a lot to reminisce 

In this world that kills promises at sight

I can´r promise you eternal…


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Kinky Boots

Hi! Recently, I saw Kinky Boots, and I think that the show has immense entertainment value as well as a real message. I want to discuss the show because I think their is a lot of content that really means a lot to me.

Quick heads up: this entry will discuss cross-dressing. If you are uncomfortable with that topic, I would suggest not reading the rest of this.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, here is a brief synopsis. Charlie, our protagonist,…


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Broadway Blog

Hi! I'm BroadwayNerdfighter, and that name describes my interests pretty well. I wanted to try something, so I'm going to start a little blog about theater. This means that I will be talking about shows that I have seen, shows that I might want to see, and the meanings of the shows that I discuss. We'll see how it goes!

PS If anyone is reading this and feels compelled to comment, feel free, but I would appreciate if the discourse in comments was kept polite and friendly.…


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The Flea. Explain the Argument

“The Flea” by John Dunne is a humorous little poem. It’s clever, witty, and a beautiful piece of cyclical logic.  The poem is broken into three arguments that successfully argue the speakers thesis that his taking of his girlfriend’s virginity isn’t that big of a deal.  The argument develops through the three stanzas of the poem.  They are, the introduction of the Flea, the Flea’s religious implications, and the Flea’s death.  

The speaker begins…


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The Imitation Game *spoilers*

So I went to see The Imitation Game last night and it was so so so idk even know wonderful, Its so sad  that one of the greatest minds died because he was suidecal on the account of people hating on his sexuailty I mean HE PRACTILTYY created the base of our computers but nooooo the British laws says it was indecent and he had to take hormonal pills like what the heck!!?! You were born that way You dont just choose and im not ashamed to say but I teared up about all…


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What exactly did Neville Longbottom forget to remember in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?

In the first Harry Potter movie Neville Longbottom received a Remembrall that smokes red whenever he has forgotten something. Right when Neville opened the package his Remembrall turned red but Neville could not remember what he had forgotten. After years of watching the movie I have finally figured out what…


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NO Idea just typing away in a huge chaotic world

Soooooo ive never blogged before, always wanted to. But never have. I really have no idea what to write about so like the Awesome Nerd i am I will tell a joke.

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

IDK why?

Because 7 is a prime number and prime numbers are intimidating

*pushes up my glasses*

And there you have my first blog post. 

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What I Want To Be

I want to be a writer. I want to be an artist. I want to do graphic design and learn how I can become better and figure out shadows, which are so damn hard and I am always so amazed when artists get them perfect. But honestly, if they were wrong...I wouldn't even notice. Perhaps I should be more observant. I want to learn about businesses and marketing and advertising and see where that takes me. I want to create posters for companies, slogans, and pamphlets. I want to be the one to…


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Project Samuel Johnson

               Within the next two or three days, I will begin to post my journal prompts for my British Literature class. For a prompt, we're asked to read a piece of poetry, essay, or book chunk and answer a question about it.  I have grown to enjoy writing these little essays and want to share my opinions about the works.  I have an extensive backlog of these prompts and will be posting them daily to begin, with the frequency declining as I post an essay after I…


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Elite: Dangerous - Commanders Journal: Entry one

To start off we catch up with the Commander two weeks after his arrival back to earth. Chef had some massive debts to pay and was away from home for three months doing freelance work. He managed to make the money to pay the debt and buy a new Hauler ship. Nikki,…


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Dork Walks: 'Naki New Year

For New Years Day, my Dad and I went up the Potaema Track - a swamp walk close to Mt Taranaki. This is quite a short walkway, and it's also wheelchair accessible, which I think is hella rad. It was a nice day, but there was too much cloud to actually SEE the mountain. I got some cool shots along the track though.…


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Back to the Future New Years!

2015 is the year they traveled to in Back to the Future part 2. I am about as excited as a nerd child of the 80's can get. 2015 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for me and from the looks of it for many of you as well. So after taking a year off from writing music and making YouTube videos I have decided to jump back in and post a new song…


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Dork Walks: I ship JackAzaki

For my 3rd Dork Walk, I explored part of the Carrington Walkway I didn't know existed. The entrance is next to a paddock on Regan Street (I think), and it is SO PRETTY. It's as if Peter Jackson and Hayao Myazaki made sweet sweet love and had a walkway-baby! Ok, that sounded totally inappropriate and creepy... but seriously just LOOK AT IT!…


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January Blurbing Book Club - Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

Hello and welcome to the return of the Blurbing Book Club! I hope to continue with the book club throughout 2015. For my first choice, during the month of January, I would love it if we would all read Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner.

This book won lots of awards and was published a few years ago. It's a kind of alternate-history, science-fiction, dystopian read.  Apparently it's a little hard to categorise but what really appeals to me about this book is the original voice of the…


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On the Topic of Beauty

I can't tell you that every day, every girl's hair will fall in just the right way when she wakes up. I can't tell you that, because I would be lying. 95.6% of the time, I wake up and my hair is an untameable mess that can only be suppressed by an equally horrifying hat. There was a rhyme in there somewhere... Anyway, my point is, I can't tell you every girl will always be beautiful. And its not even because I'm not always beautiful. It's because the whole thing is bogus, balogna, bull crap....… Continue

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