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School Schedules

School Schedules are really weird. I mean, they are so confusing at times, and it’s amazing how they can fit so many kids around with so little conflict.


I have no idea how other schools other places do it, but what my school does is they have four 75 minute classes, with an hour long lunch a semester, with those four exams in late January, and then the second semester starts early February, and then having those four exams late…


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Blog #10 (First Love/Kiss)

I'm sorry to anybody that is actually following this and not being able to get an actual blog up yesterday. But as everyone knows some things happen that are out of our control and you just don't have the time or in my case yesterday the battery power to do something.

Well my first kiss is a lot like Colin's in An Abundance of Katherine's in the essences it was very brief not the I forever chase the same name. But my first kiss and love came when I was about 5 or 6 all I remember is… Continue

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blog 9 and 10. July 16 and 17. an random blog

Hey simone,

i have an excuse for another skipped day:the family party. my whole extened family was having our annual party on saturday so let me just get on with the blog.

i've been thinking a lot about harry potter. Have you seen it? if not (or even if you have) we could maybe see it together when you get back. how does that sound?

i went all the way out on the jetty on sunday with kate and brian. it's a lot easyier at low tide not one of us fell so yeah. you can… Continue

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blog 7? (I've lost count.) July 10, 2011

Hey Simone


I'm sorry you have no internet so you probably won't see this for a while but i'm still posting! I'm not mad (if you thought i was i'm ending that thought now) i totally understand what happened.


I was watching a lot of is it a good idea to microwave this today i'm still loveing the old episodes. I also have been writing a lot,because i have to turn somehing in to the writing work shop tomorrow. The…


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London: Day 10


We left the hotel at 9 this morning and went to the Tower of London. We had a tour of the Tower led by a pretty hilarious beefeater. After the tour, I wandered around the Tower a bit. It was an interesting place. I enjoyed it, except that I lost my hat and that made me upset. Other than that, it was a good experience. After that, we had free time. I headed to the Ben Franklin house. I had lunch in that area and then went on the tour. It wasn’t the historical…


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1O Vital Things You May Want To Know About Me

1) I am deathly afraid of any fish, any size. I don't exactly know why.


2) Although i only started watching doctor who right after the 5th season ended (matt smith) i watched all of the episodes from that season, in 3 days. so... im kind of obsessed.


3) I am addicted to everything charlie McDonnell and Alex Day.


4) As i am afraid of fish, i am also afraid of people in full body costumes. AKA: mascots and people at Disney... And Johnny…


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50 ways to get kicked out of...

First and foremost, I would like to say to all of you people out there that are thinking that, "Hey! This is a ripoff of the 333 ways to get kicked out of walmart". The answer is, yes, it is. I'm not sure if this is where it originated from, but here is a link to it…


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don't forget to be awesome

I discovered the awesomeness that are the Vlogbrothers on YouTube (nutshell: Hank and John Green exchanging videoblogs since 2007) this summer, and in discovering the videos, I've discovered the community that has generated from it, of which I consider myself a part. We call ourselves nerdfighters; by definition we are made, instead of bones and…


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Charles W Video Blog Episode #039 - Big Game & Punishments

Charles W Video Blog Episode #039

Big Game & Punishments

Recorded on…


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Top 10 Books That Are Coming With Me to College

Here's my top 10 list of books I absolutely refuse to live without. In order.

(Note: if you add it up, it ends up being 18 books, but that's okay. I'm counting series as one)

10. Harry Potter --J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter is the staple in the diet of readerdom. Harry Potter is to my reading development as food is to my growth. All 7 will accompany to whereever I end up.

9. Uglies/Pretties/Specials --Scott Westerfeld

I don't feel the need to take… Continue

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The STUPIDEST News Stories of 2009 (a song)

In which Hank, Rhett and Link sing a song about the stupidest news stories of 2009. Including, but not limited to, drug scandals, sex scandals, balloon boys, pig epidemics, and more.

Subscribe to Rhett and Link and I will give you a bunny

Check out their new CD here:… Continue

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BEDA- 42 days until the One-hundred and Forty-fifth day of 2009.

Yes, that is probably the strangest title in the history of titles and yes there are forty-two days until may the Twenty-fifth.

May 25 is a popular day for things to happen. Of the many examples of this, my favorites are Nerd Pride Day and Towel Day.

History of Nerd Pride Day:

Created in Spain as 'día del orgullo friki' literally: Day Of The Pride Nerd or Nerd Pride Day.

It's on may 25th to… Continue

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BEDA 10: Oops!

I (almost) forgot to write a blog today!
Because I have to leave in 5 minutes I have no time to write a decent long blog.

So here it goooees.

Punish me.

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Dear 12 year old Deanna

Deanna, against the sound advise of Dr. Emmit Brown, warns herself against the… Continue

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Why I should be a NingMaster

In honour of the Youtube Tag Games...11 Reasons why I should be a NingMaster.

11. I don't have job, so I can spend time being a NingMaster.

10. My copy of Paper Towns has an Argyle Book Sock.

9. My puff to height ratio is 1:17.

8. I have experience in digital imaging.

7. I can understand English and Spanish.

6. I can balance a ping-pong ball on my head while running up and down stairs.

5. I am an independent, so I will not abuse my position.

4.… Continue

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OMG! Barack Obama at MUW!

With the Mississippi primaries rearing their ugly head this week, I expected there to be a backlash. A ton of candidates calling Mississippi "unimportant" or "backwards." I deal with these stereotypes everyday. Yes, we wear shoes. Yes, we can read. Yes, we have colleges. Yes, we matter.

Particularly to those last two. We have a college. The Mississippi University for Women was founded in 1884 as the first state-supported college for women. And today, we were graced with the presence… Continue

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this next song is about not being able to make a descision to save your life...

In response to Korey: I'll take your Top ten albums in no particular order and raise you top ten songs in no particular order!

When you post your top ten songs repost your updated album list above it (if it changes like you said it might), but do it in a new blog post. I will change mine too, im sure, but i think it will be interesting to see the evolution of your lists rather than just editing over it.

The second list was really hard for me and might change… Continue

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It's begging to pull me apart

Ugh... just a few more minutes of break left before I continue my 12 and a half hour shift... Fuck my life. At least I'm fueled by coffee, but it doesn't help much that they totally destroyed my drink. All I wanted was a iced americano, and they managed to give me some kind of shifty sludge. Coffee chains suck. Although I expected the drink to blow chunks so, I think the fact that the cup I received my "drink" in was covered with "X Treme" drink names that you could order added the most fuel to… Continue

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