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UNIVERSE REBORN Synopsis please comment

A tale of two realms being transformed into one, also a tale of many heros on a continent so vast with the culture, and animals so different.

Where the ancient collide with the new, and the begining of new lores begins.

A dark forces approaches as an emperor fights to claim what he has lost, while a mystertious being learns more about himself.

A new alliance is formed in unity for preperation of what is to come.



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To thy fellow band geeks. I NEED HELP! PLease :)

I need advice- preferably someone who has had said thing happen to them- I am missing a single screw, and my band teacher, does not have any screw for my model of saxaphone, tenor- and marching band season kicks off tomorrow- I am inevitably screwed over.... Any suggestions where I can just get single screw/ small packages and or substitues for a screw while I wait for my actual model's screws? Suggestions/ advice would be VERY appreciated :)))

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Let's play Banished: Oh graveyard oh graveyard!

In this series, Tam gives up on his dreams of space travel, and settles and founds Nerdfighteria! How long before everyone starves to death, freezes from lack of resources? Knowing our luck, next episode... Keep tuned to watch the calamity unfold!…


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Young and Alive

♡̇ I'm sitting here and I can't figure out if I'm happy or sad but whatever it is that I'm feeling it is beautiful. It is the kind of feeling that shatters you into a thousand pieces and then builds you back up again better than ever, It is the feeling that you can only describe with beautiful music and gentle smiles, with darkness and silent tears, with whispers of I love you... and soft laughter. It is the feeling if being young and alive. ♡̇ -Me

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The TUME is Right! An Insta-Comic

Hello Fellow NerdFighters.. may I present to you my latest project, a web comic... TUME.

Created solely through what I can create on my iphone and updated daily on my instagram page.

I hope you'll check it out and stick with it as it's gonna get pretty intense in the near future.

Tume to…


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Hi! I'm Andrew, 16, New Jersey, Potterhead, Sherlockian, kinda Whovian (whenever I feel like catching up), Comic Book nerd (DC, sorry Marvel). My two favorite shows at the moment however are Once Upon A Time and Arrow. I'm a huge Nintendnerd, but I also am in the KH fandom. I started a couple of groups on Facebook for nerdfighters (American Nerdfighters, HP4TN, NAH [Nerdfighters Against Humanity], and NJ Nerdfighters [Man, you never realize how much you do until its all laid out in front of…


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G1ngey EP

Guys, you may have seen me posting around my Soundcloud, that's because I've been working on an album, now the actual one that I had plans for, has been delayed, so in the meantime I thought I'd put out a little EP of songs that I had that weren't going on the album, and I've finished publishing it.

The album is 9 tracks and possibly over 30 minutes of music, and it costs $8 or £5, or if you want to be even more awesome, you can pay a little bit more, I would love you to pieces if you…


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On Asking Ms. Adichie a Question

I had the honor tonight of listening, in person, to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speak. Furthermore I had the honor of asking her a question.

And yes, I truly mean honor. I greatly admire Ms. Adichie for her writing, her thoughts, her talks, her eloquence, the list goes on. 

I was not planning on asking a question. Normally I just listen to the speaker. However Ms. Adichie said in answering another question that we (Americans) need to acknowledge slavery. She briefly discussed how…


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Blank Looks

Another story that makes David sound even weird than…


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Revamping homes+other stuff

Hey everyone!

So, I've taken a slight haitus, and I'm actually here with some good news!

1) I'm helping several friends with revamping their house. Top to bottom cleaning, re-organizing, and some use of resources to make it into something TOTALLY AWESOME. We'll be making some videos and putting them on to Youtube (it'll be our first, be nice!) and seeing what kind of feedback we get.

2) I'm back in college! My year off with a crappy job certainly helps with…


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Being Yourself vs Being Comfortable

Even John Green brought up the ambiguity in the statement "just be yourself" 

It feels like it should mean something, like don't try to be someone you're not, or mimicking someone isn't worth it

"You're amazing the way you are!"

That's the message that's always disseminated

And while you may be great the way you are, why not try to be better.  Even if it's just for your own happiness.  

I'm sure social awkwardness is a common problem…


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Being WISE is Depressing

WISE is Women In Science and Engineering, it's purpose is to try and prepare women for life in the sciences and improve their overall quality of life when they get there.  Also, just generally be a support network for the female minority in the scientific workforce.  There's a WISE chapter on campus here at USM, and a former coworker who graduated and moved on to work in the Army Research Lab came back today to speak at one of the WISE meetings.  I'd never been to a WISE meeting before.…


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Autumn's Return

IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE BLOGGED ON HERE!! I missed this place. I have a lot of news.

1. I read 14 books over the summer. These include but are not limited to the last 2 Divergent books, 13 Little Blue Envelopes and sequel, the If I Stay books, Better Off Friends, This Star Won't Go Out, and the 1st 2 Harry Potter books.

2. Yep, that's right. I'M FINALLY READING HARRY POTTER!! I know it sounds crazy but I've always been a huge fan of the story and have been a huge…


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The Perils of IB

I don't know if all of you know what IB is so let me explain it first. IB stands for International Baccalaureate and is a program that students around the world participate in. At my school you take seven IB classes in order to get the IB Diploma. In order to get the IB Diploma, you must take classes in each of the "groups" (aka. subjects) along with taking a foreign language, completeing CAS (Community, Action, and Service), writing the Extended Essay (a max. 4000 word essay), and passing…


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Video Game N00b

I am horrible at playing video games.

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The Pen Pal Vlogs

Hello, Everyone!

Some of you may know that I recently started a discussion on the Teen Nerdfighters Group Page in regards to a project idea I had. This idea entails vlogging in the style that one would usually write to a pen pal, in a shared channel. This would allow people to get to know each other, expand their vlogging knowledge, and have some fun. If you or anyone you know has an interest in this project, let me know! I will get the channel up and running as soon as I can (I still…


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Let's play Banished: Episode 1: The birth of Nerdfighteria!

In this series, Tam gives up on his dreams of space travel, and settles and founds Nerdfighteria! How long before everyone starves to death, freezes from lack of resources? Knowing our luck, next episode... Keep tuned to watch the calamity unfold!…


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Well, summer is almost over. I begin sophomore year of high school in just a couple of days. But I wanted to take this moment to tell the story of my summer.

For the past five years I've been going to a music camp. I play oboe and I sing. This year, I stayed for two months. This camp has been a second home to me. I love the people, the music I get to play and the atmosphere of it all. I've never had as many opportunities to show my talent anywhere else.

The camp is in two sessions.… Continue

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An Icy Challenge


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Introducing Emma (myself that is)

Hello Nerdfighteria,

    Though I am not quite sure what I shall write for this blog nor do i have a basic idea of what should be written within a blog, I am choosing to persue it anyway. I guess one could say I am a rebel, and a nerd that will most likley be the only reader of this blog post. Here's for hoping I am not.



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